20th Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Spouse (or Favorite Couple) Will Love

Looking for the perfect 20-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband or favorite spouses? Shop the best presents here.
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20th anniversary gifts

Congrats! You've made it to a milestone 20 years with your spouse (or have a loved one who has), and now comes the hard part: picking out that perfect 20th anniversary gift.

You might be familiar with the traditional "anniversary materials," whether it's paper for your first anniversary or aluminum for your 10th. Every year signifies a new landmark and a new symbol of your love. The 20-year anniversary gift material is china from a classic perspective, while its modern counterpart is platinum (but you also have free range to get whatever you see fit). Read more about buying a 20th wedding anniversary gift below, plus get plenty of awesome shoppable gift-spiration.

What is the gift for the 20-year anniversary?

Traditional: China

Traditionally speaking, the material that represents the 20th anniversary gift is china. It brings meaning to the delicate, beautiful and elegant relationship you've built after 20 years together. And china gifts don't just mean formal dinner plates (although those work too)—there are plenty of other 20-year anniversary gift ideas that work outside the dining room.

Modern: Platinum

A more modern option for a 20th anniversary gift? Platinum, which is strong and enduring, just like your 20-year-long marriage.

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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to picking out a 20-year anniversary gift for your wife, you're certainly not relegated to china or platinum if that's not what she's into. It's totally okay to think outside the box (or stick to classic gifts you know she'll love) when looking for the perfect 20-year anniversary gift for her. On that note, here are some awesome presents that aren't based on traditional materials. And while we've broken our inspiration out by gender for your convenience, these presents honestly work for anyone!

  1. 20th anniversary gift emerald necklace

    This chic necklace with a gem accent makes a great 20th anniversary gift for your fashion-forward wife. Choose the emerald version since this is the gemstone assigned to 20 years of marriage. (Psst: emerald is also the official 20th anniversary color.)

    Diamond For Love emerald necklace, $210, Etsy.com

  2. Relaxation gift box 20th anniversary present

    A gift set that she'll get tons of use out of—like this luxurious box filled with a candle in the scent of your choice, home spa essentials, essential oil mist and even a silk sleep mask—is the perfect 20th anniversary gift for her.

    Foxblossom Co. Relax & Restore gift box, from $117, Foxblossom.com

  3. Personalized dimes keychain 20th anniversary gift

    Looking for a really creative 20th anniversary gift? Consider this keychain adorned with two dimes, representing a total of 20 years. Even better, you can pick the year the coins came from to make the present extra symbolic, whether that's the year of your wedding or the year of your 20th anniversary. But that's not all: The coins can also be hand-stamped with your initials or full wedding date.

    Hand Stamped Trinkets 20 year anniversary gift from wife to husband, from $33, Etsy.com

  4. Assorted succulents set 20th anniversary gift

    If she's a plant mom, she'll appreciate new blooms to add to her collection. Customize a 20-piece tray of succulents to her liking, choosing everything from the colors to the succulent shapes included. You can plant or pot them as a couple, or keep them together for a truly impressive (and living!) dining table centerpiece.

    Mountain Crest Gardens build-your-own succulent tray, $45, MountainCrestGardens.com

  5. Floral pajamas 20th anniversary gift

    You love the cozy feeling you get when you're together. Now, amplify that even more with a new pair of pajamas for her. She can slip on this luxe silk set—complete with an oversize T-shirt and cozy shorts. The best part? It's machine washable.

    Lunya washable silk tee set, $198, Lunya.com

    20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

    The same idea goes for picking out a 20-year anniversary gift for your husband—you certainly don't need to stick to china or platinum gifts if you're having trouble finding something he'll like in those materials. Shop the best creative 20th anniversary gift ideas for him below.

  6. Green wireless headphones 20th anniversary gift

    If he loves his music (or his peace and quiet), top-notch noise-canceling headphones should be right up his alley. This pair is easy on the eyes and has plenty of high-tech features, including a microphone so he can still take calls—score.

