Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas That Still Bring the Fun

Keep your bach party classy and memorable.
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Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Jan 11, 2024

Planning your bachelorette means you get to finally bring all your party ideas to life. And if you're someone who likes to keep your fun on the elegant side, then we've got a ton of classy bachelorette party ideas you're going to love. From nostalgic throwbacks to scenic adventures, there's no shortage of fun ways to celebrate your girls' weekend. And these ideas also make it super easy to plan out your itinerary with a ton of good food and fun times.

1. Spa Bachelorette Weekend

Indulge in the ultimate pre-wedding experience with a spa bachelorette retreat. Do mud masks, massages and more with your wedding party, and even take home some exclusive spa goodies to keep those relaxing vibes going.

2. Yacht/Boat Cruise

This is one bachelorette party trend that never goes out of style. A yacht party or boat cruise is the perfect way to live like a celeb for a day. Sip on drinks and enjoy a waterside view with your favorite ladies during this outing.

3. Glamping Bach Bash

If regular camping isn't your style, then how about glamping? Book a yurt or RV for a weekend away, connecting with nature without losing out on all of your favorite amenities.

4. Cocktail Mixology Class

Become a cocktail mixologist with your very own private class. This is a fun way to learn new drinks and get a little creative with classic cocktails and new creations.

5. Nostalgic Pajama Party

Throw it back to your favorite pastime with a pajama party. You can play classic games like MASH and Truth or Dare or even paint each other's nails and swap scary stories. The options are limitless for this nostalgic theme.

6. Wine Tasting Weekend

Try some new wine at a tasting that's both elegant and chill. Plus, any wine you end up liking, you can serve during your wedding. It's a total win-win.

7. Bachelorette Pool Party

Splish splash, it's a bachelorette bash. A pool party is a nostalgic and fun way to round up your girls for some fun in the sun. Have a drinks bar and play classic pool games for a totally awesome weekend.

8. Glamorous Roaring Twenties

Throw a bash Gatsby himself would be proud of. A roaring '20s shindig is sure to be the bee's knees with you and your best flapper gals. Dress up to the nines and drink swanky cocktails during this classy bachelorette party.

9. Popcorn and Movie Night

Gather around the TV or projector screen for the ultimate popcorn and movie night party. Play your favorite films and add a whole bunch of popcorn toppings for a night in that is anything but boring.

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10. Bridgerton Tea Party

Enjoy a high tea like your favorite Jane Austen heroine or Bridgerton character. You can even dress up and eat classic tea treats like mini sandwiches and macarons.

11. Permanent Jewelry Bachelorette

Getting matching bracelets or anklets "zapped" on your bodies for some permanent jewelry that'll serve as a reminder of one amazing weekend. See if any local jewelry stores offer this, then spend the rest of the night enjoying fancy bites and drinks with your new bling.

12. Private Cooking Class

Learn how to create a ton of new dishes when you book a private cooking class. Live like a chef for a day with this fun way to bond with you and your wedding party. Plus, you can eat whatever you make.

13. Scavenger Hunt Party

May the best team win when you throw a bachelorette scavenger hunt party. Explore the town and be the first to check all of the items off your list to win total bragging rights for the whole weekend.

14. Masquerade Ball

Host your very own deluxe masquerade ball. This is a chance to wear your best dress and get creative with a theme. For example, how about an Ever After-inspired masquerade where everyone dresses like their favorite animal?

15. Boutique Hotel Stay-cation

Keep the costs low while still prioritizing fun. Stay at your favorite local boutique hotel and live the weekend of your dreams with you and your favorites. You can even try out their luxury options, like room service or a massage.

16. Eco-Lodge Bachelorette

This one's for the sustainable brides. Make your weekend an eco-friendly retreat when you book an eco-lodge. You can go green and enjoy the ultimate relaxation in the environmentally friendly resort of your choice.

17. Murder Mystery Dinner

It's a Whodunnit with this fun bachelorette theme. Give everyone their characters and prompts ahead of time so everyone can immerse themselves into this mystery theme. There are tons of murder mystery games you can find online to fit your party size, too.

18. Vineyard Picnic

Indulge in your very own European-style vineyard picnic without ever leaving the country. Check out some local vineyards or plan a getaway for an unforgettable classy picnic with you and your besties.

19. Live Your Fairytale Party

Whether you love princess stories or Dungeons and Dragons, this fairytale theme lets you have the storybook ending you always dreamed of. Plan a fairy picnic or royal ball. And you can really get creative with your decor for this bachelorette party idea.

20. Dance Class

Get moving and learn some new moves when you and your favorite gals take a dance class. Choose from a ton of different styles, like a Bollywood dance class or even the Salsa.

21. Champagne Brunch Bachelorette

You can't beat brunch with your besties, and you can easily host this one at your favorite brunch spot or even at home. Have a brunch bar or mimosa bar with tasty mix-ins for a high-class, delicious bachelorette.

22. Sushi-Making Experience

Want to try something new? Have your sushi and eat it, too, during a one-of-a-kind sushi experience. Book lessons at your favorite sushi restaurant or try this at home with an online follow-along course.

23. Dessert Workshop

Feel like Willy Wonka when you take a chocolate-making class or workshop. There are tons of options for you and your wedding party to make your favorite sweet treats, from cake decorating to homemade macarons.

24. Mountainside Retreat

Whether you enjoy skiing or just the view of the mountains when you wake up, a weekend retreat is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your gals. Look for some cabins that have stunning views or even game rooms for a bit of pool during your relaxing bachelorette.

25. Beach Bach Bash

Grab your swimsuits and get ready to lounge in the sun. A beach bash is a wonderful idea if you want to get a tan, sip on some drinks and maybe even build a sandcastle.

26. Escape Room

Put your skills to the test with a challenging escape room. Gather your bridal party for this fun, action-packed adventure during your bachelorette. And with so many exciting escape room themes everywhere, there's no doubt you'll all have some fun.

27. Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Book a horse-drawn carriage ride around your favorite city for you and your girls. You can even try to find a Cinderella-style carriage so you'll feel just like a princess.

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