Here’s How and When to Hand Out Your Wedding Favors

Don’t forget to put some thought into your wedding favor display.
by Maggie Seaver

When you’ve put in the time and money for great wedding favors, the last thing you want is for guests to miss them altogether. And since favors can be anything from edible cookie dough to dance party paraphernalia, how and when to display them can vary. Here are a few solid ideas to get your party favors into the right hands at the right time.

Have Them Double as Escort Cards

If you’re having an escort card display, help lead guests to their seats with a thoughtful favor that serves double-duty. Tag bottles of infused olive oil or jars of local jam with guests’ table assignments as the perfect escort card meets favor at a rustic wedding.

On Individual Place Settings

What better way to welcome guests to their seats than with a treat for them to take home? It requires a bit of work doling them out on the front end, but you won’t have to worry about handing them out later (when you should be on the dance floor).

Display Them Near the Exit

Okay, it obviously doesn’t have to be grand, but a special table just for touting your favors is always a great idea (and an unexpectedly fun reception shot to have in your photo album). Where it goes can depend on what you’re handing out. Are they customized sunglasses, flip-flops or party poppers? Place them near the dance floor. But personalized matchboxes, candles, hangover kits and more can easily be placed near the exit—the best place to ensure they’re not forgotten. Are they edible favors meant as a midnight or morning-after snack? Talk to your catering or venue staff about setting it up later in the evening so no one spoils their appetite.

Make It Interactive

What if we told you you don’t have to do all the favor assembling yourself? Set up a make-your-own candy bag station, a flower arranging table or a self-serve doughnut bar. Who wouldn’t want to take home a beautiful craft or post-party snack they put together themselves?

Surprise Them With Something Unexpected

Instead of placing pre-packaged goodies somewhere around your reception, treat your guests to a food truck, drink stand or dessert cart. Have them park right outside your reception so guests can grab something amazing their way out. Trust us, this is one memorable takeaway that won’t go to waste.

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