The Most Romantic Places to Propose in Washington State

Pop the question in the Evergreen State.
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Updated Mar 07, 2024

Promising to walk through life alongside your best friend is one of the most important decisions of your life. Fortunately, finding the best places to propose in Washington state is an easy venture, with the beauty of nature all around and unique venues where you can pledge your love. Whether you're captivated by the sunset hues over the Cascade Mountains or prefer the charm of historic towns like Leavenworth, the state offers an array of options to make your engagement truly special.

For guidance and tips from the pros, we reached out to Ashley Deans from Ashley Deans Photography LLC. Her insight and ideas helped create an extensive list of the best places to propose, when to pop the question in Washington and how to pick the best place. Get ready to knock this task off your checklist as you peruse these venues and choose the one that speaks to you most.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Washington

While trying to choose the most romantic spots in Washington state to have your moment, you first have to ask yourself if there's a place that already holds a special meaning for you both. Starting there, consider your likes and dislikes as a couple. Do you like hiking and the great outdoors, or is the city scene more your style? Ashley suggested booking a professional photographer early in the decision-making process. They can help you not only pick the spot for the best photos but assist in planning the moment as well. She encouraged those looking to pop the question to go the extra mile because that effort will shine through.

The Best Time of the Year to Propose in Washington

Ashley had great things to say about each season in Washington state, so picking the best time of year to propose is really a personal choice. Those who plan to hike to their special spot might want to avoid the winter because many places are inaccessible in the snow. That said, those looking for a Hallmark Christmas moment can look toward Leavenworth, known for that cozy wintery feel. July and August are in peak wildflower season and would make a beautiful backdrop for a proposal.

The Best Places to Propose in Washington State

From breathtaking coastal spots to mountain tops, these picks are among the best locations to propose in Washington state. While trying to decide, gather your team of proposal planners and photographers from The Knot Vendor Marketplace to help make everything picture perfect.

Artist Point

Artist Point offers breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding mountains and valleys. Photographer Ashley said this particular location is a great choice for those who want a stunning backdrop but don't necessarily want the hike that comes along with it. She said the spot is easily accessible by car or on foot. Consider proposing during the summer when the wildflowers are in bloom.

Reflection Lakes

If lakeside is more your style, consider popping the question in a serene and intimate spot along Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier. Early morning or late afternoon would create a soft light reflected in the water, as you propose among the flowers that pepper the edges of the lake with the mountain in the distance. Truly magical.

The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge

Nestled in the Cascade foothills, The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge offers manicured golf courses that lay in front of the mountains in the distance. The surrounding greenery creates a peaceful setting, and the award-winning clubhouse offers not only breathtaking views but a spot for both elaborate and simple proposals.

Fremont Lookout

Another spot featuring Mount Rainier is Fremont Lookout. Ashley recommended pledging forever to your loved one at sunrise here. She described the view in the early morning hours as "epic." The site is in Mount Rainier National Park and the hike difficulty is moderate—but worth it. The sweeping views of the surrounding peaks and valleys can't be beat.

San Juan Island Yacht Club

Nothing says romance like the colors of a vibrant sunset reflecting off the water of a still harbor as you get down on one knee. It's certainly a moment you won't forget. Ashley suggested making your trip to the island a weekend adventure, adding that the harbor is especially romantic. Imagine proposing at the San Juan Island Yacht Club as the sun goes down over the horizon with sailboats in the distance floating on calm waters. Wow.

Ohme Gardens

There is endless potential for an outdoor spring proposal in Ohme Gardens. With incredible views of the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River, this spot has lush gardens, peaceful waterfalls and hiking trails for the more adventurous. Take a stroll through the gardens, find a secluded spot and ask away. The pictures will be stunning.

Mountain Springs Lodge

Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, this lodge offers rustic charm and natural beauty. Located in Leavenworth, Mountain Springs Lodge is best known for its groves of Aspen trees and acres of beautiful lawns. Pop the question in front of a backdrop of forested hills and the pristine wilderness of Ponderosa Pines, perhaps surrounded by a light blanket of snow.

Scenic Places to Propose in Washington State

It's hard to differentiate between the best places to propose in Washington and the most scenic. In fact, the two are intertwined. Still, we curated some of the most beautiful spots with unbeatable backdrops.

Hurricane Ridge

Are you looking for a nature-centered proposal spot? Hurricane Ridge, located in Olympic National Park, offers incredible views of mountains, forests and eye-catching wildflowers in the summertime. Snow-capped mountains in the distance make this ridge a postcard-perfect spot for an engagement.

Seattle Space Needle

For lovebirds seeking an iconic urban setting, one of the best places to propose in Seattle is on top of the Seattle Space Needle. Take in the skyline and Puget Sound views from the observation deck or even the ground below. A night-time proposal would be perfect in this spot with the lit-up city in the background.

Tipsoo Lake

Located near Mount Rainier, Tipsoo Lake offers mirror-like reflections of the mountain. Ashley mentioned this scenic spot as another popular proposal destination that's easy to reach with a short hike. A picnic in the wildflower meadows around the lake in the spring or summer with sunny skies, fluffy clouds and the mountains stretching high above the ground would create the perfect setting for your special moment.

The Emerald Forest

Towering treetops, delicate greenery and dappled sunlight await you in The Emerald Forest in Redmond. Meander through the trees with your loved one or overlook the mossy forest floor from the unique treehouses built high above. While daytime offers the mystical views of nature, the forest lights up at night making the spot even more lovely.

Ruby Beach

On the Olympic Peninsula, Ruby Beach is arguably one of the most gorgeous beaches around—rain or shine. Famous for its rich colors and sea stacks, this rocky beach has an incredible view of the water. The driftwood also makes for unique photo opportunities. Take a walk along the coastal waters and ask for their hand amongst the wildlife and crashing waves.

Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park offers almost countless proposal site opportunities from campgrounds to private cabins. Proposals both rustic and elegant will fit right into the scenery. The Oak Harbor location offers turquoise waters, rugged cliffs and serene forests. The park spans two islands connected by a series of bridges—a perfect place to get engaged during sunset.

Crystal Mountain Resort

Mt. Rainier is the perfect backdrop for any romantic setting, but at Crystal Mountain Resort, the radiant skyline is only the beginning of the endless sources of beauty. The mountains, the crisp air, the towering pines and the warmth of the sun combine to create a picturesque scene for dedications of eternal love.

Cape Horn Estate

Located in Skamania in the Columbia Gorge mountains sits the Cape Horn Estate. This venue not only has panoramic views of mountain ranges and gorgeous greenery but concierge services too. The estate features a stunning stone arch that perfectly frames the mountains and fairy lights to add sparkle. It's a lovely setting for those in love.

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