The 20 Best Wedding Planning Apps of 2024 for All Your Needs

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kim forrest the knot
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Updated Nov 15, 2023
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Wedding planning isn't always a straightforward process. While it's nice to set aside dedicated time devoted to your big day, you'll likely be doing a lot of planning on the go—whether it's at work (we won't tell your boss!), waiting in line at the bank, or just generally while you're out and about. Fortunately, there are a variety of wedding planning apps out there so you can find vendors and plan your wedding day from basically anywhere. (And here's the TL;DR: The Knot has one of the best apps out there!)

Scroll to find the 20 best-of-the-best wedding planning apps you can download now, including a wedding planning app, a honeymoon planning app and one to keep your relationship strong throughout the process. Note that all of the apps listed here are free to download, but some may require payment or a subscription to access content and services. Happy planning!

1. Best Wedding Planning App: The Knot Wedding Planner App

Our Take: Not to brag or anything (okay, maybe just a little), but The Knot Wedding Planner App is going to be your lifesaver. This one free wedding-planning app allows you to tackle so many tasks at the tap of a screen—sourcing vendors on our Vendor Marketplace, marking tasks off your checklist, updating your wedding website, editing your guest list, building your registry, creating a day-of timeline, and (if you can believe it) much, much more more.

Designed For: To-be-weds at any stage of the planning process—but particularly those who are just getting started.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: There's a lot to love on The Knot's app—it's a wedding checklist app, a vendor search app, a budget app, a registry app, a wedding-day timeline app, a guest list app and a wedding website app all rolled up into one. Says one reviewer, "I really don't know where I'd be without The Knot. The app…has become my best wedding coordinator!" Oh, and did we mention it's all free?

3. Best Wedding Inspiration App: Pinterest

Our Take: Do we even need to explain this one? Whether you're on the hunt for the prettiest hairstyles, flower arrangements or favor ideas, Pinterest (specifically, The Knot's account!) has it all and then some. Save your favorite pics to boards you create and you'll have no problem pulling up what you need when you finally meet with vendors. It's one of the best wedding apps you'll use long after the big day is over (hello, home decor inspo!).

Designed For: Whether you're not-yet engaged or in the throes of wedding planning, Pinterest can help keep all of your ideas organized.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: The visual search feature allows you to find and buy items you see in images. It can even help you identify things you see IRL so you can pin them. Oh, and secret boards are a beloved feature for those who are not yet engaged and don't want the world to know they're starting to plan their wedding before the question has been popped.

4. Best Wedding Playlist App: Spotify

Our Take: Create your dream wedding playlist via Spotify. Hear a great potential first dance song while waiting in line at the drugstore? Add it to your playlist so your partner can listen later. And once your playlist is ready to go, you can easily share it with your band or DJ. Or, put together playlists for smaller events (think: your shower) and stream them yourself over speakers.

Designed For: Music-loving marriers ready to create their wedding-day song list.

Price: Free, but you'll pay for a Premium account for ad-free listening

What Couples Love: We love how the Spotify app shows lyrics for most songs so you can easily determine if a particular song is appropriate (or not) for your first dance, processional or other important big-day moment.

5. Best Relationship Health App: Talkspace

Our Take: Even if you're not doing formal premarital counseling before tying the knot, couples therapy can help you and your partner connect, problem solve and grow together. With the Talkspace app, you'll complete a quick assessment of your relationship and needs, and they'll provide you with a list of recommended therapists. Then, you can start therapy right from the app.

Designed For: Couples (married or not!) looking to strengthen their relationship.

Price: Free, though you'll pay for counseling sessions

What Couples Love: One of Talkspace's best features is the ability to choose how you'd like to meet with your therapist, whether it's via text, video or live chat. We also appreciate that Talkspace makes switching therapists easy if your initial professional isn't a fit.

6. Best Wedding Budget-Control App: Monarch Money

Our Take: Money is one of the biggest sources of stress for couples—and for good reason. The Monarch Money app has everything you need to manage your finances as a couple. You can use the app to check all of your accounts and transactions, set financial goals, and track spending. Whether you're saving for your wedding, a future home purchase or your honeymoon, this app will keep you organized. Check out more budget apps for couples here.

