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Updated Feb 07, 2023
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Rain in the forecast might seem like the worst-case scenario for your wedding day, but did you know it's actually considered to be good luck? It's true—a wet knot is harder to untie than a dry one. If you want to be prepared for rain on your special day, picking out a stylish wedding umbrella is the perfect place to start. If it's shaping up to be more than just a drizzle, check out our guide to creating a backup plan for an outdoor wedding to ensure the dampness won't put a damper on the day.

Rain, of course, isn't the only reason you may want to incorporate umbrellas into your wedding. In some cultures and communities, umbrellas actually play an important role in the celebration. In a number of Indian and Hindu ceremonies, for example, colorful umbrellas or parasols are used to signify protection and royalty. In a New Orleans wedding, you might see umbrellas come into play during a tradition known as a 'second line', where the couple and guests parade from the ceremony to reception with decorated umbrellas and jazz music filling the air.

Whether you're preparing for rain, or a second line, we've got you *covered* with 18 of our favorite wedding umbrellas that will keep you dry and will look great in photos.

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Clear Umbrellas for Weddings

Kate Spade Love is in the Air Clear Umbrella

With so much love in the air, no one will even be focussed on the clouds in the sky. This Kate Spade umbrella doubles as a chic accessory that will look adorable in all your wedding photos.

H&M Transparent Umbrella

Classic clear umbrella with a curved handle.

No need to take a rain check—this transparent bubble umbrella ensures that your wedding look will still be on display despite the rain.

Parquet Clear Bubble Umbrella

Your umbrella doesn't have to compromise your black tie attire. The black trim on this transparent umbrella gives it an elevated look that makes it perfect for a formal affair.

By Totes Bub Reflect Microbial

You can't go wrong with a pop of color. This whimsical bubble umbrella offers a subtle touch of pink, while still being transparent enough to not hide your smiling face.

White Wedding Umbrellas

Pottery Barn St. Tropez Rain Umbrella

Keep things simple with this classic white umbrella from Pottery Barn. Premium fabric makes its canopy both water and UV resistant, while a wooden handle and leather strap give it a touch of vintage charm that you'll love for your wedding day.

The Knot Shop Wedding Umbrella

With 'Just Married' engraved on the handle, this timeless white umbrella makes the perfect wedding keepsake. Plus, its ability to collapse into a small, portable pouch make it an excellent option to have on hand for the big day just in case.

Totes Women's Auto Open Ruffle Umbrella

Whether you're looking for an umbrella to protect you from the elements, or to use as a prop in photos, this ruffle trimmed white umbrella is the perfect pick. A stainless steel frame makes it just as strong as it is stylish.

Amy's Umbrellas Polka Dot Umbrella

Subtle polka dots give this white umbrella a unique touch that you'll love for your wedding. Not only does this umbrella collapse to be able to fit into your pocket, but it also offers 100% UV protection, so you can be prepared rain or shine.

Wedding Parasols

Custom Just Married Parasol

Get ready for your photo-op. This customizable paper parasol makes an adorable prop for your wedding photos. Plus, you can choose what message you'd like the canopy to display.

Second Line Wedding Umbrellas

Make a grand exit from your ceremony with these feathered Second Line umbrellas. The gold fleur-de-lis gives them a touch of New Orleans charm, while the option to add a personalized message ensures they're completely your own.

The Knot Shop Antiqued Battenburg Lace Parasol

Looking for your 'something old'? This timeless antiqued lace parasol is sure to do just the trick.

Traditional Embroidered Parasol

These colorful embroidered parasols are the surest way to brighten up a rainy day. Available in a variety of colors and handmade from 100% cotton, they're sure to offer a unique, personal touch to your look.

Pretty Paper Parasol with Bamboo Handle

Get ready to shine during your Second Line with this beautiful bamboo parasol. Delicate, floral detailing gives this umbrella a vintage feel that is sure to take your wedding wardrobe to the next level.

Colorful Wedding Umbrellas

Pasotti Spring Floral Umbrella

They say April showers bring May flowers, but you'll love this floral umbrella no matter what time of year your wedding is. Handmade in Italy, this umbrella features a charming print and luxe gold accents.

Business & Pleasure The Rain Umbrella

Headed somewhere tropical for a destination wedding? Stay one step ahead of unpredictable weather with this baby blue vintage-inspired umbrella. The inside reveals a tropical chinoiserie design that's perfect for the wedding day and beyond.

Pasotti Olive Green Umbrella

If you're looking for an umbrella that doubles as a wedding day keepsake, look no further. This olive green umbrella by Pasotti boasts a stunning floral interior and a sturdy Jeweled Brass handle that make it an excellent heirloom piece.

Godox Reversible Reflective Umbrella

Having this stylish bubble umbrella on hand in case of rain will ensure you'll be *golden* on your big day. Plus, gold continues to rank as one of the most popular wedding colors.

Custom Ink Telescopic Folding Umbrella

Available in a variety of colors, these customizable umbrellas allow you to add your wedding date or hashtag to them as a fun and unique memento. If you're headed somewhere rainy for the occasion, they'll make a great welcome gift for your wedding party.

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