36 Delightful Fall Wedding Favors Guests Will Really Use

These autumnal gifts are perfectly seasonal.
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Updated Oct 30, 2020
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If you're having trouble coming up with the right wedding favor idea, we have three words to help you nail it: personal, on-theme and practical. Celebrate the season's best offerings and your unique event and relationship with fall wedding favors your attendees will actually use. When we hear "fall wedding," we think cozy, rustic and harvest-inspired. Basically, you should opt for fall wedding favors that make guests feel warm and fuzzy inside, just like the beauty, flavors and fireside snuggles associated with autumn. Ready to cross buying guest gifts off your to-do list? Shop our favorite September, October and November goodies on the spot.

1. Cider Donuts

Cider donut fall wedding favors in boxes

We're big fans of edible wedding favors—and we bet your guests are too. Cider donuts are one of the most beloved autumn snacks, so order these mouthwatering treats from a local orchard or bakery (regional goodies are always special) and package the sugary sweets in these adorable, personalizable "donut mind if I do" boxes.

HH Paper Co. donut favor boxes, $100 for a set of 100, Etsy.com

2. Fall-Themed Koozies

Pumpkin koozie fall wedding favor

Customize these seasonal drink sleeves with your event's details. And don't forget your wedding hashtag so guests can brag about their awesome fall wedding favors on Instagram! When they take them home, they can use them to drink all their canned and bottled seasonal brews—hard cider, anyone?

That Wed Shop autumn wedding can coolers, from $54 for a set of 12, Etsy.com

3. Pumpkin Candles

pumpkin candle favors

Pumpkin favors are effortlessly autumnal, and these mini pumpkin candle favors are simply delightful. They'll steal your guests' hearts just like your S.O. stole yours. Why not opt for the Jack-o'-lantern style for a slightly spooky Halloween wedding favor?

Rainwick Candle miniature pumpkin candles, $3 each, Etsy.com

4. Maple Syrup

individual bottles of maple syrup

Tap into a harvest theme with mini maple syrup favors and upgrade your guests' autumn breakfasts. These come with an antique key and twine for a rustic touch.

Custom Love Gifts antique key maple syrup wedding favors, $3 each, Etsy.com

5. Seasonal Seeds

Pumpkin seed packet fall wedding favors

Maybe your guests would like to grow a little harvest of their own? These festive packets contain seasonal sunflower or wildflower seeds that'll bring a little extra joy to attendee's yards. (That said, the idea only works if your guests actually have yards. Shopping for city dwellers? Try edible roasted pumpkin seeds instead!)

SuLu Gifts personalized mini Fall in Love seed packets, from $12 for a set of 12, Etsy.com

6. Antler Bottle Openers

antler bottle opener

You can't go wrong with rustic motifs like antlers. And everybody could use a spare bottle opener. These work well as fall wedding favors and fall bridal shower favors.

The Knot Shop silver antler bottle opener favors, from $2 each, TheKnotShop.com

7. Autumnal Scented Soap

fall soap wedding favors

These soaps come in a variety of fall scents, including Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Latte. We're also big fans of the sweet customized labels. Now your guests can impress their guests with a seasonal addition to their bathroom. (Or keep it all to themselves—we won't judge!)

Le Box Boutique fall wedding soap favors, from $28 for a set of 10, Etsy.com

8. Chocolate Pretzels

chocolate pretzels

Putting two delicious snack foods together is a guaranteed success, especially when they're decorated with fun fall colors and miniature pumpkin sprinkles.They also come individually wrapped and tied for easy distribution.

Maria's Candy Table chocolate covered pretzels, $18 for 12 pieces, Etsy.com

9. Rustic Pencils

Rustic wooden pencils fall wedding favors

Pencils are easy to lose—unless they're these unforgettable wooden ones. The tree trunk-inspired writing utensils make fun fall desk accessories.

The Knot Shop rustic wood pencil party favor, from $2 each, TheKnotShop.com

10. Candy Corn

candy corn treat bags

Throwing a Halloween wedding? How about candy corn fall wedding favors? These treats conveniently come in small, individual baggies.

Fun Express candy corn treat bags, $15 for a set of 32, Amazon.com

11. Caramel Apples

caramel apples

These decadent fall wedding favors come in loads of different flavors, including on-theme Apple Pie, depending on your preference. Talk about enticing sweets.

