23 Best Wedding Apps—Including a Digital Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding? If you use at least one of these wedding apps, we promise your life will be infinitely easier.
by Rose Walano
Wedding app on phone

Before you can make your way down the aisle, you'll have a bit of planning to do. (Biggest understatement ever, right?) It’s a big task, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you, and lots of it is right at your fingertips. Yep, we’re talking about wedding apps. (And not to toot our own horn, but The Knot has two of the best!)

Scroll to see 23 wedding apps you can download now, including a wedding countdown app, a wedding planning app, a honeymoon planning app and one to keep you Zen throughout the process. The best part about all these wedding apps? They’re all free. Happy planning!

1. Best Wedding Planning App: The Knot Wedding Planner App

For the whole shebang in one place—wedding planning app, wedding countdown app and wedding checklist app all rolled into one.

The Knot Wedding Planner App screenshot

Not to brag or anything (okay, maybe just a little), but this wedding planning app is going to be your lifesaver while planning your wedding. Keep track of to-dos with this wedding checklist app, browse and save your favorite real wedding photos to show to your florist or cake baker, and find your venue and every other wedding pro you need right in the app.

Download The Knot Wedding Planner App for iOS or Android

2. Best Wedding Palette Creator App: Pantone Studio

For when all the colors start to blend together.

Pantone wedding app screenshot

One of the trickiest parts of the wedding planning process? Choosing your theme and, with it, your color palette. Start with any color you love, and Pantone will give you all your complementary color options—a full palette. You can keep playing until you find the mix of your dreams, then you’ll be off to the races.

Download Pantone Studio for iOS

3. Best Wedding Inspiration App: Pinterest

For photo inspiration for just about anything.

Pinterest wedding app screenshot

Do we even need to explain this one? Whether you’re on the hunt for the prettiest bridal hairstyles, flower arrangements in your color palette or DIY ideas for your favors, Pinterest has it all and then some. Save your favorite pics to boards you create, and you’ll have no problem pulling up what you need when you finally meet with vendors.

Download Pinterest for iOS or Android

4. Best Wedding Playlist App: Spotify

For a wedding DJ without the DJ.

Spotify wedding app screenshot

Looking to save a buck and have the best taste in music? Then there’s no reason why you can’t be your own DJ. Create your dream playlist via Spotify, and then all you’ll need is a speaker and your dancing shoes on the day of the wedding.

Download Spotify for iOS or Android

5. Best Wedding Fashion App: Wedding LookBook by The Knot

For finding the dress of your dreams.

The Knot Wedding LookBook wedding app screenshot

Again, not to toot our own horn, but whether you want to look like Cinderella or Angelina Jolie at the Oscars (work that leg, girl!), we’ve got your back. Our app lets you flip through thousands of wedding dress options, courtesy of all your favorite brands. Narrow it to your favorites, and the wedding app will tell you the nearest bridal salons where you can try them on. Happy shopping!

Download Wedding LookBook by The Knot for iOS or Android

6. Best Photo-Sharing/Compilation App: Veri

For making sure you see everyone’s (surprisingly good) photos.

Veri wedding picture sharing app screenshot

Waiting to get your professional wedding photos back can feel like an eternity. In the meantime, you'll get a serious kick out of scrolling through all your guests' photos and videos from your wedding day, thanks to Veri. Have your guests download this awesome pic-sharing wedding app, which will automatically aggregate everyone's iPhone and Android snaps into a curated album in real time. Genius, right?

Download Veri App for iOS and Android

7. Best Wedding Budget-Control App: Mint

For making sure you don’t go broke.

Mint wedding app screenshot

Mint is an excellent tool for budgeting in all spheres of your life. Make sure you’re sticking to your wedding budget--and note how much money you’re spending at Starbucks while you’re at it. The little things add up!

Download Mint for iOS or Android

8. Best Note-Taking App: Evernote

For keeping all your thoughts in one place.

Evernote wedding app screenshot

If you’re planning a wedding, then a zillion thoughts are probably zooming through your mind every day. No matter what’s on your mind or what form the note comes in—text, scribble, photo, video, URL or PDF—Evernote will log it all for you. Put it on every device you have, and you’ll never wonder where your thought went.

Download for iOS or Android

9. Best Hair and Makeup App: TheGlamApp

For finding your glam squad.

Glam wedding app screenshot

It’s a month until your wedding. You’ve got the band, the dress the rings—but no glam squad! If you’ve overlooked this crucial component to looking your most photo-ready on your wedding day, Cara Santana’s app will help you book the best of the best with just a swipe.

Download TheGlamApp for iOS or Android

10. Best Grammar App: Grammarly

A pocket English teacher for eloquently worded invites.

Grammarly wedding app screenshot

Even if you have Emily Post’s wedding etiquette book on hand, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on your prose. Grammarly will make sure the language on your wedding invitations (and everything else at your wedding) is grammatically pristine.

Download Grammarly for Chrome

11. Best Weather App: Weather Underground

For stalking the weather patterns ahead of your wedding day.

