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St Kilda Kilts


Carnegie, PA

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St Kilda Kilts

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114 Charles Drive, Carnegie, PA


Reviewed on 8/31/2012 Jennifer A

I cannot describe to you in this small box the horror that this vender put me through. he literally stopped talking to me for 3 weeks and several of the items I ordered for the wedding did not come on time, including one that came 1 week late. It was horrible, unprofessional and he made no effort to fix the problems. He also got one of my groomsman size completely wrong. What do you do when your safty-pinning things on someone who is so upset because his measurements were right and yet the fabric is over 8 inches short and he is absolutely upset (because don't let anyone fool you boys are vain) and to boot it came the day before my wedding and there is no looking back. There is no sending it back. There is no chance. This man, was horrible, if I could rate him negatively I would.


Reviewed on 10/01/2011 Jenniffer L

The man who runs it, Ralph, never answers his phone. His voice mail is always full and he doesn't respond to emails. He says it's just him and his wife running the shop, so they get behind during busy season. We ordered my husband's kilt made to order, and rented for others for the groomsmen and my father. The kilt for my husband arrived 4 weeks after it was promised (arriving the day before our wedding), parts of the groomsmen's rentals showed up the day before as well (we were told they'd be there the week before). Two of the kilts didn't fit, one pair of shoes was too big. Everything was just dumped in a box. The vests and jackets we paid for never showed (my bridesmaid said she rejected the package for us the Tuesday after the wedding while we were on our honeymoon). When we did finally get a hold of Ralph, he said that we were expected to pay for everything, even the stuff we didn't get. He gave no apologies for delayed timelines or ill-fitting and missing items. I can't emphasize this enough...spend a little more, rent from somewhere more reputable and save yourself the stress. Oh...and if you're into Scottish Games or Renaissance Faires and you see Ralph from St. me a favor and spit in his eye.

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