Invitation Wording Ideas for Every Kind of Wedding Shower

Follow these wedding shower invitation examples.
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
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Updated Jul 16, 2021
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If you've been tasked with planning a wedding shower, taking charge of invitations might not sound like the most exciting job—but believe us when we say it can actually be really fun! This pre-wedding event is meant to be uplifting and celebratory, so take this opportunity to get playful with your bridal shower invitation wording, especially if the party has a specific theme. We're sharing some of our favorite examples of cute and clever wedding shower invitation wording, whether you're celebrating the guest of honor at a uniquely themed bash or a classy bridal brunch.

Of course, there's more to sending out shower invitations than just playing up the theme. We're also sharing the appropriate shower invitation etiquette for including gift information, wedding website details, the dress code and more. Keep reading for all the bridal shower invitation wording examples you might need.

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Wedding Shower Invitation Wording by Theme

When you have the shower details finalized, it's time to prepare the party invitations. Be sure to include the date, time, location and full street address of the shower, as well as the name of the host and their email and/or phone number for RSVPs. Once you've got those important details covered, you can use playful puns or phrases to personalize your bridal shower invitation wording. Check out creative and unique examples for some of the most popular themes below.

Funny Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Who doesn't love a good pun? This funny bridal shower invitation wording reads "she found her main squeeze" alongside pretty illustrated lemons. Some other fun examples include "you donut want to miss this" (complete with a picture of a donut, of course) or a bee motif "bride to bee" invitation (or if it's a couple's shower: "meant to bee"). Not a fan of puns? These straightforward phrases are also great wording ideas:

Pop the bubbly / [guest of honor]'s getting a hubby!

Free beer (and a wedding shower!)

Let's prepare [guest of honor] for their happily ever after / With gifts, booze and plenty of laughter.

Tea Party Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Hosting a formal afternoon tea party is one of the most popular bridal shower themes. Whether you're looking for examples of wedding shower or couple's shower invitation wording, "love is brewing" is a sweet thematic phrase that isn't bride-specific (we're also big fans of "let's par-tea"). Some other cute and clever quotes for your tea party bridal shower invitations include:

What better way to celebrate the bride-to-be / Than coming together over a cup of tea.

Before the bride throws the bouquet / Let's enjoy a cup of tea on this very special day.

While the bride is still a Miss / Let's sip some tea and share her bliss.

Country-Themed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Use this "boots and bubbly" sample bridal shower invitation as inspiration for a rustic affair. We also love these cheeky examples if you're wording wedding shower invitations for a country-themed event:

This honeysuckle has found their bee/ Let's celebrate with a shower and a shot of whiskey!

Strap on your boots and layer on the bling / Let's have a shower to remember before the ring!

She finally roped in Mr. Right / It's time to shower her with gifts and a wild night!

Wine-Themed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Looking for bridal shower invitation examples for a wine-themed event? Stationery that reads "cheers to love" or "vino before vows" are both short and sweet options. If you had something a little longer in mind, consider these clever poems for your wedding shower invitation wording:

In honor of the big day / Let's chat and laugh over a bottle of Chardonnay!

Let the good times roll / And the gifts and champagne flow!

Let's have a laugh and raise a glass / In honor of the bride-to-be!

Disney-Themed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

The best bridal shower invitation wording for a Disney-themed bash has an element of whimsy—we love "bibbidi bobbidi bridal shower." Or, check out this cute wedding shower invitation verbiage inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and a classic fairytale ending:

Be our guest at a couple's shower in honor of [couple's names].

Don't be late for this very important date.

Once upon a time there was a bridal shower / to celebrate [guest of honor]'s happily ever after.

Brunch Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

A little alliteration goes a long way. This classy bridal shower brunch invitation reads: "Please join us for a bridal brunch." A few other wording examples we like for brunch-themed wedding shower invitations include:

All you need is love…and mimosas.

First comes love…then comes brunch!

Before this Miss becomes a Mrs. / Let's gather for brunch and give her best wishes!