Weather Underground wedding app screenshot

You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it. Put this app on your phone the week of your wedding, and you’ll be able to track hour-by-hour temps, wind speed, humidity and UV index (all without ads). 

Download Weather Underground for iOS or Android

12. Best Take-a-Break-From-Wedding-Planning-and-Chill App: Netflix

For when you need an (entertaining) moment.

Netflix wedding app screenshot

Everyone needs a break, and Netflix is nothing if not the ultimate distractor. Pop on Orange Is the New Black or, if you want more wedding (just less of your own for a minute), you can watch all the wedding movies your heart can find. Whatever you choose, just switch off your phone and let yourself get lost for the next two hours. You’ve earned it!

Download Netflix for iOS or Android

13. Best Fitness App: MyFitnessPal

For looking flawless—correction, staying flawless.

MyFitnessPal wedding app screenshot

There are a ton of fitness apps both free and paid to choose from. But what puts MyFitnessPal on our list is the feature that helps you set goals and track your progress. Log your calorie intake (you can scan bar codes for food items and look up menu items at popular restaurants right from the app) and exercise to get an exact read as to how you're doing.

Download MyFitnessPal for iOS or Android

14. Best On-Call Help App: TaskRabbit

For those inevitable last-minute tasks you just can’t do yourself.

Task Rabbit wedding app screenshot

It’s the bunny to the rescue! Whether you need someone to pick up your dress or a small team to wrap your favors (those personalized tags won’t attach themselves!), someone on TaskRabbit can help.

Download TaskRabbit for iOS and Android

15. Best Hotel Reviews App: Oyster

For making sure your honeymoon hotel is just as gorgeous as it looks online.

Oyster wedding app screenshot

What makes Oyster special among travel apps? The reviews are written by travel professionals, so their standards are high. You’ll get real talk but also a smart, seasoned, educated perspective—essential if you’re about to plunk down a fair bit of pocket change.

Download Oyster Hotel Reviews and Photos for iOS or visit Oyster.com

16. Best Shopping App for All the Little Things: Etsy

For finding the perfect cake topper, bridesmaid present, [insert adorable item here].

Etsy wedding app screenshot

If you’re looking for a classic bridal item with a homemade touch, look no further. Etsy is home to thousands of bridal (and nonbridal) artisans specializing in the art of customization, so you can get that wow accent you can’t find in stores.

Download Etsy for iOS or Android

17. Best Paperless Invitation App: Paperless Post

For the woman who’s over paper invites.

Paperless Post wedding app screenshot

Think paper invites are a thing of the last century? There’s no crime in skipping them, especially if you’re having a casual affair. Paperless PSnost has plenty of pretty digital invites for you to choose from and lets you edit and send them right from your phone.

Download Paperless Post: Invitations and e-cards for iOS

18. Best Cheap Airfare App: Hopper

For finding the most affordable flight prices for your honeymoon.

Hopper wedding app screenshot

Trying to fly to that exotic (read: expensive) locale for your honeymoon? Let Hopper do the hard work for you. You tell it where you want to go, and it will send you push notifications with flight prices—plus notes on whether and when prices are expected to rise or drop.

Download Hopper for iOS or Android

19. Best DIY App: Snapguide

For all the do-it-yourself tutorials you could ever want—for free!

Snapguide wedding app screenshot

Picture this: tons of how-to tutorials for just about every wedding-related project you might want to try. There’s also an easy pay-it-forward model that it encourages you to create your own guides to share with other crafty to-be-weds.

Download Snapguide for iOS

20. Best Video-Chatting App: Google Hangouts

For keeping your bridal party close, no matter what coast (or continent! they live on.

Google Hangouts wedding app screenshot

Even if your bridal party is scattered all over the country (or even the globe), you can still KIT. You can bring all your ladies (and groomsmen) together via video chat, so you can discuss dress choices, debate entrance songs and—most important—make sure everyone feels truly friendly before the wedding day. That comfort will make everything that much more fun.

Download Hangouts for iOS, Android or Chrome

21. Best Hotel Block Management App: Hotel Planner

For making sure everyone at your wedding has a place to sleep.

Hotel Planner wedding app screenshot

For free (and without having to track down the email address of every hotel you’re interested in using), Hotel Planner can compare group hotel rates for your wedding guests, so you know they’re cozy for your wedding weekend—and no going broke as a result.

Download Hotel Planner for iOS or Android

22. Second-Best Digital Wedding Album: Capsule

Capsule wedding app screenshot

When the wedding is said and done, you and your guests can relive all the moments via Capsule, which can help you create a digital wedding album that you can add to your wedding website. That way, everyone has easy access. #Genius.

Download CapsuleCam for Android

23. Most Soothing App: Calm

For making sure you don’t lose your mind through it all.

Calm wedding app screenshot

On the off chance that just reading this list gave you palpitations, take a deep breath and download Calm. The app not only teaches you how to meditate—even on the go—but also offers you breathing exercises, sleep stories (relaxing stories about nature) and peaceful sounds, so you can get the Zen and z’s you need.

Download Calm for iOS and Android

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