The Best 17th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate a Marriage That's Still Young and Sweet

This year's traditional gift is a big one—literally!
17-year anniversary gift ideas
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Updated May 14, 2024
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17 years down the road and it still feels young and sweet and you're having the time of your life. ABBA wasn't singing about a long-term marriage, but we certainly are! So, what is the 17th anniversary gift, both traditional and modern, that'll help you celebrate this milestone just like a dancing queen?

The 17-year anniversary is marked by just one gift: furniture. If this sounds expensive, don't worry. There are lots of ways to think outside the box while sticking to the theme, and you also don't have to follow traditions. We've included 17th wedding anniversary gift ideas that are romantic and unique in their own way so you're bound to find an anniversary gift for your husband, wife or favorite duo below.

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Traditional 17th Anniversary Gifts

The 17th wedding anniversary is called the furniture anniversary because—you guessed it—the traditional gift is furniture. Furniture symbolizes security, comfort and familiarity, much like a loving relationship. Quality home furnishings are sturdy, reliable and built to last, mirroring the enduring nature of a committed partnership. However, selecting a furniture-themed anniversary gift can be challenging, especially considering it's typically a joint decision. You'll want to ensure the chosen piece will impress your spouse or the happy couple and complement their existing home decor.

If you're unsure what to purchase or find yourself shopping at the last minute, consider opting for a gift card to their favorite home store. Alternatively, you could make a promise to shop together to find the perfect new addition to your home sweet home. While investing in furniture can be costly, ensuring the next 17 are spent in comfort is undoubtedly worth it.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Wooden standing desk for work
Photo: Herman Miller

Enhance your spouse's work-from-home setup with a highly sought-after standing desk. The ergonomic design offers numerous health benefits, including reducing back pain, improving posture and preventing wrist strain. Additionally, it's known to enhance mood, focus and energy levels throughout the workday—a win for both productivity and well-being. This sleek offering from Herman Miller comes in three sizes and seven finishes, with options for further customization, such as cable organization and height and power adjustment. With its tailored features, this high-quality desk ensures it meets your partner's exact needs for the entirety of their career, making it a thoughtful and practical 17-year anniversary gift.

Indoor Potted Plant

Indoor plant stand for anniversary gift
Photo: The Sill

IMO, a potted plant of sufficient size absolutely qualifies as furniture. Therefore, this Money Tree serves as an excellent choice for a 17th wedding anniversary gift to the amateur horticulturist in your life. Known for its resilience and pet-friendly nature, it's considered easy to care for. (Plus, it has a reputation for supposedly bringing good luck and fortune.) You can select from four different pots, each available in multiple colors, to seamlessly blend with existing home decor.

Baseball Stadium Table

Baseball Stadium Table from Uncommon Goods for the best 17th wedding anniversary gifts
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're living with a lifelong baseball fan, this 17th anniversary gift for your husband, wife or partner is quite the catch. The sports-inspired table is modeled after a famous baseball stadium of your choice, handcrafted in poplar wood and glass. Whether they're a Chicago Cubs supporter or a Boston Red Sox enthusiast, they'll have lots of fun assembling this showstopper.

Elegant Shell Chair

Elegant shell chair from Macy's for your 17th wedding anniversary
Photo: Macy's

While shopping for a furniture-themed anniversary gift may seem like a big deal, it can be as simple as picking one key piece for your home. Shell-inspired chairs have been everywhere for the last few years and are a great way to make a statement without using up loads of space. If your spouse loves interior design and timeless elegance, this retro style is sure to impress. Plus, the glamorous velvet fabric and foam padding make it extra comfortable to sit on, whether it's used as a desk chair or part of a coffee nook.

Gold Bar Cart

Gold bar cart on wheels 17th anniversary gift
Photo: Walmart

Say cheers to 17 years! This gold bar cart is an excellent way to kick off your anniversary celebrations, especially if you and your spouse are hosting a party for the occasion. It comes with two shelves and three rings for secure storage of your favorite bottles of bubbly, whiskey or cognac. Add a bottle of special anniversary wine or champagne to make this 17th anniversary gift really pop.

Washable Rug

Washable rug for anniversary gift
Photo: Ruggable

This gorgeous deep green rug will make a great 17th anniversary gift for your wife, husband or partner, especially if they appreciate unique artsy designs. If you're wondering about the practicalities of keeping it clean, you'll be delighted to find it's water-resistant, stain-repellant and machine-washable. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to find a style that suits your home.

