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4200 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA (310) 474-7808

Reviewed on 9/04/2017 Brandon B

DO NOT GO HERE! Absolute worst experience. My fiance had found a dress that she loved here. The problem with this establishment is a major failure to communicate with us. After repeatedly leaving messages and calling multiple times a day she was finally able to make a fitting... Read More appointment 2 month before our wedding. After the appointment was made things were better with the communication. The day of the fitting on they did not show up. Would not answer their phone or respond in any way. Now we are stuck trying to find a dress two months before the wedding. I would never recommend for anyone to go here.

Reviewed on 7/25/2017 Teresa I

DO NOT CONSIGN OR RENT A DRESS FROM THIS COMPANY. THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. I consigned my Inbal Dror designer wedding dress with them on 10/22/2016. They were to pay me $6250 for the dress once it was sold, as the original price was over $12,000. Not only are they the... Read More most frustrating people to communicate with, taking weeks to months to respond to any email or phone call, but they STOLE my wedding dress. I repeat, my dress was “sold to someone” in February or March, and One Night Affair HAS NOT AND CANNOT PAY ME FOR IT. Mecca Dyas, who takes lavish yoga training course retreats and is the co-owner of this company states that the person who bought the dress gave her a faulty check and it bounced. She does NOT have my dress and she CANNOT PAY ME. She said that she was getting hives daily because she wants to pay me but has to ask for money from her boyfriend/mom/credit cards in order to do it. I have graciously given her SEVERAL extensions, with signed contracts, and she has failed to communicate after my kindness, and has failed to pay me. When I told her to discuss it with the co-owners (one is her sister, and one is someone named Bob Carswell), she states they will not help her pay because it was her fault for accepting a faulty check. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THIS??? She said this business is not doing well and no one cares to take care of it. If they are willing to let a client feel the way I do and not fix their error with better business practices, imagine what they would do to you with your rental or your consignment? I would urge you with all my heart to stay far far away from this business. They are a fraud, they will steal your money and dress and not care. Please make SURE you check out the Better Business Bureau for the claims against them. Anyone of their friends can put in nice yelp reviews to boost their score, but the BBB cannot do this. This company is NOT accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has scored a D with multiple complaints. I will be taking this company to court for a breach of contract and refusal of payment. Imagine how you would feel giving away your sentimental wedding dress to be sold, and instead realized it was stolen. I wish I kept it for my grandchildren and did not have to deal with this TERRIBLE joke of a business!

Reviewed on 10/31/2016 Sharon S

Pro: The dress was beautiful. Con: The dress wasn't done on time and required multiple fitting appointments. Once, I went in and the dress wasn't ready, so I had gone there for nothing - no call to let me know the dress wasn't ready, nothing. So that was annoying. But the dress... Read More itself was gorgeous and they have a beautiful variety of dresses. Bring lots of patience.

Reviewed on 4/05/2016

WARNING!!!! This store will show you the most beautiful dresses and give you their undivided attention until you sign the dreaded deposit receipt that says "No Refunds" - My initial thought "Why would I ever want a refund? The dress was amazing and exactly what my daughter was... Read More looking for". My daughter and I returned to the store 4 months after the initial deposit was given and the dress she had rented was destroyed. The glue holding on what was left of the beads was Gorilla Glue yellow, the dress was 3 sizes larger and the lace was sagging and in terrible condition. The dress I had rented for myself was in worse condition and they even agreed. They said they would refund me for my dress which was a lie (no refund to date) and refused to refund my daughters saying it was in the same condition as when it was rented which is absolutely ridiculous. They had the nerve to say they couldn't believe I rented the dress I had since it was in such poor condition. Are you kidding me?!? Why would any honest business owner ever allow it to be rented in the first place if it looked so bad. They allow pets in their store as well as we got to experience someone's dog lying on the train of the dress we rented when my daughter took it off. We decided at that point that we had to start all over and buy another dress as we were getting nowhere with them and it was very obvious they don't care about their customers once the dreaded "No Refunds" slip is signed. See more fabulous reviews here:

The worst sewing and Customer Service I have ever expereinced

Reviewed on 7/08/2014 Courtney W

Cat passed away while I was out of town with the dress, when I returned to town they were only open from 12:30 to 3:00 on the day to return, I was not able to make it because of work. I returned the dress the following day with the understanding that I would be charged 15... Read More dollars (not 30) for the overage in time. I was mistakenly not charged. One week later their phone guy calls me asking for my credit card to collect the 15 dollars. Dress was poorly sewn, not darted down well on the lace to the base of the dress as well as not fitted to my body well enough to hold it up and required adjustments every 2 hours in a portable bathroom. While I was on the fence about using them again, the phone call a week later trying to collect 15 dollars just put me over the edge. Use instead. They have better dresses and better customer service. I paid 180 for the rental plus fees to have it altered. I think collecting the 15 dollars is moot point and in poor taste.

