Grown-Up Games for Date Night In

Engage in some friendly newlywed competition with one of these grown-up versions.
by Lauren Kay

Maybe you have time to kill before a dinner reservation or you're planning on spending your Friday night unwinding with some #Netflixandchill. Either way, why not channel your inner-child with some old-school entertainment? Get your poker-face ready—it's game time.

  1. Table Tennis

    Crate and Barrel table tennis game set

    Transform your kitchen table into a personal arena with this table tennis set—you know it'll be a good time when sweatbands are included with the game set.

    Crate & Barrel table tennis game set, $50,

  2. Clue

    Nostalgia Edition Clue from Bed Bath and Beyond

    Get your trench coat and brimmed hat ready, you're about to put your detective skills to the test. (Complete with original 1963 graphics!)

    Nostalgia Edition Clue board game, $30,

  3. Tic-Tac-Toe

    Gold and marble tic-tac-toe coffee table game

    We're always a fan of Xs and Os, and this sleek marble board and brass pieces give the classic game a complete upgrade.

    Jonathan Adler brass tic-tac-toe set, $195,

  4. Chess

    Modern MoMA chess set

    We bet few would argue that "checkmate" is one of the most satisfying phrases in existence. Play for fun—or to decide who has dish duty.

    Man Ray chess set and board, $590,

  5. Board Game Baseball

    Wooden baseball board game

    Can't wait until opening day? Enjoy some hot dogs and brews in the comfort of your living room while playing ball—representing your favorite teams of course.

    Ryan and Kim McDaniel baseball board game, $50,

  6. Charades

    Classic charade game with topic cards

    You can't beat classic charades, and this set of more than 700 titles, organized by category, means you'll never run out of ideas to mime.

    Ridley's game night classic charades, $15,

  7. Jenga

    Wooden Jenga game set

    A handmade Jenga set complete with a sleek storage crate? Count us in for a round.

    SmartBomToys handmade Jenga game, $46,

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