Leather and Wood Furniture Salve

Leather and wood furniture salve collage
Photo: Amazon

If you have all the furniture you need or are seeking a small anniversary gift for friends while still honoring the traditional 17th anniversary theme, we've got just the thing: furniture salve. While it may not seem glamorous, it's an excellent method for caring for and maintaining what's already in the home—akin to nurturing your own relationship. Whether you're reviving an old leather couch or prepping a wooden table for painting, it can work wonders in restoring your favorite pieces to their former glory.

Retro Chair Earrings

Retro chair earrings from SmashFireDesigns for your 17th wedding annversary
Photo: SmashFireDesigns

If buying real furniture doesn't sit well with you, why not take a more inventive approach to incorporate the traditional 17th anniversary theme? These stunning silver earrings are modeled off the iconic Eames chair (a mid-century modern design created by Ray and Charles Eames, FYI) and are guaranteed to please anyone who loves unusual jewelry. Whether your spouse is a design-history buff or a fun-loving trendsetter, we think they'll be charmed by these elegant accessories.

Decorative Teak Ladder

Decorative Teak Ladder from Anthropologie for your 17th wedding anniversary gift idea
Photo: Anthropologie

Don't be afraid to have some fun when picking out a furniture anniversary gift for your spouse or the lucky couple. This handcrafted teak ladder is a novel way to store towels and blankets and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves decorating their home. (Just remind them it's for display use only and not for climbing into the attic in search of their holiday decorations or luggage.)

Contemporary Bookshelf

A Contemporary Bookshelf from Target for your 17th wedding anniversary
Photo: Target

Is your partner an avid reader? Snag them a new bookshelf to showcase their collection of treasured tomes and prized paperbacks. This contemporary (and compact) design has eight storage compartments for keeping all their favorite reads neat and tidy. It's made from durable wood that's sturdy yet lightweight, allowing your spouse to transport it easily to their designated reading spot. It's available in black, white and coffee brown, so you're sure to find a color that matches your home decor scheme.

Cozy Swivel Chair

Cozy gray swivel chair for living room
Photo: west elm

Picture this: With the sun gently streaming through the windows, you find this plush, round swivel chair nestled in the corner of your living room, awaiting you. With a good book in hand or your favorite movie queued up, it'll be easy to lose yourself in the cozy sanctuary of the home you've lovingly built together over 17 years. Sold on this furniture anniversary gift idea for your partner? Customize the fabric on West Elm to match your existing interior style, place your order and then add a bow to surprise your spouse.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

White shoe storage for home
Photo: Amazon

If your home is overrun by kids who constantly leave their belongings scattered about, this stylish shoe storage solution is the ideal 17-year anniversary gift for you and your spouse. With ample space to stow away shoes of all sizes and styles and a top shelf so everyone always knows where their keys are, this cabinet brings a touch of organization and tranquility to your bustling household. Surprise your spouse with this thoughtful present and watch as their face lights up with relief at the prospect of a cleaner entryway.

Novelty Furniture Knobs

Novelty furniture knobs from Wayfair for your 17th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Wayfair

We totally get that buying new furniture may not be an option for your budget or home, so we've found something that's affordable, on-theme and super compact. These pretty bee-shaped furniture knobs are a fun and easy way to update kitchen cupboards or a dresser without breaking the bank. They're made from coated metal with a distressed finish and are ideal for creating an eclectic, vintage look. Whether you give them to your DIY-loving spouse or a crafty couple, they're bound to be inspired by this thoughtful and quirky gift.

Ceramic Side Table

Pretty blue ceramic side table anniversary gift
Photo: Anthropologie

When shopping for a traditional 17th wedding anniversary gift for her, him or them, it's important to think about the lifestyle you and your partner enjoy. If weekends are reserved for lazy afternoons by the pool or drinks on the porch, this stylish side table will get plenty of use. Decorated with elegant floral motifs, this handcrafted ceramic side table makes a perfect perch for margaritas, pina coladas or other summer sips so make sure to present it with your partner's favorite homemade cocktail sitting on top.