Claire's Sweet Treats caramel apples, $7 each, Etsy.com

12. Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate fall wedding favor

Gift a kid-friendly drink like yummy hot chocolate. Customize these single-serving packets with a fall phrase like "falling in love." Guests will thank you for the warm beverage on a chilly autumn night. Bonus: There's also an option to customize the packets for a fall bridal shower favor.

David's Bridal metallic foil cocoa favors, $2 each, DavidsBridal.com

13. Cozy Blankets

Throw blanket fall wedding favors

Autumn is cuddling season, so help your attendees cozy up! These soft throw blankets should do the trick. (They're also perfect to have on hand for a cool outdoor ceremony or reception.) Go the extra mile and display them alongside a sweet "snuggle up" sign.

PCB Home bulk listing throw blankets, from $240 for a set of 10, Etsy.com

14. Fall Chocolate Bars

Fall chocolate bar wedding favor

These milk chocolate bars come wrapped in thematic leaf-print packaging. They're excellent edible fall wedding favors for the event itself, but they're also amazing as turndown gifts that you leave on destination wedding guests' hotel pillows.

The Knot Shop Autumn Leaf nut free gourmet milk chocolate bar, from $3, TheKnotShop.com

15. Festive Lollipops

Apple pie lollipops fall wedding favors

In our opinion, when it comes to fall wedding favor ideas, the more unique the better! These lollies look cool and taste delicious—they're apple pie-flavored! On the hunt for Thanksgiving wedding favors? There's a lollipop for that too!

Leccare Lollipops apple pie lollipops, from $14 for a set of 10, Etsy.com

16. Apple Cider

sparkling cider

Sparkling cider is a nice way to get fancy without excluding guests who don't drink alcohol. Buy mini bottles in bulk online, or choose regular ol' apple juice instead. It'll stir up sweet nostalgia.

Martinelli's sparkling cider, $12 for a set of 12, DollarTree.com

17. Fall Cookie Cutters

Acorn cookie cutter fall wedding favor

Give guests fall cookies and feed them for a day; give them fall cookie cutters and feed them for a lifetime. Bakers will adore these seasonal acorn cookie cutters. The seller also makes lots of leaf-shaped options too.

Frosted Co acorn cookie cutter, from $4, Etsy.com

18. Mini Pies

Mini pie fall wedding favors

Bestow mini versions of your favorite fall pie, be it apple or pecan. Make them yourself or outsource the work, then place them in these cute "sweetie pies" containers.

The Knot Shop Sweetie Pies mini pie packaging kits, from $1 each, TheKnotShop.com

19. Honey Sticks

Honey stick fall wedding favors

Honey is another sweet snack that works well as a fall favor. These cute sticks are sold with tulle-tied tags, making them ideal for an elegant or rustic-chic affair. Choose from three adorable label phrases: "meant to bee," "love as sweet as honey" or "you're so sweet for coming."

Plain Jane 2424 custom honey stick wedding favors, $80 for a set of 50, Etsy.com

20. Autumnal Tea

test tube tea

Send guests home with a relaxing beverage: seasonal tea. Chai is a classic fall flavor that they'll love to curl up with, and these test tube-shaped vessels are too cute.

Custom Favours test tube with loose leaf tea in Chai, $3 each, Etsy.com

21. Fall Matchboxes

Plaid matchboxes fall wedding favors

Help them stay warm and toasty with a new set of matches. We're here for these plaid-patterned (and personalizable!) ones.

Kate Aspen personalized black matchboxes in Fall, from $35 for a set of 50, KateAspen.com

22. Festive Lip Balm

maple tap mead lip balm

The colder it gets, the more chapped lips get. Luckily, your guests can reach for this super-unique, maple mead-flavored balm to soothe their pout postwedding.

Cired Abeille Skin Care Maple Tap mead-infused lip balm, $5, Etsy.com

23. Coffee Mugs

Hot apple cider mug fall wedding favor

Help them kick off cold autumn mornings the right way: with a warm beverage. These glass mugs work for coffee but the possibilities don't stop there. Might we suggest having a mulled cider bar (or hot cocoa bar!) at your wedding? Give each guest a glass to use and refill then take home at the end of the day.

