18 Cool Tools to Clean and Organize for your Registry

Straight from the 2011 Home and Housewares show in Chicago, here are the hottest new products hitting stores this year.
by Sarah Newell
  1. Storage Containers

    The most versatile containers we’ve seen: You can adjust the airflow from airtight to breathable.

    BISTRO storage jar, $30, Bodum.com

  2. A Sleek Humidifier

    This mist humidifier can run for 11 hours without the need to refill the water tank. Plus, the colors are so cute!

    Crane Cool Mist Drop Shape humidifier, $50, BedBathandBeyond.com

  3. An Art-Inspired Sweep Set

    Make doing chores just a little more fun with these colorful products featuring the designs of Keith Haring.

    Keith Haring Collection, from $6, Casabella.com

  4. A Laundry Hamper

    This useful hamper has wheels for easy transport, and the large side pockets keep detergent and other laundry tools organized.

    Rising Roller: The Ultimate Wheeled Hamper (in denim blue), $59, RisingRoller.com

  5. A Recipe Rock

    The round magnet holds recipes for easy viewing while cooking.

    Architec Housewares Recipe Rock, $10, Breadtopia.com

  6. Fresh-Smelling Cleaner

    The new scent from Mrs. Meyers is Parsley! It might seem odd to put soap on a registry -- but this would make a great addition to a mix-and-match gift package. We can’t wait to use it in our home.

    Parsley liquid hand soap, $4, MrsMeyers.com

  7. An At-Home Steam and Press System

    This handheld device is ready to steam within a minute of being turned on and is great for travel.

    Euro-Pro Shark Press and Refresh Garment Care System, $60, Target.com

  8. A Garment Bag

    You can personalize this slim garment bag with your initials. It’s perfect for keeping your clothes virtually wrinkle-free on weekend trips.

    Clothes and GO, $20, ClothesandGO.com

  9. An Upright Vacuum

    This vacuum can extend up to 46 feet, making it great for large living rooms.

    AirSpeed Gold vacuum, $130, Eureka.com

  10. A Handbag Hanger

    This vertical handbag storage system is easy to see, easy to grab, and super-space-saving!

    Master Craft Handbag Hangup, from $10, Amazon.com

  11. An Everything Organizer

    Hang this over a door at home, at work, or just about anywhere!

    HangAbowls hanging desk/cubicle/wall Organizer, $25, HangAbowls.com

  12. A K-Cup Storage System

    For those of you with coffee pods, keep individual coffee K-cups stacked and sorted with this organizer that fits in your cabinet.

    YouCopia CoffeeStack Organizer, $30

  13. A Smart Lunch Box

    This bright-blue lunch box is compartmentalized and even has two levels to keep your food separated.

    The New Generation lunch box (in blueberry blue), $17, BrightBin.com

  14. A Hardwood-Floor Mop

    This mop comes with an eco-friendly cleaner that’s specially formulated for hardwood floors so it won’t damage the planet either.

    Hardwood floor mop, $40, MyBonaHome.com

  15. A Deluxe Steam Vacuum

    This multi-surface cleaner can be used as a steam cleaner on hard surfaces as well as carpet.

    EnviroMate TANDEM EV1, $1,600, ReliableCorporation.com

  16. An Air Purifier

    The stylish cylindrical shape works well in small rooms (up to 150 square feet) like your bedroom or home office.

    Blueair Model 103 air purifier, $200

  17. A Mattress Cover

    Purchasing a new mattress? Protect it from dust mites, allergens and bed bugs (gross, we know).

    Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth mattress encasement, from $90, ProtectABed.com

  18. A Dish Squeegee

    Remove extra food before you start washing dishes to cut down on grunt work. This also saves you from using up hot water to clean them.

    Dish squeegee, $7, AMConservationGroup.com

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