    Sennheiser Momentum 3 bluetooth wireless noise canceling headphones, $400, Nordstrom.com

  7. Rémy Martin XO brandy 20th anniversary gift

    He might have plenty of decanters, but does he have a nice bottle of brandy to pour into them? This one, called "XO," is perfectly thematic for a romantic gift.

    Rémy Martin XO cognac, $185, AstorWines.com

  8. Personalized family member direction signpost 20th anniversary gift

    You might have a few grown kids after 20 years together, and this cheeky sign will tell you how many miles they are from you. Cute, right?

    Chris Crooks personalized family member signpost, from $125, UncommonGoods.com

  9. Home pizza oven 20th anniversary gift

    If your husband is a whiz in the kitchen, get him a stylish pizza oven you both can enjoy.

    Ooni Koda gas-powered outdoor pizza oven, $329, Ooni.com

  10. Monogram shadowbox 20th anniversary gift

    Looking for a memorable 20th anniversary gift for your husband? Have your favorite wedding picture printed in gallery size. You can hang it anywhere in your home for a sentimental piece of decor.

    Artifact Uprising large format prints, from $20, ArtifactUprising.com

    20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them

    Know a couple whose 20-year wedding anniversary is approaching? We have the perfect 20th anniversary gift ideas for them. Below, check out some options to get for a pair who's celebrating soon.

  11. Personalized wooden wine box 20th anniversary gift

    A 20-year aged wine (or a wine they can age for 20 years) is the perfect 20th anniversary gift for your favorite couple. Present it in a personalized wine box as an extra-sentimental touch.

    The Knot Shop personalized wooden wine gift box with lid in Signature Couple, $20, TheKnotShop.com

  12. Vintage couple cookbook 20th anniversary gift

    Know a couple who loves to get their hands dirty in the kitchen together?  Give them a personalized cookbook where they can store all of their favorite recipes.

    Leather Family UA thick heirloom cookbook, $60, Etsy.com

  13. The New York Times personalized anthology 20th anniversary gift

    Know they keep up with current events and spend Sunday afternoons flipping through the paper together? Honor their shared pastime with a special book by The New York Times. Get the custom anthology filled with the newspaper cover from every anniversary (starting with their wedding day) up until now.

    UncommonGoods The New York Times anniversary book, $100, UncommonGoods.com

  14. Colorful throw blanket 20th anniversary gift

    No home can have too many cozy throw blankets, so this gorgeous one is a pretty safe choice for their 20th anniversary.

    All Roads Yucca throw blanket, $148, Anthropologie.com

  15. 20th wedding anniversary gift daylilies runner

    Did you know daylilies are the official 2oth anniversary flower? Get them this adorable table runner, which will remind them of this important milestone every time they use it.

    RV James Design display of daylilies table runner, from $34, Etsy.com

  16. Personalized wooden family sign 20th anniversary gift

    If they're still radiating with pride in their relationship, they'll love anything that shows their status off, like this cute couple's sign bearing their shared last name and "established" date. It's great for hanging on their front door.

    Alexander Laser Design personalized last name sign, from $60, Etsy.com

    China Anniversary Gifts for Her

    If you're interested in sticking to the traditional 20th anniversary gift—china—you have plenty of special options. Below, check out three china 20-year anniversary gift ideas your wife will appreciate.

  17. Broken china necklace traditional 20th anniversary gift

    A pendant necklace made from broken china is an ultra-unique and totally on-theme 20th anniversary gift for the fashion-loving wife.

    Dinner Wear Jewelry broken china necklace, from $71, Etsy.com

  18. Framed chinese proverb 20th anniversary gift

    Even if you keep with tradition, you're granted a little flexibility. What about a gift that nods to the country, not the dishware? We love the idea of a framed Chinese proverb—this one will let her know just how happy you are to share a journey together.

    Burnt Branch Lao Tzu floating quote, from $29, Etsy.com

  19. China pattern picture frame traditional 20th anniversary gift

    What about gifting her one of your wedding photos in this stunning china frame?

