These Valentine's Day Ideas for Married Couples Will Reignite Your Love for February 14

15 fun and romantic activities to suit all styles.
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Updated Jan 22, 2024

Whether you've been married for a few months or have a couple of decades under your belt, one fact remains the same: You've got to keep that spark alive. That means engaging in intentional time together, reaffirming your love and making sweet gestures. Our list of Valentine's Day ideas for married couples will help you do just that come February 14.

From ultra-romantic ideas that will have you both swooning to creative activities and low-key ways to spend quality time together, these suggestions will set those butterflies in motion and reginite your love for the holiday.

Below, see 15 Valentine's Day date ideas for married couples for all the celebration inspo you need this year.

1. Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

If you're both into a little adventure, tie that inclination into your V-Day plans with a romantic scavenger hunt. Create clues for each part of the day/night, ideally leading you to locations or items that are important in your relationship.

2. Do an In-Home Whiskey or Wine Tasting

Keep your Valentine's Day low-key—but full of fun—by setting up a whiskey or wine tasting. (Other spirits work, too, so consider what your partner likes best.) Pair it with a yummy charcuterie board or snacks.

3. Bond Over Breakfast in Bed

Who says you have to celebrate Valentine's Day in the evening? Wake your hunny up with a tasty home-cooked breakfast and enjoy each other's company in bed. This romantic Valentine's Day idea for married couples is a classic for a reason!

4. Indulge in an At-Home Spa Night

For another easy and low-key way to celebrate Valentine's Day as a married couple, set up a relaxing spa night with ambient music and luxurious face masks, and maybe trade massages.

5. Create a Time Capsule of Your Love

Set aside some time in the day to go through all your relationship memorabilia. Think: ticket stubs, old cards and pictures. Place them all in a "time capsule" to revisit on a Valentine's Day.

6. Frame Your Vows

Trying to come up with some creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day as a married couple? Your sweetheart will appreciate this sentimental gesture: Have either your original handwritten vows framed, or have them typed and printed before framing.

7. Take Some Boudoir Photos

Feeling steamy? No doubt your spouse will be over the moon to receive a selection of classy, intimate photographs for Valentine's Day. Research local boudoir photographers and schedule a day for your photo shoot.

8. Take a Cooking Class Together

Whether you're both foodies or just love to try new things, taking a cooking class together is a fun way to spend meaningful time with one another. (Plus, you'll level up those kitchen chops.)

9. Hit the Ice Skating Rink

When the outdoor calls, consider bundling up in cute winter apparel and ice skating hand-in-hand. It's a good excuse to lean on each other and makes for some adorable photo ops. Don't forget the post-skating cocoa.

10. Plan a Weekend Getaway

Whether it's slated for the weekend before or after Valentine's Day or a gift you can cash in at a later date, an entire weekend together in a new locale is an incredibly romantic Valentine's Day idea for married couple. Maybe it's a destination you've both dreamed of visiting or perhaps an old haunt that's meaningful to your relationship.

11. Take a Scenic Hike

If you live somewhere warm, plan an exciting day checking out a local trail. Maybe it's a favorite hike or one that's new to both of you. Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

12. Whip Up a Sweet Treat

Desserts and February 14 go hand-in-hand. Instead of handing over a box of chocolate or cookies, though, pick out a tasty treat you can make together and carve out an hour or two to make it happen.

13. Plan a Game Night

Get playful this Valentine's Day and plan a couples game night. Maybe it's a low-key game of Scrabble, a focused game of poker or a raucous game that gets you moving and laughing. Lean into your style and have fun with it. Planned snacks and drinks will make the night even more special.

14. Gift a Piece of Customized Jewelry

For a sweet and sentimental gift they'll be able to take with them wherever they go, give your partner a piece of customized jewelry to unwrap this Valentine's Day. It could be a necklace that you had personalized their taste, a signet ring with their initials or an engraved bauble.

15. Create a Sensual Tasting Experience

Get steamy this Valentine's Day with a smorgasbord of delicious foods. You can create a sensual tasting experience with blindfolded taste tests of various chocolates, fruits, wines or exotic foods. Explore and savor each flavor together.

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