Designed For: Those who want greater clarity and visibility into their finances—both when it comes to their wedding budget and life in general.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: Couples who aren't yet sure if they want to combine their bank accounts can have visibility into each other's accounts without the drama of switching banks and creating new accounts.

7. Best Note-Taking App: Evernote

Our Take: If you're planning a wedding, then a zillion thoughts are probably zooming through your mind every day. No matter what's on your mind or what form the note comes in—text, scribble, photo, video, URL or PDF—Evernote will log it all for you. Put it on every device you have, and you'll never wonder where your thought went.

Designed For: People who are always on the go, and want to keep their ideas organized.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: The to-do lists will help you stay organized and on track, plus the ability to save and easily access documents (vendor contracts, receipts, etc.) is priceless.

8. Best Makeup App: YouCam Makeup

Our Take: Looking your best on your wedding day is likely a priority. If you're working with a professional hair stylist or makeup artist, it's a good idea to come to your first meeting or trial with some ideas of what you'd like your big-day look to be. YouCam Makeup allows you to try on hundreds of products from top brands and experiment with different hair colors and styles to see what looks best for all of your pre-wedding events and of course, the wedding itself.

Designed For: Those prepping to pick their wedding-day beauty look.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: Of course, trying on different hair and makeup styles is the main draw for engaged folks, but, as an added bonus, the photo editing functionality will up your selfie game.

9. Best Grammar App: Grammarly

Our Take: Even if you have Emily Post's wedding etiquette book on hand, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on your prose. Grammarly will make sure the language on your wedding invitations (and everything else at your wedding) is grammatically pristine.

Designed For: Marriers about to order save-the-dates, invitations, ceremony programs or any other wedding-related stationery—or write pretty much anything for the big day.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: Yes, you want to make sure your printed items are error-free, but what about your vows, toasts and speeches? Not only can Grammaly help you with your stationery, but also any spoken materials.

10. Best Weather App: Weather Underground

Our Take: You can't control the weather, but you can prepare for it. Put this app on your phone the week of your wedding, and you'll be able to track hour-by-hour temps, wind speed, humidity and UV index.

Designed For: Almost-weds who need to decide whether to go with Plan A or Plan B.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: While there are several wedding-day forecast apps out there, The Weather Underground is one of our favorites. This app crowdsources data from over 250,000 weather stations, so you know you're getting the most local and accurate info. And if bad weather is threatening your day, you can easily track the radar to make the indoor/outdoor call.

11. Best Take-a-Break-From-Wedding-Planning App: Hulu

Our Take: There's only so much wedding planning you can do. And one of the best ways to take a break is to zone out in front of the TV (or your laptop, your tablet, your phone, etc.). Hulu has some of our favorite programming, whether it's wedding related (Married at First Sight, Til Death Do Us Party Kourtney & Travis) or not (Only Murders in the Building, The Great).

Designed For: Couples who need an escape from planning.

Price: The app itself is free to download, but you'll pay a subscription fee to access Hulu's content.

What Couples Love: Not only does Hulu offer some of the best television shows, you can also find favorite wedding movies like The Wedding Planner and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

12. Best On-Call Help App: TaskRabbit

Our Take: It's the bunny to the rescue! Whether you need someone to pick up your dress or a small team to wrap your favors (those personalized tags won't attach themselves!), someone on TaskRabbit can help via the Tasker app.

Designed For: Busy to-be weds who need an extra pair of hands.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: Not only can you find, book and chat with Taskers, you can also pay them through the app.

13. Best Hotel Reviews App: TripAdvisor

Our Take: Whether it's for your out-of-town guests, your wedding night or your honeymoon, hotels will likely play a big role in your wedding planning process. That's where apps like TripAdvisor's come into play. TripAdvisor's app helps to figure out where to stay (as well as what to do, where to eat and more) in any location so you can choose your (or your guests') accommodations accordingly.