    Wedgwood Wonderlust yellow tonquin picture frame, $85, Wedgwood.com 

    China Anniversary Gifts for Him

    Surprisingly, there are lots of china 20th anniversary gift ideas for him too. Below, check out a few we love that are made from or inspired by the material.

  20. Broken china personalized mosaic traditional 20th anniversary gift

    Get a made-to-order mosaic (crafted using broken china, of course) rendered in the shape of his home state. Bonus: You can have it designed in his favorite sports team's colors.  

    The Mosaic Butterfly broken china state mosaic, $85, Etsy.com 

  21. 20th wedding anniversary gift serving platter

    If he loves to host, get him a 20th anniversary gift he'll use all the time. This three-tiered serving platter comes with on-theme porcelain dishes and a chic wooden stand.

    Villeroy & Boch Artesano 3-tier centerpiece 4-piece set, $375, Macys.com

  22. Monet bone china mug set 20th anniversary gift

    If your husband loves art, a set of china mugs rendered in Monet paintings is a 20th anniversary gift he'll love waking up with every morning.

    TopNotchGiftShop.com Monet bone china mugs, $50 for a set of 4, TopNotchGiftShop.com

    China Anniversary Gifts for Them

    If you have a close friend or family member whose 20-year anniversary is coming up, give them a classic, on-theme china gift to commemorate their love. Below, find our favorite china 20th anniversary gift ideas for them.

  23. China pattern custom stamps 20th anniversary gift

    Know they appreciate the little things? Gift them beautiful stamps to upgrade all their stationery. This design is inspired by—you guessed it—a china pattern. There's also a version you can add their initials too if they're romantic types.

    Ariel Rutland China Plate custom stamps, from $27 for a set of 20, Minted.com

  24. China storage set 20th anniversary gift

    Maybe they've already got loads of china but have nowhere to put it. That's where this thoughtful 20th anniversary gift comes in.

    Williams Sonoma quilted china storage cases, $40, Williams-Sonoma.com

  25. Porcelain lily ring holder 20th anniversary gift

    There's a chance they've lost their rings at least once over the last 20 years together—make sure it never happens again with this chic ring holder.

    Willow Lane Collective initial ring dish, $13, Etsy.com

    Platinum Anniversary Gifts

    Like we previously mentioned, a modern take on the 20-year anniversary gift is platinum. In turn, here are some awesome platinum items to either gift to your loved one or your favorite couple for their 20-year wedding anniversary.

  26. Platinum earrings 20th anniversary gift

    You tied the knot 20 years ago—show her how much that moment means to you with these pretty earrings. They're shaped in a chic knot shape, and they're made of on-theme platinum.

    Blue Nile love knot earrings, $750, BlueNile.com

  27. Personalized street sign 20th anniversary gifts with platinum frames

    This photo print is an adorable and customizable way to represent when exactly your (or the couple's) paths crossed—and you can personalize it with a platinum frame to represent 20 years together.

    Uncommon Goods Intersection of Love photo print in Platinum, $175, UncommonGoods.com

  28. Platinum 20th wedding anniversary binder

    You undoubtedly have endless memories after 20 years together, so how about you (attempt to) compile them into a binder?

    Zazzle platinum 20th wedding anniversary binder, $28, Zazzle.com

  29. Diamond platinum ring 20th anniversary gift

    This wouldn't be a platinum anniversary gifts roundup without a gorgeous ring—especially one with the most stunning floral pattern crafted out of diamonds. Not her style? Blue Nile has tons of options, including ultra-modern ones.

    Monique Lhuillier Cherie diamond anniversary ring in Platinum, $2,990, BlueNile.com

  30. Platinum tie bar 20th anniversary gift for him

    Keep things classy with a platinum-colored tie bar that only looks expensive. He'll love pulling it out on special occasions—like for your 20th anniversary date night.

    The Tie Bar Platinum Curviture tie bar, $15, TheTieBar.com

  31. For more of the best anniversary gift ideas for all the major milestones, check out our comprehensive guide to anniversary gifts by year.

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