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Everything You Need to Know About Registering for Gift Cards

Putting off that premium Hulu subscription? Now you can register for it.
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
by Sarah Hanlon
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
Sarah Hanlon
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Updated Mar 30, 2021

If you've ever wondered whether you can add gift cards to your wedding registry, we have good news: you can! Registering for gift cards is one of the latest wedding gift trends, and the process is easier than expected. In fact, adding gift cards to your wedding wishlist is one of the best features offered on The Knot Registry. Not only can you add items from all stores (including products from The Knot Registry Store) to your registry, you can also create cash and honeymoon funds, request charitable donations, and register for gift cards from your favorite brands. 

With so many great wedding gift ideas out there, it can be hard to narrow down the best of the best. (If you need a little inspiration, we've rounded up the most popular registry gifts based on our data right here.) But physical gifts aren't right for everyone. Maybe you and your S.O. have been living together for years, and the last thing you need is one more set of wine glasses or cookware. Or, perhaps you're more interested in experiential gifts instead of physical objects. If that's the case, gift cards might be the right option for you—and that's where we come in. We're constantly partnering with popular brands to help you register for gifts you'll actually use. So, whether you and your S.O. have weekly Chipotle dates or you're always planning Airbnb getaways, you can register for gift cards to support the activities you love most. 

So, how do you add gift cards to your registry? And what's the etiquette behind asking for gift cards instead of traditional gifts? Don't stress. We've outlined the most common questions about adding gift cards to your wedding registry. Use this guide to learn everything there is to know about registering for gift cards. Then, create your registry on The Knot to get started. 

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Can You Register for Gift Cards? 

Here's the short answer: Yes, you can register for gift cards. In the past, traditional wedding registry etiquette indicated that it wasn't appropriate to ask for cash gifts of any kind, but that's not the case today. Thanks to universal registry tools like The Knot Registry, it's easier than ever to compile everything you need in one spot. In other words, you can register for new towels, money for a kitchen remodeling job or a HomeGoods gift card on the same registry. It's easy and it simplifies the buying process for guests. With only one registry link to keep track of, they're more likely to purchase the items you've pre-selected. 

As with some wedding topics, your choices might be subject to criticism or concern from other guests. If you receive rude comments or questions about having gift cards on your wedding registry, share how the gift card fits into your lifestyle. Guests want to purchase items that'll get plenty of use, so explain why a gift card makes more sense than another vacuum cleaner or fine china. (For more help, check out our guide on what to say when people judge your registry.) 

Ultimately, you should register for gifts that you really want. Now more than ever, couples are tailoring their registries to fit their needs. Sit down with your S.O. to determine what gifts make the most sense for your life—it'll make for a more fulfilling gifting experience for you and your loved ones. 

What's the Difference Between Cash Funds and Gift Cards?

Now you know that you can add gift cards to your wedding registry, but is there a difference between cash funds and gift cards? It's important to make the distinction between different types of funds and experiential gifts you can add to your registry on The Knot. In addition to registering for physical gifts, you can also register for gift cards, cash funds, honeymoon funds and charity funds. Each of these options include different perks and uses, and you don't have to limit yourself to just one or two. You can include all of these options on your registry. In fact, we recommend it! 

A cash fund allows guests to donate any amount to your registry. These funds can be used for anything—the sky's the limit. You might want money for a starter home, or for a pet that you plan to adopt after the wedding day. You can also put these monetary gifts toward shared experiences, like cooking classes, concert tickets or postwedding date nights. A honeymoon fund, on the other hand, is specifically reserved for activities on your newlywed getaway. These funds can be applied to airline tickets, couple's massages, nearby excursions or a special dinner. 

Both of these options are different from gift cards. Think of gift cards as the middle ground between cash funds and items. They can be easily added to your registry, and they feel a bit more personal than cash gifts. Since guests like to know how their contributions will be used, they might feel more inclined to give a gift card to if they know you and your S.O. are budding oenophiles, for example. 

Gift cards are also a budget-friendly option. When making registry selections, you can add gift cards in pre-set amounts. So, if you need affordable options among high-ticket items, you can add a few $25 or $50 gift cards to your favorite stores to give guests plenty of choices. Gift cards from The Knot Registry Store are delivered immediately and never expire, making them a great option to have in addition to cash funds. 

How to Add Gift Cards to Your Wedding Registry 

So, how do you register for gift cards? The process is just like adding a gift to your registry. All gift cards live within their own category on The Knot Registry Store, and they're broken out by smaller groups based on niche interests. You and your S.O. can browse our growing list of gift card options and add them to your registry like you would any other item. 

To add a gift card to your wedding registry, hover over the gift card you'd like to add and click on "View Options." From there, you'll be prompted to select a dollar amount before you can click "Add to Registry." That's it! Since gift cards are easy to add and easy to buy, your guests will have a seamless shopping experience. 

To get started, head to The Knot Registry Store to check out all of our gift card options. We have choices for every couple, from buzzy brands like Airbnb, Chipotle, Disney, Hulu, Spotify and The Container Store, or niche stores like 1-800-PetSupplies, Fanatics, Shutterfly and Yankee Candle. Be sure to check back frequently too, as we're always growing our list of gift card selections for your wedding registry.

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