Wedding Proposals: Where He Hid the Engagement Ring

From a hard-to-reach spot in the attic to a place she'd never ever go near (your dad's underwear drawer?), newly engaged couples weighed in to tell us where he hid the engagement ring.
by Anja Winikka

Up in High and Hard-to-Reach Places

It may sound a little cruel, but if she's short and you're not, use it to your advantage and hide the ring in a place where she can't reach. Take a cue from one of these elevated spots:

"In the attic! He knew I'd find it somewhere else!"

"He hid it in his old baseball cap he never wore anymore on the top shelf of his closet because, being only 5'2", he knew I'd never be able to reach up there."

"He hid my ring in the ceiling of the basement."

"He hid the ring under the angel that goes on top of the Christmas tree."

"He hid it in a box, inside another box, with a bigger box sitting on top. All of this was on the top shelf of our guest bedroom. Good place because he's 6'3" and I'm 5'3"!"

The Unexpected Places

You've talked about getting married, you live together, or she's just really good at finding your stuff -- then you'll have to be very creative and a little gutsy to keep her from finding the ring. Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary hiding spots:

"Behind our DVD collection."

"The piano."

"Hid it in the microwave overnight. He told me later that if I did wake up in the middle of the night to microwave something, he'd pretend that it was part of the proposal."

"In the little pull-up compartment in his car under an old Hardee's sack!"

"Inside the humidor because it really is the one place I'd never find it."

"On the windowsill in his bedroom! I'd have never thought of it sitting there, but apparently it was there for nearly three months!"

"In a bowl of M&M's on our living room table. It was there all day and I didn't even know it!"

"He hid my engagement ring in a flower vase filled with colored stones on top of the bookcase in the living room, right out in the open. I never noticed."

"In an aspirin bottle."

"He hid the ring the one place he knew I'd never be: the furnace room (under the furnace)."

"Between the sofa cushions."

"He hid it for weeks in the box that his vegetable slicer came in."

"He hid the ring in the icebox of my old mini fridge I stored in his closet after my freshman year of college!"

In a Safe Zone

Don't want to take any chances that she'll come across the ring? Pick a place that she'll never ever visit. A few ideas:

"He hid my engagement ring in the freezer because I never go in it. I don't eat frozen foods."

"He gave it to my roommate to put in her underwear drawer!!!"

"In our firebox with our passports and birth certificates...only he had the key!"

"He hid it in his mother's jewelry box."

"He hid it in the laundry room...I guess he noticed I don't go in there often!"

"In this old leather bag that I wouldn't touch in a million years."

"In his dad's underwear drawer."

His Stuff

Perhaps the most popular hiding spots for an engagement ring is one where he can keep a watchful eye. From the sock drawer to the trunk of the car to his backpack, the possibilities abound:

"When he wasn't home, it was in the ring box, inside a sock, inside an old tennis shoe, inside the old shoe box, on the top shelf in his closet! When he slept, it was under his pillow, and when he watched TV, it was on the couch beside him!"

"My fiance hid the engagement ring in some towels he uses when he washes his car, which were in his trunk."

"He hid the ring in his old backpack, which was shoved in his closet!"

"In his golf bag in the luggage rack on top of our vehicle during an eight-hour drive to Colorado!"

"In his sock some socks."

"His file cabinet."

"My fiance hid the ring in his guitar case. He knew that it was the last place I'd accidentally find it."

"In the gun cabinet because he knew that was one place I'd NEVER go."

"He locked it in the glove box of his Jeep for almost six months before he gave it to me."

"Inside one of his computers, I think in a fan!"

"My fiance hid the ring in the battery compartment of his digital camera."

"He hid it in the trunk of the car where the spare tire is."

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