The Knot Shop clear glass coffee mugs in Personalized, from $5 each, TheKnotShop.com

24. Mulling Spices

Mulling spices fall wedding favor

Speaking of mulled cider, you can also give guests mulling spices to make their own at home. These spice sachets can be used for mulled wine too.

Idea Chic assembled mulling spices wedding favor sachets, $22 for a set of 5, Etsy.com

25. Mini Candles

Mini candle fall wedding favor

There's nothing like a fall evening inside lit by candlelight. Give guests that amazing sensory experience by gifting little candles. These votives come in moody (read: autumnal) dip-dyed gray bags.

Minted votive with dip-dyed pouch in Warm Gray, $5, Minted.com

26. Fall Coasters

fall pumpkin coaster

Give your guests an affordable fall wedding favor they'll really appreciate: autumnal coasters that'll keep their furniture looking brand new. Try these pumpkin-shaped cork ones, or, for Halloween wedding favors, a fun and spooky set.

Best Day Ever Spot pumpkin shaped cork coasters, $29 for a set of 12, Etsy.com

27. Leaf Bottle Openers

leaf bottle opener

Here's another fall-themed bottle opener, this time with a super-chic leaf design. It's got rustic, vintage and seasonal flair.

Glo Boutique Co gold leaf bottle opener favor, $3, Etsy.com

28. Fall-Themed Soap

maple leaf soap

This soap comes in a range of soothing, fall-y scents (Farmhouse Cider, Orange Clove and Pumpkin Souffle are just some of them) but that's not all: It's thematically-shaped too. Maple leaves radiate fall's coziness.

Bath Gear & More maple leaf soap favors, from $15 for a set of 5, Etsy.com

29. Maple Candy

maple caramel candies

These yummy candies make maple even better by adding some mouth-watering caramel. They come prepackaged in cute pouches for a tasty fall candy wedding favor.

McCrea's Candies maple caramels, $5 per pack of 5, Mouth.com

30. Fall Hand Sanitizer

halloween hand sanitizer

Make sure your guests have that all-important hand sanitizer within reach with this convenient pocket-sized bottle. Plus, it smells like Halloween candy! How cute is that?

More Than Magic hand sanitizer bottle in Orange Tootsie Roll, $2, Target.com

31. Jarred Goodies

glass jars

Fill these mini jars with anything you'd like, as long as it's fall-inspired! We're talking homemade apple jam, local cider caramels, spiced hot cocoa mix—anything! It's such a sweet fall favor to make yourself. The best part is your guests can reuse the vessels once the food inside is gone.

The Knot Shop small glass jar with wire snap lid favor container, from $2, TheKnotShop.com

32. Cinnamon Mints

cinnamon altoid mints

You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who won't enjoy an extra pack of mints. Just be sure to choose an autumnal flavor, like cinnamon.

Altoids classic cinnamon breath mints, $22 for a set of 12, Amazon.com

33. Chocolate Acorns

Chocolate acorns fall wedding favors

Get these chocolate acorn-shaped cuties wrapped in fall-colored foil—there are plenty of green, red, orange and metallic options to choose from. The bite-sized treats are ideal for snacking.

Island Girl Gourmet foil wrapped little chocolate acorns, $36 per pound, Etsy.com

34. Fall Magnets

leaf magnets fall wedding favors

Your guests can bring these magnets out every year to celebrate autumn. Or, gift them as favors at your fall bridal shower so your guests can use them to show off your fall wedding invitation!

Day Dream Toys fall magnets, $19 for a set of 5, Etsy.com

35. Gardening Gift

garden grow kit fall wedding favor

What about a DIY fall wedding favor? Your guests can plant this leaf-shaped seed paper indoors and, in just a few weeks, they'll have beautiful flowers.

Nature Favors mini leaf themed garden grow kit in Falling in Love, $7, Etsy.com

36. Whiskey Nips

brown sugar bourbon

Keep the party going with personal bottles of booze. Bourbon is always a classic choice for fall, but this brown sugar-flavored bourbon was basically made for autumn. (FYI: Alcohol can't be shipped to every state. Visit a local liquor store for more tiny tipple options.)

Heritage Distilling Co. BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon mini, $4, HeritageDistilling.com

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