This Is the Best Compromise for Couples Who Can't Agree on an Unplugged Ceremony

Having an unplugged wedding ceremony definitely has its pros—but if you or your partner aren't totally sold on the idea, here's a good compromise.
by Ivy Jacobson

Full disclosure: We think it's completely fine to ask guests to put away their phones at your wedding ceremony—aka an unplugged ceremony. For one thing, you hired your photographer for a reason, and you don't want them to have to compete with any guests waving their phones in the air taking photos (sometimes with the sound or flash on)—especially since you don't want ceremony photos full of people on their phones. You want your guests to be present and emotionally engaged at your ceremony so everyone can enjoy the moment. Whether you direct guests with a cute sign, ask your officiant to make an announcement before the ceremony starts or put a note on your wedding website or ceremony program, it's all fair game and totally etiquette appropriate. 

But if you and your partner just can't agree whether or not to have an unplugged ceremony, or you're both on the fence, we have a compromise. After you and your partner reach the altar, have your officiant address your guests by saying, "The couple would like you to please take out your phones and take as many photos of them as you want at this moment." Everyone will start snapping once you're facing the crowd and smiling, and then once all your guests have their shots, your officiant can then say, "Now, they request that you please put your phones away and be in the moment for the rest of the ceremony." 

Since all your social-media-savvy buds, aunts and uncles who want that gorgeous altar shot are now satisfied, you can then continue on with peace of mind that it's just your photographer taking photos and all of your guests are mindfully taking in your vows. And there's also a bonus from this compromise—you can see your altar shots right away with The Guest app, for those who know they'll be impatiently awaiting their photo proofs. 

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