45 Wedding Favor Sayings That'll Steal Your Guests' Hearts

Love is sweet… like those honey wedding favors.
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jul 27, 2023

Have you reached the point in your planning process when you're starting to think about wedding favor ideas? Wonderful! We love 'em. And if you're giving your guests sweet souvenirs as your wedding comes to a close (preferably arranged on a pretty wedding favor display), you're going to want equally thoughtful wedding favor sayings wriutten or printed on some attached tags to tie it all together, quite literally. These tags may seem like such a minor detail, but they can have a surprisingly big impact on your guests and add an extra touch of charm to your wedding. For one, if your takeaway is a treat your guests will want to eat right away, then their favor tag can act as a memorable keepsake from the day. Our favorite part about wedding favor phrases, though, is how they can reflect your personality as a couple. Whether it's a humorous or punny tag, a romantic quote or lyric or a simply sweet turn of phrase, the right wedding favor tag wording just hits different.

To ensure that your wedding favor quotes have a big impact on your guests, consider our tips: First, make sure the favor tags align with your wedding theme, color palette or season to maintain consistency. Second, choose high-quality materials for the favor tags to make them more appealing and to ensure they can withstand handling. Third, consider your penmanship. A handwritten tag feels delightfully personal, but please type or print your text if you're in doubt. And lastly, use our list of wedding favor wording ideas guaranteed to send your guests home with smiles. Any of these would also make super fun wedding favor sign wording. So, whether you want to lift them word-for-word or mix and match a couple of lines you love, you've got our full support.

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Cute Wedding Favor Sayings

If you ask us, cuteness and whimsy will always win when it comes to what to say on wedding favors. Your wedding day is about love, after all, so if sweet tidings make it onto your tags (wrapped around a yummy treat, a celebratory sip or a bauble of bubbles perhaps), we'd be willing to bet they'll bring ALL the smiles for your guests. We especially love cute wedding favor puns for affairs that feel more casual and quirky.

  • It couldn't be our best day without our best people!
  • Two hearts, one love, one sweet memory.
  • Your hype got us here! Cheers.
  • A little favor for the ones who've shown us a lot of love.
  • Our love will grow with each bubble you blow.

Funny Wedding Favor Sayings

Did one or both of you steal the "Most Likely to End Up On 'SNL'" superlative in your high school yearbook? Lean into that, because laughter is behind every powerful and positive memory. (And who wouldn't want their wedding to be both of those?) Also, logistics-wise, for weddings where not all guests may know each other, funny wedding favor label ideas can break the ice and help everyone feel more at ease in each other's company.

  • We tied the knot, so go on, take a shot!
  • We hit the jackpot with our love—now it's your turn to get lucky.
  • Drink up. Because, really, no love story ever started with a salad.
  • Take two (Advil) and meet us at breakfast in the morning. Love, The Newlyweds
  • We're suckers for you *lollipop emoji.*

Fall Wedding Favor Sayings

If you're not sure where to start on your wedding favor hunt, then use your wedding season as a solid jumping off point. There's so much to love about an autumnal affair, including some extra-special fall wedding favors, from maple syrup bottles and mulled spices for cider to caramel apples and skull-adorned tarot cards. Whichever favors you choose, these sayings will really seal the deal.

  • Now that we're married, we're officially tapping out. Enjoy this maple syrup straight from Vermont!
  • Something to warm up your night now that there's a chill in the air!
    So many of our core memories were made with you! Thanks so much!
  • Fate brought us together. Hope these tarot cards bring some magic to your own journey.
  • Like pumpkin spice, your presence was all kinds of nice. We love you a latte.

Winter Wedding Favor Sayings

Moving onto our next season, winter calls for a flurry of unique winter wedding favor ideas, from custom ornaments and snow globes to hot toddy kits and hot cocoa bombs. The following wording works for your favor tags or even for signage arranged beautifully at a festive favor station.

  • It's the most wonderful time of the year…so happy we could spend it together!
  • As you hang this ornament with care, know we love you and will always be there.
  • Captured in a snow globe, this winter wonderland is a token of our love story to take home.
  • Wrap your hands around this cup of joy. Consider this mug a hug from us!
  • Love is like a hot cocoa bomb—a delightful explosion of joy. Drop into milk and enjoy.

