17 Creative DIY Wedding Favor Label Ideas

Finish your favor off with the perfect crafty thank-you tag.
by Andrea Fowler

Wedding favors aren't required by any means, but they're a small thank-you gesture that definitely doesn't go unappreciated. A wedding favor could be as simple as a potted succulent or as crafty as homemade candles. Whatever favor you chose, the perfect way to polish off the packaging is with a simple thank-you tag. It gives it a little extra oomph—especially if there's a pun involved! 

Not a wordsmith? Don't worry. We pulled some of our favorite DIY favor labels for you to put your own spin on. 

  1. Popcorn-Themed Sticker Labels

    Popcorn themed wedding favor sticker labels
    Kristen Wynn Photography
  2. Handwritten Wedding Favor Label

    Handwritten favor thank-you tags
    Wendy Laurel
  3. Punny Jam Wedding Favor Label

    Punny jam wedding favor label
    onelove photography
  4. Classic Thank-You Favor Label

    Classic thank-you wedding favor label
    Erika Follansbee Photography
  5. Punny Honey Wedding Favor Label

    Honey wedding favor funny thank-you tag
    Genesa Richards Photography
  6. Monogrammed Succulent Favor Labels

    Succulent wedding favor idea with monogrammed thank-you tags
    Janelle Rodriguez Photography
  7. Punny Tea Wedding Favor Label

    Punny tea wedding favor label
    The Oberports
  8. Fizzy Soda 'Cheers!' Wedding Favor Label

    Fizzy soda wedding favor with a 'Cheers!' label
    Ashley Giffin Photography
  9. Punny Seed Packet Wedding Favor Label

  10. Soy Candle With Hot Air Balloon Favor Label

    Hot air balloon wedding favor label
    Emily Wren Photography
  11. Simple 'Thank You' Wedding Favor Label

    Simple 'thank you' wedding favor label
    Nikki & Chip Photography
  12. Punny Honey Wedding Favor Label

    Punny honey wedding favor with 'meant to bee' label
    Laura Segall Photography
  13. DIY Mason Jar Thank-You Label

    DIY Mason jar wedding favor with thank-you tag
    Breanna Marie Photography
  14. Punny S'more Wedding Favor Label

    Punny S'more wedding favor label idea
    Photoart by Lu
  15. Sweet Hot Chocolate Wedding Favor Label

    Hot chocolate wedding favor with 'warmest wishes' thank-you tag
    Mary Dougherty Photography
  16. Printed Custom Wedding Favor Labels

    Custom printed wedding favor labels
    Brit Jaye Photography
  17. Punny Mint Wedding Favor Label

    Punny 'mint to be' wedding favor idea
    Miranda Lynn Photograpy
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