Beach-Themed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Planning a party inspired by the beach? "Tropic like it's hot" shower invites will instantly put guests in vacation mode, waterfront location or not. This phrase will also work if you're looking for fun bridal shower invitation wording that honors a destination wedding. Some other options for beach- or nautical-themed bridal shower invitations are:

Sandy toes and salty kisses / Join us as we celebrate the future Mrs.

Two less fish in the sea!

Last sail before the veil! / Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of [guest of honor].

Virtual Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

It's important to be clear when wording virtual bridal shower invitations so that guests don't get confused about where the party is being held. Make sure to let people know whether there'll be an actual online event, a drive-by celebration or if it's just a shower by mail. If the event is taking place virtually, have the Zoom link ready to put on the invites before you send them out. It's also a good idea to still include the guest of honor's address in case attendees want to send a gift. Try these creative virtual bridal shower text ideas:

[Guest of honor]'s getting married! / Join us as we enjoy remote rosé.

Join us for a virtual wedding shower in honor of [couple's names].

Let's get fancy over FaceTime!

Wedding Shower Invitation Wording Ideas for RSVPs

There are actually a couple of different ways you can collect RSVPs for a wedding shower. The first way is to request a response from everyone, whether they're able to attend or not. This method is great for making sure everyone on the guest list received an invite and confirming final numbers. Alternatively, cut down on the number of calls, texts or emails flooding your inbox by requesting "regrets only" instead. That way, only those who can't attend will get in touch.

Typically, whoever is organizing the shower provides their phone number or email address on the invitations for RSVPs. It's not necessary to include formal response cards. RSVP information is usually listed below the event location and above registry details. Not sure where to start with wording? Try one of these bridal shower invitation formats:

RSVP to [your name] at [your phone number] by May 12th.

Reply by 12.05.2022 to [your name] at [your email address].

Kindly RSVP to [your name] at [your phone number] or [your email address] by 12/05.

Wedding Shower Invitation Wording Ideas for Gifts

If you're wondering how to word asking for money on wedding shower invitations, let us stop you there. Outright asking for cash gifts isn't generally considered appropriate wedding shower invitation etiquette. While it's no longer considered taboo for couples to request monetary wedding gifts from loved ones, it's still super important to be polite and go about it the right way. If the happy couple has a cash fund on their wedding registry, the best thing to do is provide the couple's registry details as normal and let guests choose whether or not they want to contribute to the fund or pick out something else as a shower gift.

Bridal shower invitation wording for requesting gift cards is pretty much the same. Rely on the couple's wedding registry where possible. If the couple doesn't have a registry or their registry doesn't allow cash funds/gift cards, the best way to inform loved ones is by word of mouth. Let the wedding party or close friends and family members know that cash gifts or gift cards are important to the couple. That way, if they're approached by other guests for gift inspiration, they can pass on the hint.

Registry information is typically included at the bottom of the invitation. Here are some simple registry invitation templates you can follow:

[Guest of honor] is registered at Macy's and Target.

[Guest of honor #1] and [guest of honor #2] are registered at The Knot.

Registry at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

Wedding Shower Invitation Wording Ideas for Other Details

There are some other optional details you might want to include in your bridal shower invites. Adding a link to the couple's wedding website is a great catchall for FAQs that you might not be able to answer personally. It's also an easy way to direct guests to the soonlyweds' registry information. This simple wedding shower invitation wording is a great way to include their wedding website:

For more information please visit

The wedding shower dress code is another optional extra you may want to include on the invitation (especially if it's a formal affair). If you think adding a dress code might make the invites look a little cluttered, the style and formality of your chosen stationery is another subtle way to let guests know what to expect. But if you do want to write out the dress code for all to see, there are a few different ways to word this information.

Please dress formal

Dress code: casual

Cocktail attire

Finally, if you're trying to inform guests that it's a specific type of occasion, such as a drop-in or come-and-go wedding shower, it's best to be as clear as possible. Choose wording that will clearly get the message across, such as:

Please join us for a come-and-go bridal shower honoring the happy couple.

Stop by anytime between 2:00-4:00 p.m. to say hello and celebrate [guest of honor]!

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