The Best Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Whether it's a big idea or a tiny detail, Emily Clarke, of Emily Clarke Events, shares how to make your day a celebration of you.
by Lauren Kay
personalized wedding décor
photo by John Cain Photography; Sarah Kate Photo

You want your wedding to be representative of you and your fiancé, and who you are as a couple. To do that, try personalizing a few items throughout your wedding day, and guests will leave your event saying "that was so them." Here, wedding planner Emily Clarke, of Emily Clarke Events, shares a few of her favorite ideas.

The Dance Floor

personalized dance floor
photo by John Cain Photography

“Personalizing the dance floor creates a big impact—guests spend a lot of time in that space. Do it in a new way—not just a monogram, but an image that ties into the wedding’s overall theme.” Bonus: Making your dance floor a true focal point will help get your guests excited to get up and move.

The Food Presentation

passed appetizers

"Charming cocktail napkins, creative stir sticks and thoughtful menu designs are great ways to infuse some personality into all of your sips and eats. We love to customize serving trays with vinyls or a fun motif that gives the name of the appetizer." 

The Photo Booth

photo booth wall
photo by Sarah Kate Photography

"Think outside the box for a photo booth backdrop. Choose something unique that fits the location or venue. A couple I worked with hosted their reception at an art museum so we created a custom installation with paint."

The Details

personalized favors
photo by Sarah Kate Photo

"Find ways to tell your story through the accents of the day. One of my grooms sent a confetti-covered cake to his bride every year on her birthday, so we created a multicolored backdrop and a 'confetti bar' with confetti-covered treats for their reception." 

The Social

outdoor wedding reception

Hashtags have great reach, but guests love interacting with the party all night long through Snapchat geofilters—so personalize both (here’s how). Plus, hashtags allow guests to show their affection for the happy couple while also encouraging interactions between guests who might not otherwise meet.”

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