This is the place for a Wedding Dress Rental!

Reviewed on 2/28/2014 Lissa M

Special attention and a variety of dresses make this the go to place for that perfect dress!


Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Ashley L

Dear One Night Affair, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "One Night Affair DELIVERS, quality customer service and a spectacular inventory. They are the perfect alternative to purchasing an... Read More expensive, elegant evening gown that you will more than likely never use again."


Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Shanna F

What an amazing store and an amazing group of woman, you guys just blew me away! You made shopping for my wedding gown so pleasant and easy, it was actually so much fun, I really thought it would be much more stressful, but it was great! Thank you to all of you, I will send... Read More you pictures as soon as I get them. I felt so beautiful and I can't wait to share the pictures...I'll be back for an evening gown!


Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Leahc C

How much fun was this! I think you are all sooooo great! You made me look like a queen and I definitely felt like one. I will send over pictures when I get them back from the photographer...Thank You to all of you!


Reviewed on 6/11/2013 hanna o

Thank you for being part of the most amazing night of my life, I couldn't have experienced this without the beautiful gown that I rented from your establishment. Thank You for all of your help, the girls were so wonderful!


Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Nolwenn L

My Daughters prom was beyond amazing! Thank you to all of you girls for being so wonderful, we couldn't have done it without you! I will recommend you to everyone, You were a God Send!!!

The most amazing gown I could have imagined

Reviewed on 11/14/2012 Susanna S

Decided to rent a designer gown instead of buying something that I will never wear. Liana and the team at ONA rocks. Their inventory stock is huge so go ask for help instead of trying to browse. They found an amazing one for me and the alteration turned out just perfect. The... Read More store might look sketchy from outside but it's a treasure box with amazing very professional service.


Reviewed on 8/30/2012 paula G

I had the most amazing experience from day 1 when I entered One Night Affair. It was exciting walking through the doors, it wasn't like anything I expected, don't judge it by the outside, it was like walking into a dream (once I got buzzed in!!!) At first it was overwhelming,... Read More but the staff was so helpful and guided me in the right direction. They did ask my budget so they didn't show me gowns that were out of my range, they said they don't want Brides to fall in love with a gown thats out of their budget...makes sense! I found an amazing gown by Christoli for $495.00, it was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It was altered perfectly to my body, I got a beautiful cathedral veil with crystals all over it, I rented all of my jewelry and a beautiful swavorsky crystal was a dream come true...I truly felt like a princess and received unbelievable compliments from everyone at my wedding. I couldn't be happier with my decision to rent my gown and accessories from this place. I would recommend them to everyone, take the money that you save and spend it on something that will last longer then one day!!!

One Night Affair (disappointed)

Reviewed on 8/28/2012 maria s

I felt the integrity and ethics might have been questionable. They immediately asked my gown budget and every single dress fell right into that first budget. When I changed my budget quote (for much less) suddenly all the dresses I had tried on now fell into that price range.

My glamorous day

Reviewed on 8/01/2012 Sonia L

I rented a beautiful very glamours dress for my wedding. It was easy to pick up and one of my bridesmaids returned it, no hassle. During my alterations I asked for the flower to be opened and when I went to pick up it wasnt done. I had to return a second time for the pickup.... Read More Overall a good experience.

unfriendly staff

Reviewed on 7/10/2012 mauricia v

I thought that by renting my bridal gown it would allow me to get a designer gown for less. The prices range from $200-$1000 dollars and of course I found one that was $1000. The process was a little scary as well. Being that you "reserve" the dress for that date but it's still... Read More able to be rented to others until a month before your date. The thought of something potentially happening to it was always in the back of my mind. The staff were not friendly especially the seamstress! The broach on my dress fell off 6 times and by the next morning I found it in pieces. They were going to charge me but it argured it was already defective. In the end the dress fit fine and looked great on me but I wouldn't do it again.


Reviewed on 7/06/2012 Leia z

One night affair was the best wedding gown shop I've been to, everybody was so Kind and Honest. I recommend ONA to everyone !

