12 Times Animals Dressed Up Like Humans for the Wedding

Because who can resist animal pictures, especially when they have to do with weddings?
by Rachel Torgerson
Three corgi dog wedding escorts
Person Killian Photography
  1. Sorry, but we just can't resist rounding up our favorite pictures of animals attending weddings. We get new ones every day, and they're just way too cute not to share. Whether it's Burrito the donkey who loves cheesing for the camera at Arizona weddings, Spicy, the pup who walked with a human ring bearer down the ceremony aisle, or Rosie the bunny who wished she could rock her wedding floral collar every day, animals who attend weddings in people clothes are probably one of the cutest things out there.

    So here are the 12 best-dressed animals from our real weddings gallery, in no particular order.

  2. 1. This pooch who stole the show in his on-trend mint bow tie

    A bride posing with her black lab in a mint bow tie
    Yellow Feather photography

    Such a well-behaved ring bearer, and dressed so stylishly!

    From the album: A Whimsical DIY Mountain Wedding at Avalanche Ranch in Redstone, Colorado

  3. 2. This proper dachshund, who thought a longer neck tie was the right choice

    Kim Payant photography

    This little weiner dog is so puffed up with pride to see his parents on their wedding day!​

    From the album: A Mountain Wedding at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Alberta, Canada

  4. 3. This maltese pup, who may have put the first two to shame with his glitzy look

    Something Blue Wedding photography

    Katie and Erik dressed him in a pinstriped tuxedo and shimmery gold bowtie at their glam, New Jersey wedding.

    From the album: A Romantic, Garden-Inspired Wedding at jack Baker's Sunset Ballroom in Toms River, New Jersey

  5. 4. This schnauzer flower girl, who may not have loved dressing up, but still looked fabulous

    Cly Creation

    ​This schnauzer pup was dressed to the nines in her sparkly, black ball gown. 

    From the album: A Theatrical Wedding in Manhattan, New York

  6. 5. This bunny in a flower collar, because animal posts don’t always have to be all about dogs

    Lovely and Light

    The florist at this South Carolina wedding even made a special pet floral collar for Rosie the bunny with bright pink, orange and purple roses.

    From the album: A Flower Garden Brunch Wedding in Lancaster, South Carolina

  7. 6. These puppies, who couldn’t wait to give their dad a kiss once they got to the end of the aisle

    Rising Lotus photography

    ​Jennifer and Jeremy's rescue dogs, Kote and Otis were also given a special part in the ceremony. “Everyone knows how much we love our rescue dogs, they are like our children,” says Jennifer. The dogs were walked down the aisle so each could be kissed by Jeremy. “It was a sweet moment that we will always cherish,” says Jennifer.

    From the album: A Black and White Wedding at Jackson's Bistro in Tampa, Florida

  8. 7. This dog, who walked in tandem with a human ring bearer — hard to tell who is cuter here

    Emily Wren Photography

    ​The ring bearer and Ashley and Gabby's dog Spicy walked down the aisle together at the couple's New Jersey ceremony.

    From the album: A Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding in Red Bank, New Jersey

  9. 8. These corgis, who also walked in tandem

    Person Killian Photography

    ​Lauren and Marc's three dogs were part of the ceremony, walking down the aisle together and of course posing for photos with the bride and groom.

    From the album: A Romantic Atrium Wedding at Meditech in Canton, Massachusetts

  10. 9. This donkey, who is actually too fabulous

    Vienna Glenn Photography

    This sombrero-wearing donkey named Burrito dressed for the occasion in traditional Southwestern garb and handed out cold beer to guests.​

    From the album: A Fiesta-Inspired Wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona

  11. 10. This fluffy big dog, who felt like the whole tux would have “over-done” it, so he went for a bib

    Kristen Taylor Photography

    This big guy made sure to make an even bigger impression at the Rochester, Michigan, nuptials of his parents in a printed tuxedo bib.

    From the album: A Romantic and Sparkly Wedding at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan

  12. 11. This huge saint bernard, who may have taken this groomsmen for a run

    Imagen Photography

    Carly and Patrick's dog, Keidis (named after the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Patrick's favorite band), wore a custom tuxedo that the couple ordered on Etsy. Then, he tugged one of the groomsmen down the aisle.

    From the album: A Chic Blush Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, Ohio

  13. 12. This little guy, who thought a shiny suit would make him stand out in a crowd

    Kane and Social

    This yorkie stayed chic in his satin suit at a Miami, Florida, wedding.

    From the album: An Elegant Glamorous White Wedding at a Private Residence in Miami, Florida

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