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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are photographers based in Pasadena affordable?
A: Definitely! Around 7% of Pasadena-area photographers offer rates starting under $1000.
Q: Who are some top-rated photographers in Greater Pasadena?
A: Pasadena-based photographers like Cameron Jordan Weddings, Yansen Setiawan Photography, and Nomad Photo have glowing reviews from a number of happy couples!
Q: Which Pasadena-area photographers would you recommend for artistic wedding photos?
A: Fitz Carlile Photography, Wow Art Wedding, and Tovicand Photography are known for their artistic photo style and are well-reviewed by couples.
Q: Do any Pasadena-based photographers specialize in wedding engagement photography?
A: Yes! Couples speak highly of many photographers' engagement photo services, including These Days Weddings, Rodney Ty Photography, and Jim Lee Vision.
Q: How many Greater Pasadena photographers offer online proofing services?
A: About 45% of photographers in the Pasadena area offer online proofing services.