YETI Camping Chair

Friends using the yeti camping chairs in the wilderness
Photo: YETI

This furniture gift isn't tied to a single location—it's ready to accompany you wherever you go, whether that's a weekend camping trip or a backyard barbecue with friends. Lightweight and portable, this YETI-exclusive chair is designed for life's adventures, ensuring comfort and relaxation no matter where you roam. Despite its flexibility, this chair is built to last: It features cast joints reinforced with aluminum alloy and breathable fabric that maintains its shape, withstanding up to 500 pounds of weight. Best to get two!

Unique 17th Anniversary Gifts

Not sold on furniture gifts? Don't worry. Every wedding anniversary is linked with an anniversary flower, gemstone and color. This means you can still discover a symbol for the 17th wedding anniversary to commemorate this special occasion. The 17-year anniversary flower is a red carnation, a vibrant bloom that represents love, romance and affection. Yellow is the 17-year anniversary color, symbolizing happiness and fun with its bright and sunny hue. As for the 17th anniversary gemstone, shop Carnelian. It's considered lucky and capable of boosting love and passion and attracting prosperity. The semiprecious stone also represents the durability and warmth of a successful marriage, considering its hard composition and brownish-red color.

No matter the number of years being celebrated, the key to a great anniversary gift is selecting something your partner or married friends will truly appreciate—regardless of tradition. If you prefer to ignore the 17th wedding anniversary symbols, we've compiled a list of unique and alternative presents that still offer that special wow factor. Explore our selection of non-traditional 17th wedding anniversary gifts for him, her or them for a memorable and personalized way to commemorate the special day.

Personalized Cheese Board

Personalized Cheese Board from Uncommon Goods for your 17th wedding anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Food-inspired gifts are always welcome, especially when they look as good as this cheese board. Impress the foodie in your life with this bamboo board, which includes three ceramic bowls and a pullout drawer with three cheese knives stashed inside. Whether they're a brie devotee or edam fan, they can use it to serve their favorite crackers, cheese and savory snacks. Have the board engraved for a personalized anniversary gift they'll want to show off whenever guests come over.

Sausage and Cheese Gift Basket

Sausage and cheese gift basket from Hickory Farms
Photo: Hickory Farms

If your partner or the couple you're shopping for already owns a personalized serving board, why not give them something to fill it with? Treat them to an assortment of charcuterie essentials from the irresistible brand Hickory Farms. This collection includes three types of summer sausage, four creamy cheeses, two mustards and two nut mixes, allowing them to indulge in a variety of delicious flavor combinations. We wouldn't be surprised if they enjoy it all in just one night.

Yellow Rose Bouquet

Yellow bouquet in a clear vase
Photo: UrbanStems

Since 17 years of marriage is associated with the color yellow, this sunny bouquet is perfect for marking the occasion. Filled with a range of golden roses it'll instantly liven up any room. Best of all, Urban Stems offers same-day and next-day delivery to save anyone looking for a last-minute anniversary gift.

Make sure to use our exclusive code THEKNOT15 to receive 15% off dried and fresh arrangements!

Bee Drinking Ball

Bee drinking ball from Uncommon Goods for the best 17th wedding anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

When it comes to finding the perfect 17th anniversary gift for a gardening enthusiast, don't feel limited to the usual potted plants and tools. This unexpected gift for the 17th wedding anniversary will draw new life into your partner's backyard oasis. The textured glass ball is filled with water from the sprinklers you already have running, so bees can stay hydrated as they hop from flower to flower. It's a great way of attracting pollinators into the garden (and impressing your other half with all your nature knowledge).

Portable Massager

A massager from Therabody for the most relaxing 17th wedding anniversary
Photo: Therabody

For an athletic partner who craves muscle relief, a Theragun is a game-changer—especially when paired with a promise to give them a back massage using it. This petite tool delivers the same relaxation as a standard-sized Theragun while being compact enough to bring on trips, to the gym or just to the couch while you binge-watch your favorite show together. It's a thoughtful 17th anniversary gift they'll appreciate, especially if they experience muscle tension and nagging aches throughout the day.

Pressed Red Carnation Pendant

Gold necklace with red carnation pendant
Photo: Mint & Lily

If you're looking for a romantic gift for your other half, a gorgeous piece of jewelry is always a good choice. This circular pendant holds real pressed petals from a red carnation (the 17th anniversary flower) and is available in two metal options: 18K gold-plated or sterling silver. Whether they wear it daily or with their favorite outfit, they'll be reminded of your love and thoughtfulness every time.

