How to Use Wedding Date Numerology to Find Your Best Day Ever

Let the numbers guide you.
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Updated Jan 17, 2024

We interact with numbers constantly, with some digits and patterns showing up often in our everyday lives. According to numerology, this isn't a coincidence. Numbers also play an important role in big life events, like the day you say, "I do." Using wedding date numerology to choose the date of your nuptials means selecting numbers that bring good vibes to your marriage.

For everything you need to know about choosing a wedding date with numerology, we spoke to numerology expert Rev. Colbee McManamon NTS, intuitive numerologist and transformational guide at Soaring Heart Medicine in Jacksonville, Oregon. Find out how to find your life path number, number meanings, and which dates to consider for your wedding. Once you know your ideal numerology wedding date, search for available wedding pros and start prepping your save-the-date cards and wedding website.

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What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and the influence they have on your life events and purpose. The practice is based on the teachings of Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. It is believed that dates and numbers carry energies that affect a person's life. With wedding date numerology, you can choose a date based on the life path numbers of you and your partner, or numbers that hold a positive meaning.

Wedding Date Numerology Calculator

There are several day numbers to keep in mind when calculating your wedding date numerology. These include your life path number, the universal day number and your marriage number. Your life path number is a number that's specific to you and how you live your life. McManamon said you can find your life path number by adding the numbers of your date of birth. Always reduce numbers to a single digit before adding all the numbers together. For example, if you were born on September 1, 2001, you would add the reduced numbers of the month, day, and year: 9 + 1 + 3 (2+0+0+1=3) = 13 which reduces to 4 (because 1+3=4).

You may also choose a wedding date based on the numerology of the day itself, which is its universal day number. This number is found the same way as your life path number. For February 20th, 2024 it would be: 2 + 20 + 2024. The 2 would remain 2, 20 reduces to 2 because 2+0 is 2, and 2024 reduces to 8 because 2+0+2+4 is 8. So, February 20th, 2024 would be a 3 universal day because 2 + 2 + 8= 12 and 12 reduces to 3 (because 1+2=3).

"You also can use your marriage number by adding your life path number to your partner's life path number," McManamon said. "Once you find the marriage number you can check potential wedding dates by adding your marriage number to the universal day number. It would be fantastic if that number reduced to a 4 or a 6, although there are some other numbers that may be workable as well."

Numerology Wedding Date Meaning

Not all numbers bring positive energies. Take a look at these meanings before choosing a wedding date with numerology.

  • Number 1: Wedding date numerology 1 is all about powerful new beginnings.
  • Number 2: This is a good number for partnership and empathy.
  • Number 3: Wedding date numerology 3 is a creative and fun number. "If you get married under this influence your wedding may include artistic expression and your marriage may be very creative... though possibly a bit hectic," McManamon said.
  • Number 4: "The 4 represents commitment, a strong foundation, and traditional values. This is a beneficial energy for your wedding date because it helps you build a solid foundation from the get-go."
  • Number 5: This number is all about excitement and adventure (possibly a destination wedding), although it may indicate the marriage may be a bit unstable or outside of the box.
  • Number 6: Wedding date numerology 6 represents true love, home, family and children. "The 6 energy is quintessential and is what love is made of. This is a very beneficial energy for your special day."
  • Number 7: The number 7 could represent a deep spiritual connection. McManamon said partners would need to honor each other's space and privacy and this energy could feel very isolating. Wedding date numerology 7 isn't an ideal influence on a partnership or marriage.
  • Number 8: This number represents a successful partnership in business and career, which could create some tricky power dynamics, and more focus on work and less on marriage and family.
  • Number 9: Wedding date numerology 9 is a day of endings rather than beginnings and is not an ideal energy for a wedding day. McManamon said it could result in a rather mundane experience.

How to Choose a Wedding Date with Numerology

Keep these tips in mind before selecting your numerology wedding date.

Choose Numbers that Represent Love

McManamon suggests choosing a date that works with the energies of the numbers that represent expansion, love, partnership and growth. You can do this by incorporating your life path number and marriage number. Or look at the universal day and month numbers.

Best Wedding Dates Based on Numerology

"The best numbers to support a successful marriage are the numbers 4 and 6," McManamon said. "[The number] 4 represents foundation and if you're tying the knot with the influence of the 4 you can be confident in a solid foundation. The 6 represents home and family. The 6 energy helps to create a warm connection that is compassionate and loving."

Avoid Unfriendly Numbers

McManamon said the most unfriendly days in wedding date numerology are 7, 9 and sometimes 5. The number 7 can be cold and isolating, and 9 holds the energy of endings. Meanwhile, 5 can be a little unstable.

Best Month to Get Married in Numerology

April and June are both excellent months to host your wedding because they are the 4th and 6th months of the year. In numerology, 4 represents commitment and 6 represents true love. McManamon said these are beneficial months for a wedding unless it does not work with your life path number or marriage number.

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