Designed For: Couples planning to stay at a hotel, whether for their wedding weekend or honeymoon, or those looking for lodging for out-of-towners.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: Seeing real travelers' itineraries from destinations around the world can be helpful in planning your own adventure.

14. Best Shopping App for All the Little Things: Etsy

Our Take: If you're looking for a classic wedding item with a homemade touch, look no further. Etsy is home to thousands of wedding (and non-wedding) artisans specializing in the art of customization, so you can get that wow accent you can't find in stores. Whether you're looking for the perfect cake topper, wedding party gift, item for one of your pre-wedding events, or something else, you'll definitely find it on Etsy's app.

Designed For: Those who want customized, personalized or unique items for their wedding, shower, bach party and beyond.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: From the ability to save your favorite items to chat with sellers on the go, there's a lot to love about Etsy's app.

15. Best Paperless Invitation App: Paperless Post

Our Take: There's no crime in skipping paper invitations for your engagement party, bach party or other wedding-related events, especially if they're on the casual side. Paperless Post has plenty of pretty digital invites for you to choose from and lets you edit and send them right from your phone.

Designed For: Those hosting and planning wedding-related events, such as the bach party, shower, engagement party, etc.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: We love that Paperless Post's app gives you the option to send your online invites via email, text or shareable link. You can track RSVPs right from the app, too!

16. Best Cheap Airfare App: Expedia

Our Take: Planning a honeymoon can feel almost as overwhelming as wedding planning—and like weddings, honeymoons can be quite pricey. With Expedia's app, you can easily compare flights, accommodations, rental cars and other travel-related expenses to find the best price. It's also a great app to use if you're planning a destination wedding in a faraway locale.

Designed For: Honeymoon or destination wedding planners booking flights and accommodations for their trip.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: The app tracks flight prices and notifies you when fares go up or down.

17. Best Video-Chatting App: Google Meet

Our Take: Even if your wedding party is scattered all over the country (or even the globe), you can still KIT. You can bring your whole crew together via video chat, so you can discuss attire choices, debate entrance songs and—most importantly—make sure everyone feels truly friendly before the wedding day. That comfort will make everything that much more fun.

Designed For: Marriers with wedding party members and other loved ones who live near and far.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: A little-known feature of Google Meet—the ability to create and conduct a poll during your meeting ("Where should we go for the bach party?").

18. Best Hotel Block Management App & Website: HotelPlanner

Our Take: For free (and without having to track down the email address of every hotel you're interested in using), HotelPlanner can compare group hotel rates for your wedding guests, so you know they're cozy for your wedding weekend—and you won't go broke as a result.

Designed For: Those booking hotel room blocks for out-of-town guests.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: HotelPlanner's app offers a ton of filters (price range, free breakfast, gym, etc.) to ensure you're finding the right hotel for your guests.

19. Most Soothing App: Headspace

Our Take: In the words of T. Swift, "you need to calm down"—and the Headspace app will help you do just that. You'll find guided meditations that can help with sleep, stress, mindfulness and more. So when wedding planning starts to feel like too much, you have an easily-accessible place to turn.

Designed For: Anyone feeling overwhelmed with the wedding planning process, or life in general.

Price: The app is free, though you'll pay for a subscription.

What Couples Love: Aside from the meditations, the "Move" section offers a variety of workouts that you can enjoy individually or as a pair.

20. Best App for Wedding How-Tos: YouTube

Our Take: Whether you're wondering how to create a wedding budget, how to clean your engagement ring or how to tie a bow tie, watching a video can be super helpful. The YouTube app, and specifically The Knot's channel, has videos on all that and more, making it one of our favorite wedding apps. Yes, of course, you can go down a rabbit hole of watching emotional maid of honor speeches or funny wedding dances, but for those in the thick of planning, the how-to videos are where it's at.

Designed For: Those who learn best by watching, rather than reading.

Price: Free

What Couples Love: A few useful features of YouTube's app: the ability to share clips from videos, save videos for future watching, and easily find related videos.

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