Washable Silk Pajamas

Washable silk pyjamas from Lunya for the best 17th wedding anniversary gifts
Photo: Lunya

Having a lie-in after a busy week is a luxury that's hard to top, especially if your spouse is usually up at the crack of dawn. Make the moment even more special with a pair of luxe silk pajamas they'll never want to take off. This set includes a tee and shorts made from 100% Mulberry silk that regulates body temperature for a super-comfy night's sleep. If that's not enough to win you over, this nightwear is also machine washable, so there's no need to worry when laundry day rolls around.

Use code FORTK if you're a new customer to receive 15% off your first purchase!

Mini Moisturizing Stones

Mini Moisturizing Stones from Kate Mcleod for your 17th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Kate Mcleod

Encourage your partner to take some time for themselves with this pretty gift set. It comes with five miniature body stones, which are solid, scented moisturizers that melt into the skin on contact. Our favorite part? They come with a handy canvas bag and recyclable packaging, making them a great choice for any eco-conscious spouse.

Stainless Steel Knife Set

Stainless steel kitchen knives and magnetic stand 17-year anniversary gift
Photo: Material

If your furniture doesn't need an upgrade, but your kitchen essentials do, consider a new knife set for the 17th anniversary. This trio includes three stainless steel and high carbon knives (for extra sharpness) with matte, stain-resistant handles and a magnetic wooden stand for easy storage. If your spouse loves to get creative in the kitchen, these professional-grade blades will help them sharpen their cooking skills. Don't be surprised if they want to use them right away to make something delicious for your 17th anniversary dinner.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Man using the Sous Vide Precision Cooker
Photo: Anova

Elevate your partner's culinary skills with the Anova Precision Cooker, a must-have gadget for any aspiring home chef. Using the sous vide method, the cooker precisely controls the temperature of a water bath to cook food evenly and retain moisture, resulting in Michelin-starred restaurant quality dishes every time. With its user-friendly design and Bluetooth connectivity, they can easily monitor and control the cooking process from their smartphone, giving them the freedom to multitask while cooking. Surprise them with this innovative tool as a 17-year marriage gift and watch as they take control of the kitchen, preparing the perfect filet for an intimate at-home date night to celebrate your anniversary.

Engraved Wine Bottle

Black engraved wine bottle for anniversary
Photo: Mano's Wine

Shopping for a 17th anniversary gift for your friends who are #couplegoals? Wine is a classic gesture that's sure to be appreciated—especially if you choose this particular bottle. Custom engraved with their names, years married and wedding date, it'll bring them joy long after the California Cabernet Sauvignon is gone.

Carnelian Coasters

Carnelian print coasters 17-year anniversary stone gift
Photo: Society6

If you and your love like to sit down and drink coffee together every day, a set of stylish coasters will add a thoughtful touch to your morning ritual. These are printed with carnelian agate (the 17th anniversary stone) for a practical and pretty addition to your coffee table. They're a thematic 17th anniversary gift that'll remind you two to enjoy simply being in each other's company.

Date Night Cards

Date Night Cards from BestSelf for an exciting and romantic 17th wedding anniversary
Photo: BestSelf

Fall head over heels with your partner all over again with these romantic date night cards. This set includes 52 activity cards (one for every week, so no excuses!) and a notebook to track all the fun activities you do together. From visiting an art gallery to exploring your neighborhood, there are lots of great ideas to help you reconnect with your other half.

One-of-a-Kind Candle

Anniversary candle gift with personalization
Photo: Birthdate Co.

Celebrate your special day with the Anniversary Candle from Birthdate Co. This personalized gift commemorates your love story by using astrology, tarot and numerology to create a unique fragrance. Each scent is thoughtfully curated to evoke the essence of your relationship, enhancing the ambiance of your shared moments. Additionally, the candle's label is printed with your special date and names, accompanied by a custom reading from Birthdate Co.'s team of astrologers, delving into the depths of your union.

Custom Map Ring

Man wearing a custom map ring
Photo: Talia Sari

Do you have a special place in your relationship? Perhaps it's the cozy coffee shop where you had your first date, the picturesque venue where you exchanged vows or even the comfort of your own home where your love story truly blossomed. Whatever the location, commemorate its significance with this unique ring from Talia Sari. A map of your chosen place is intricately carved in sterling silver, 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold for a lasting keepsake that'll look perfect next to their wedding band.

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