How to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

Put your own spin on your stationery.
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Updated Aug 12, 2021
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At The Knot, we believe your wedding should reflect who you are. Incorporating family traditions, details from your relationship and your values as a couple are all creative ways to personalize your wedding. And what better way to put your stamp on your wedding day than with personalized wedding invitations? We're huge advocates of thoughtful stationery because it sets the tone for the whole event. Including personal details in your invites, save-the-date cards, RSVP card, wedding programs and other wedding cards will make your guests feel more connected to your love story and get them even more excited about your big day.

But the idea of customizing your wedding invitations can be overwhelming for many couples. If you're stuck on what details to include, we're here to help. We rounded up different ways to create personalized wedding invitations. Whether you want to support a cause close to your heart, give a nod to your first date or include your family's cultural backgrounds, there are ways to incorporate these ideas into your stationery. See our favorite ideas for personalized wedding invitations, below (and check out our collection of shoppable items to help get invitations crossed off your wedding checklist).

Be Thoughtful About Where You Purchase From

One of the most powerful ways to personalize your wedding invitations is to be thoughtful about your spending. Think critically about where you're purchasing your stationery and who you're supporting in the wedding planning process. If supporting minority artists is important to you, head over to The Knot. There, you can shop from our Black Artist Collective (which features one-of-a-kind designs from four talented artists made exclusively for The Knot) or our Women's Artist Collective (which features original, exclusive designs from four talented women).

If sustainability is important to you, shop somewhere that offers eco-conscious options, like recycled paper or biodegradable options. Psst: The Knot offers recycled paper as an option for any of the designs online, so you can feel at ease when ordering your custom wedding invitations. If you'd rather forgo paper altogether, use The Knot to send out digital wedding invites and use the RSVP feature on your wedding website to cut down your event's carbon footprint.

Incorporate Your Love Story

A surefire way to get your guests excited about your wedding is to include details from your love story in your wedding stationery. Incorporating small details like a small timeline of your relationship, important dates (like your first date, proposal date and more) or fun tidbits (like your go-to date spot or your favorite movie night pick) will all make your guests feel more connected to you.

Sit down with your partner and brainstorm different pieces of information you can share with your loved ones. Start with the timeline of your relationship. List off big dates, special locations, favorite memories, and fun facts (like who said "I love you" first). Then, go through all of your favorites: favorite foods, favorite activities, favorite travel spots, favorite songs—the sky's the limit. Finally, incorporate details about your families and your homes. It seems like a lot of work at first, but sharing things like this with your guests will make them feel more welcome and special on your wedding day. Plus, it'll be fun to go down memory lane with your partner.

Pay Homage to Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue can tell your guests a lot about what to expect on the actual day. If you're unsure how to personalize your wedding invitations, start with your wedding day destination. Order a custom illustration of your chosen location. Or, pull inspiration from the vibe of the venue. If you're exchanging vows seaside, choose a beachy watercolor design or something with painted greenery. If you're saying "I do" a ballroom, something more elegant, like black-and-white with cursive font might be a better fit. Planning a boho wedding theme? Look for designs with wildflowers or pampas grass. All of these details make something seemingly impersonal (like stationery) feel unique and special.

Customize Your Text

It's no secret that using overly formal language is an outdated wedding invitation tradition. You're free to use whatever kind of verbiage you want—it's yet another way to personalize your invitations. Drop your guests' titles if it doesn't feel right to you. Skip including your full names if you go by certain nicknames instead. Use casual, laid-back wording if that feels more authentic to you and your partner. Remember: Your wedding stationery will set the tone for the entire event, so make sure it's a genuine reflection of what you're planning. While you're more than welcome to use formal language, you certainly don't have to.

Experiment With Color

When it comes to personalized wedding invitations, there are no rules. Forget sticking to a certain color palette and use the colors you love the most. If you're draw to bold, bright hues, incorporate them into your design. If you love pastel colors, use them for your stationery. Customizing your wedding stationery doesn't have to be a complicated process. If you're stuck on what to do, simply include your favorite colors. It's a sweet, simple way to put your own spin on your stationery.

5 Personalized Wedding Invitations Available on The Knot

Feeling inspired to get started on your stationery? You don't have to use printable wedding invitation template to get personalized stationery. The Knot Invitations offers endless designs that are easily customizable. Check out some of our favorites, below.

When it comes to personalized wedding invitations, specificity is key. If you're getting married in the mountains or in a forest, consider these pretty rustic wedding invitations.

The Knot Invitations Painted Mountains Wedding Invitations, $110 for 50 cards,

Switch out traditional calligraphy or minimalistic typeface for something more unique, like this painted script. It's unique but still feels elegant.

The Knot Invitations Romantic Bohemian Wedding Invitations, $110 for 50 cards,

One of our favorite ways to customize your invites? Use photo wedding invitations. We especially love this idea for destination weddings, and it'll get your guests excited to travel. Plus, they can save it as a keepsake to remember the occasion.

The Knot Invitations Elegant Photograph Wedding Invitations, $110 for 50 cards,

Your wedding stationery doesn't have to be a solid color or a pattern. Swap a simple monogram with a pretty design, like this one.

The Knot Invitations Abstract Hills Wedding Invitations, $110 for 50 cards,

We're fans of this ethereal design because it's equal parts pretty and unique. Your wedding invitation suite will wow your guests.

The Knot Invitations Elegant Etheral Wedding Invitations, $110 for 50 cards,

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