Great experience

Reviewed on 5/29/2012 leila s

I can't repeat it enough... I had the greatest experience at "One Night Affair" when I went in to rent my wedding gown in May. I received the most unbelievable service and attention, and it was such a fun experience all around. First and most importantly, I ended up with my... Read More dream gown...A $5500.00 Melissa Sweet Wedding gown. It was the same gown that I had originally fell in love with in another bridal salon but was having a hard time with spending that kind of money, I just wanted it so bad that I was trying to rearrange my budget in other areas to justify spending that much on my own gown. Luckily before I made that decision I heard about "One Night Affair" from another bride, I thought it was worth an appointment just to see what they had, never dreaming what it would be like. I was shocked at the gowns that they had to offer and they were not only amazing shape, but they were the same gowns that I had seen in mon amie bridal Salon and Renee Straus in Beverly Hills. I found a Vera Wang gown that I really loved, but I explained that I was in love with this other gown. Kristen (the Salesgirl) told me to come back the following week because they were getting in a shipment of Melissa Sweet Gowns and I should check them out, there was a possibility that the one I originally fell in love with could be in there. To my greatest joy, it was one of the 10 Melissa Sweet Gowns that I had come in !!! Needless to say, I rented it for my wedding. I paid $895 to rent it (instead of purchasing for $5500.00). It was altered to my body like it was made for me, and on my wedding day I looked and felt amazing and beautiful, the way I always felt I would on the most wonderful day of my life, and nobody ever thought I rented my gorgeous gown. So my all around experience has been such a positive and wonderful time in my life !!


Reviewed on 5/20/2012 abbi r

I had an amazing experience from the first day that I walked into the store. I loved their selection of wedding gowns and Designers, I tried on many styles from different designers and loved almost all of them, but ended going with the first one I tried on. It was a stunning... Read More gown by the Designer St. Pucchi that I had seen at a store in Glendale for $12,000., I was so thrilled to find it and rent it for $995.00. The entire staff was so friendly and nice every time that I went in, and they altered it perfectly to my body. I will make sure to tell everyone how happy i was with their services!


Reviewed on 5/15/2012 Monika P

I rented my wedding gown there and couldn't be happier with my dress! I loved it!

Omg must visit this place!

Reviewed on 3/22/2012 Ani P

I recently got my wedding gown from One night Affair, They were Amazing!!!!!! Their prices are soo affordable, I got a Vera Wang wedding gown that retails over $10,000, and i know this because I visited her actual store prior to going to One Night Affair. I paid 995 for a 10,000... Read More dollar dress. I didn't have to do anything besides picking up my gown and wearing it for my day. They do everything for you, they alter the gowns to fit you, so you don't have to worry about the fit not being right. I also got my Vail, and jewelry from them also, and I rented everything !!!! The place is cool too, theirs flat screen TV's showing up to date concerts, to keep your guests occupied while you try on dresses. They have dresses for all occasions, so Im gonna go back and get a dress for an award show soon. Thank you One Night Affair

Make sure it's worth it!

Reviewed on 2/18/2012 Stephanie S

As soon as I tried on my dress I fell in love with it. Therefore I didn't do my research. It cost me $700 plus alteration cost. When I asked who the designer was, they couldn't answer me. Later I googles for the dress the only dealer I found was in china for $250! Anyway..... Read More Make sure u know how much the dress is worth You might be better of buying it

the way to go if you dont want to buy

Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Tara K

one night affairs is a great concept. rent a dress for your wedding or a special occasion (much cheaper) and you dont have to deal with what to do with your dress when your done! i was refered by a couple different brides who used ONA for their weddings and both of them had a... Read More great experiance.. mine was ok. let me explain. my wedding was in Sept 2011 so i went in Jan 2011 to find my dress. (they have everyone come in this early to pick your dress and they hold that time for you) althought while your dress is held for you day, it may still be worn for other weddings in the mean time. so when i went in Jan i found a dress i liked, i didnt love but i figured it was a little thing i would fall in love with once it was fitted to me. so i go back in aug for my fitting, and to my suprise my dress had been altered, the last bride to wear it had a sort of bodice added to the inside that made it very tight and uncomfortable (strapless) so while the seamstress was pinning me inside i said it was very uncomfortable and i didnt like that it was squeezing me to the point that i had little buldges comin over the sides and back of dress (im a size 6) and shes like "oh your viel will cover". oh no.. i went home and got upset so i called the owner and they allowed me to come back and pick a new dress, a week before my wedding! luckily i found the perfect dress and it worked its self out. just demand the good service when you go in sometimes they tend to forget about you when you looking at dresses.


Reviewed on 10/24/2011 Nicole s

My dress was just beautiful and I couldn't of been more happier with their customer service.

Bridal attire

Reviewed on 9/08/2011 Chelsea G

It turned out WONDERFUL and I didn't have to worry about what to do with the dress afterwards, thank goodness.