Soak Up the Sun With These Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas

Splish, splash… It's time for your bach bash.
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Updated Dec 07, 2023
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Who says an at-home bachelorette is boring? We definitely don't believe that's true, especially when you throw a bachelorette pool party for your big weekend. Bachelorette parties are all about letting loose and having one final splash with your favorite people. What we love about this theme is the nostalgia of playing mermaids with your best friends and the versatility of a weekend by the pool. Plus, you can keep it as low-key or extra as you want with this theme. Let's dive into all the best ways to throw a bachelorette beach bash, right from your pool.

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Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas

So, what should you do at your bach pool bash? There are so many fun party ideas to make for a memorable weekend. Here are some of our faves.

Spa Day

Even if you aren't an athlete swimmer, you can enjoy the spa-like effects of a pool and hot tub. Let the water relax you before your big day, and even give you a healthy glow from the sun.

Lounging Poolside

You don't have to stay busy the whole bachelorette weekend. Lounge by the pool with a good book or enjoy your breakfast with your toes in the water.

Movies and Music

You can set up a projector and Bluetooth speakers to watch your favorite movies by the pool or listen to some music. This is especially fun if you want to wade in the water or lounge on a float.

Classic Pool Games

Play your favorite childhood games like Marco Polo or even Chicken. Besides, this pool party is all about having some fun.

Night Time Swim

Throw some glow sticks in the bottom of the pool and add some string lights to your patio for a nighttime swim. This is a great way to wind down the night while still enjoying the water.

Pool Party Bachelorette Themes

Now that you know you want to have a pool party, it's time to consider bachelorette themes. Add a little more fun to your big weekend with some of these ideas.

Barbie Malibu Beach Party

Come on, Barbie. Let's go party. Time for you and your girls to put on your Barbie best and party like the doll herself, complete with striped bikinis and fabulous cat-eye sunglasses.

Throwback Pool Party

Let's take it back to your best era with this throwback theme. Choose your favorite decade and play music, serve food and even dress in a stylish bathing suit reminiscent of the past.

Barbecue and Bikinis

Time to throw your favorite food on the grill and enjoy a grill out. This theme will take you back to the days of your childhood or your favorite 4th of July tradition.

Bachelorette Pool Party Decorations

These bachelorette decorations make it easy to keep down the cost, while also making sure your pool party is the one of your dreams. Here are some of our favorite decorations for your big splash.

Pop the Bubbly Garland

Water bubble garland for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Amazon

Make it feel like you're underwater, even outside of the pool. This fun bubble garland also works when you're popping champagne.

Last Splash Balloons

Las splash balloons for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Zoey Christina

Celebrate this one last splash with these shimmery balloons. You can use this as a photo backdrop for you and your girls before diving into the pool.

Flamingos and Fans Decor

Tropical bachelorette party hanging decor
Photo: Amazon

Hang this decor around your patio and pool area for some fun tropical flair. This also makes a great bit of indoor decor for when you want to bring the pool vibes inside.

Going for a Nighttime Swim Lights

Paper Lanterns Decorative Battery Operated LED String Lights for bachelorette pool party
Photo: The Knot Shop

Light up your deck with these colorful lanterns. These make it easy to enjoy a night in the pool, especially for some rounds of Marco Polo.

Shell We Drink? Stand

Pink Seashell Shot Wall Stand for bachelorette pool party
Photo: The Party Darling Shop

Sally's selling drinks by the seashore with this beachy decor. Place your shots on this for an easy way to enjoy your drinks poolside.

Tropic Like It's Hot Decorations

Last Splash tropical bachelorette pool party decor pack
Photo: Amazon

This set of decorations has everything you need to brighten up your space. It even has a ring-shaped balloon to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

Bachelorette Pool Party Games

There are plenty of classic bachelorette party games that you can play poolside or even in the water. Or you can print some games to play once you're done splashing around, but either way, these pool-centered games will have you feeling like a kid again.

Light-Up Pool Volleyball

Light up pool volleyball for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Amazon

Play a round of volleyball in the water with this light-up game. To make it extra challenging, try playing once the sun goes down.

Go Fish Card Blow-Up

Floating Game Table with Waterproof Playing Cards for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Michaels

Do you have any fours? Go fish. Play classic card games or have your own poolside casino with this inflatable card table.

Drinks by The Pool Game

Adult Party Drinking Game for bachelorette pool party
Photo: The Knot Shop

Try a round of Drinko for your favorite The Price is Right game, plus shots, of course. Set this by the pool and play in the water for a tipsy good time.

Pool Pong

Inflatable Illuminated LED Pool Pong Game for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Michaels

Take beer pong to the next level with this pool pong. Just make sure the ping pong balls don't end up in the water.

Bundle of Bachelorette Games

Last Disco Bachelorette Party Template Games
Photo: D Digitals Designs

After your day in the sun, take this bundle of games indoors to keep the party going. You get fan-favorite games like Bingo in this pack, all with a fun bachelorette twist.

Bachelorette Pool Party Supplies

Time to prep for your bash with these perfect bachelorette party supplies. These goodies make it so much easier for you and your squad to enjoy your weekend by the pool in style and comfort.

Sunbathing and Sipping Drinks Swimwear

Custom swimsuit for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

What's better than treating your crew to their own custom bathing suit? Match during your pool party weekend with this Baywatch-style swimwear.

Pool Party Posse Shirts

Personalized bachelorette pool party shirts
Photo: The Knot Shop

Wear these tees during your bach weekend for those rare moments you're not in the pool. Let the town know just who the pool party posse is.

"No Shade" Matching Hats

Custom Bachelorette Pool Party Floppy Sun Hats
Photo: Mod Party

No shade at your bachelorette when you've got these fun floppy hats. Customize these with your wedding party's names for a fab gift they'll love to take home.

Hot Bride Summer Sash

Tropical themed bride to be bachelorette pool party sash
Photo: Amazon

Every bride needs a sash for her bachelorette. And this sash turns up the tropical pool vibes and can match any bikini.

Let's Party, Beaches

Vintage island themed bachelorette pool party invitations
Photo: The Knot Shop

Set the scene for your wedding party when you send out these beach-tastic invites. Just make sure your girls know to pack their swimsuits and sunscreen.

Bae Watch Koozies

BAE Watch Can Cooler for bachelorette pool party
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

Keep your drinks icy cold with these can coolers. Be your own personal Bae Watch when you've got these pool party must-haves.

Put a Ring on It Float

Giant Inflatable Diamond Ring Pool Float Toy
Photo: The Knot Shop

Because no pool party is complete without a float. This ring float lets you lounge in the pool with your favorite drink.

Bachelorette Pool Party Locations

There are tons of amazing cities perfect for hosting your bachelorette, but our favorites have some of the best pools and exciting things to do in town. You can always stay closer to home to save your wedding party some cash or treat them to a total blowout weekend. Here are some places to consider for your bach pool party.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva Las Vegas at this hot bach destination. There's no shortage of pools and sunny weather at this location, perfect for throwing your party at a resort or Airbnb. You can even try your luck at the casinos after your day of lounging by the water.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Add some luxury to your pool party with this international spot. Enjoy cocktails, sun and views of the beach when you travel to this Mexican hotspot. Try booking a place in Cabo San Lucas with an infinity pool for an even more deluxe experience.

Newport, Rhode Island

This unexpected hot spot has gorgeous beaches and lovely summers. Take your gals to a hotel or rental here for your own private pool day, complete with a stunning view and tasty eats.

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