5 Emotional Groom Reactions We Can't Stop Watching

Love Stories TV has done it again—we hope you have enough tissues.
by Vanessa M. Buenger
Grimace Films

Get ready to shed some happy tears! Here are five emotional wedding videos from Love Stories TV, all featuring an insanely adorable groom reacting to his bride. Tears, smiles, vows and first kisses—these sweet clips will get you right in the feels.


  1. ​1. When your bride is so beautiful you can hardly catch your breath:

    Video by: Little Josh Productions

    Christian’s reaction to Camille walking down the stairs actually gives us butterflies.

  2. 2. This officiant trying to keep it together during the groom's vows:

    Video by: NST Pictures

    Sean’s vows to Anne Marie read like a timeless love poem.

  3. 3. The groom who couldn't finish his sentence because he kept tearing up:

    Video by: Canvas & Light

    The filmmaker asks Garrett what he loves about Jane. We start to cry the moment he tears up—every time.

  4. ​4. Possibly the happiest groom in the history of grooms:

    Video by: Dallas Wilson Wedding Films

    This one’s a true heart-melter.This couple didn’t do a first look, so the groom's face when the bride walks down the aisle is incredibly emotional—then he doesn’t stop smiling for the rest of the video.

  5. 5. This groom's face when he turns around to see the bride:

    Video by: Grimace Films

    Saman is speechless when he turns around to see Lindsey for the first time.

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