35 Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Get ideas and etiquette tips on bridal shower invitation wording for all wedding shower themes.
by Kathleen McCann
Bridal shower invitation

If your daughter or close friend is getting married, you may be responsible for planning a bridal shower. Typically held a month or two before the wedding, a bridal shower is a gathering of the bride's closest friends and/or family. It's a way for the bride to destress before the big day and celebrate over brunch, tea or cocktails. Guests often bring gifts, either personal in nature, such as lingerie or bath and body products, or practical items found right off the couple's registry that they can use together, such as kitchen or household gadgets.

The bridal shower is usually the duty of the maid-of-honor or the mother of the bride, but it can also be planned by a close friend. If this job has fallen to you, the first step is to talk to the bride about what she wants. Some brides prefer a typical bridal shower, in which all the attention is placed on them. Others may choose to have a couples wedding shower, which includes the friends and family of the couple, and is a celebration of their relationship together.

After the bride has decided on a bridal shower or a couples wedding shower, it's time to talk about when and where it will be held, who she wants to invite and what theme she'd like. Does she want a classy afternoon tea party? Or would she prefer to meet at a restaurant for brunch? Maybe the couple wants a backyard barbecue with their closest friends. Whatever the bride or the couple chooses, be sure to adhere to the theme. After all, it is about them. From there, you'll use all that information to pick and word stationery (check out our roundup of adorable, affordable bridal shower invitations) that perfectly convey the plans of the day.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas In This Article:

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Once you have a date, guest list, location and theme, it's time to prepare the invitations. Be sure to include the date, time, location and address of the shower, as well as the host's name, email and/or phone number to RSVP. Also include registry information (or a link to the couples' wedding website where they can find this information), details about the theme and if any special attire or specific type of gift is required.

Must include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Address
  • Host's name
  • Email and/or phone number to RSVP

Can include:

  • Registry information
  • Details about the theme and if any special attire or specific type of gift is required

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples:

Bridal Shower invitation wording ideas

Bridal Shower invitation wording ideas

Standard invitation wording is fine, but if you're looking for something clever, read on for bridal shower invitation wording ideas to fit a variety of themes.

Funny Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Funny bridal shower invitation wording

1. He gave her a ring

    They set a date

    Let's get some girl time in

    Before it's too late!

2. Stay calm and bridal party on!

3. Let's prepare the bride for her happily ever after

    With gifts, booze and plenty of laughter

Wine Themed Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Wine themed bridal shower invitation wording

1. In honor of the big day

    Let's chat and laugh over a bottle of Chardonnay!

2. Let the good times roll

    And the gifts and champagne flow!

3. Let's have a laugh and raise a glass

     In honor of the bride-to-be!

Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Tea party bridal shower invitation wording

1. What better way to celebrate the bride-to-be

    Than coming together over a cup of tea

2. Before the bride throws the bouquet

    Let's enjoy a cup of tea on this very special day

3. While the bride is still a Miss

     Let's sip some tea and share her bliss

Rustic Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Rustic bridal shower invitation wording

1. This honeysuckle has found her bee

    Let's celebrate with a shower and a shot of whiskey!

2. Strap on your boots and layer on the bling

    Let's have a shower to remember before the ring!

3. She finally roped in Mr. Right

    It's time to shower her with gifts and a wild night!

Bridal Shower Brunch Invitation Wording

Bridal shower brunch invitation wording

1. All you need is love…and mimosas.

2. First comes love…then comes brunch!

3. Before this Miss becomes a Mrs.

     Let's gather for brunch and give her best wishes!

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Vintage bridal shower invitation wording

1. Put on a pretty dress and leave this world behind

    As we journey back in time to honor our bride!

2. Calling all party dresses, fancy hats and pearls

     It's a vintage bridal shower with all the girls

3. Before our friend says "I do"

    Let's celebrate the old and toast to the new

Around the Clock Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Around the clock bridal shower invitation wording

1. Tick-tock, tick-tock

    Time to shower the bride around the clock!

2. Whether your gift is for the evening, afternoon or early morning hour

     Come honor the happy couple at an around the clock shower!

3. The time is now to celebrate

     The bride and groom's special date!

Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Couples wedding showers tend to be more laid-back than bridal showers, and it's important for your invitations to reflect that. The following wedding shower invitation templates are perfect for parties that include the guys and the girls.

Jack and Jill Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Jack and Jill wedding shower invitation wording

1. Time to gather for a bit of bubbly

    As we honor the bride and her soon-to-be hubby!

2. Before the happy couple says "I do"

     Let's toast to them with a drink or two!

3. The big day is almost here

     Let's shower the couple with love and cheer

Vintage Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Vintage wedding shower invitation wording

1. We've watched them as they've gone steady

     Now let's shower them with love, gifts and confetti!

2. Put on a record and pour a martini

     Let's celebrate the groom and his bride-to-be!

3. Join us for a trip down memory lane

    As we honor the couple and sip champagne!

Funny Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Funny wedding shower invitation wording

1. String up the lights

    Strike up the band

    Let's have one more party

    Before he takes her hand!

2. She said "yes"

     Now let's say "cheers"

     To celebrate the couple and calm their fears!

3. How sweet is it to be showered by you!

Rustic Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Rustic wedding shower invitation wording

1. They're gettin' hitched!

     This is one wedding shower that can't be missed!

2. The hunt is over

     Let's celebrate the couple with a wedding shower!

3. Food, friends and alcohol

     What more do you need?

     It's a wedding shower, y'all!

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