Spring Wedding Favor Sayings

Couples and guests alike love spring wedding favors for their freshness, vibrancy and connection to a season of new beginnings. They often reflect the beauty of nature, think: tiny potted plants, seed packets, eco-friendly gifts or petal-colored pastel French macarons, mini umbrellas (April showers, ya know!) or baby bird houses.

  • Planting the seeds of forever. Thank you for celebrating with us!
  • Thank you for leaving a [green] footprint on our special day.
  • A taste of Parisian love. Merci for being a part of our sweet day!
  • A shelter from the rain, just like your presence over the years. Thank you for being part of our journey.
  • Thank you for being here—we couldn't start building our nest without our bests.

Summer Wedding Favor Sayings

Have a summer wedding on the horizon? That's hot (to quote our catchphrase-loving Hilton heiress). Summer wedding favors are perfect counterparts to sunshine, beach, tropical and/or garden motifs, and they're usually super useful, too. Whether you're giving out sunglasses, fans, mini sunscreen bottles, hydrating lip balm, boozie popsicle molds or petite picnic baskets, you'll be sending everyone home with pure, unadulterated summer vibes.

  • Love's in full view and so is the sun. Take these shades and have some fun!
  • Thank you for being a ray of sunshine on our wedding day—lather up and stay safe
  • Sealed with a summer kiss. Enjoy this favor as a token of our appreciation.
  • Thank you for celebrating with us, something to freeze the moment!
  • Planning this wedding wasn't always a picnic, but we're so happy we finally got here. Thanks for loving us.

Beach Wedding Favor Sayings

Summer wedding favors and beach wedding favor ideas can overlap a lot, but what we love especially about beach wedding favors are how they can create the sense of being on a mini vacation or a destination wedding, even if the actual wedding isn't too far from home. Flip-flops can keep guests comfortable in sunny or sandy environments, but if you want to highlight your beachy ambiance, honor your nuptials with nautical elements built into your favors, like shells, bottles of sand and other treasures.

  • Dancing the night away, one pair of flippies at a time—slide these on and show off your moves!
  • Love is in the air and so is a refreshing beach breeze. Enjoy the day with us!
  • Thanks for being a part of our beachy day, here's to chillin' with you.
  • A shot of love to remember our special day—cheers to island hangs with our favorite people on earth.
  • A little piece of the beach to take home, can't thank you enough for sharing in our seaside celebration!

Edible Wedding Favor Sayings

We'd be lying if we said edible wedding favors weren't our favorite. They're far less likely to go to waste, as your nearest and dearest can consume them immediately—if cocktail hour didn't already satiate their hunger—or take them home to enjoy later (and by that, we mean as soon as they pull into their driveway). Unless they're alcohol nips or something with CBD, treats from chocolate chunk cookies and mini cupcakes to mini trail mix bags and everything-bagel-seasoning shakers can be enjoyed by ALL ages. And best of all, with an edible token of your appreciation, you can personalize the gift with a special recipe along with your note.

  • Love is like a chocolate chip cookie—ooey, gooey, sweet and meant to be shared.
  • From our hearts to your taste buds. On our wedding day, we had our [cup]cakes and ate them too—now you!
  • Mix, munch and make memories. Celebrate with us in the great outdoors!
  • You're everything and more to us: Thanks for sprinkling some love into our special day.
  • Thanks so much for "popping" by. Can we butter you up to stay?

Thankful Wedding Favor Sayings

You don't have to go overboard with your wedding favor sayings—like we said earlier, something simple and concise will always be appreciated. These wedding favor thank you messages are gracious tag tributes that would work as general favor tag sayings as well as wedding party favor sayings to tell your nearest and dearest how much you appreciate them helping with the big day. These phrases are far from wordy, but they say so much.

  • We're so thankful for your love and support on our special day.
  • Thank you for celebrating with us—hope you had a blast like we did!
  • Thank you, we love you. Love, The Newlyweds
  • From [one partner's name] and [other partner's name]: Thank you for making today the joy that it was.

Grateful doesn't even come close. Thanks for your love, always.

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