Wedding Music & Dancing: No Dancing at Wedding Reception?


Our wedding reception is going to be in a lovely public garden, where amplified music of any kind is not allowed. We plan on hiring a wedding string quartet for the wedding ceremony. Neither of us is very into dancing, so we don't plan to have a dance floor at the reception. We do, however, want background wedding music. The problem is that our reception will begin at about 7 p.m. Do you think our wedding guests will be bored out of their minds at an evening wedding with no dancing?


This just means that the feel of your wedding reception will be more like a dinner or cocktail party (you don't mention whether or not you are serving dinner) than a more traditional dance party. If this what you would like, you are certainly entitled to do so. Guests will get the idea when they arrive and see no dance floor; and since they will not be expecting dancing they will probably mingle more. Talk to your musicians as well about occasionally changing the tempo of the music to jazz or something more upbeat to keep toes taping. You don't have to dance to have a good time at a party -- good conversation, delicious food, and beautiful music can make for an equally enjoyable time.

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