30 Silver Anniversary Gifts That Shine As Bright As Your Love

These silver gifts are as good as gold.
Four silver anniversary gifts: framed vow art, a candle, preserved silver roses, and a ring
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Updated Jun 21, 2024
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When it comes to picking a present for your partner or favorite couple, there's nothing quite like the glitz and glam of silver anniversary gifts to make an impression. Whether you're shopping for a modern 16th anniversary present, a classic 25th anniversary gift or any marriage milestone in between, a present made from silver (or one that looks like this shiny metal) is sure to wow.

While silver anniversary gift ideas correspond with several significant marriage milestones, they also make for a timeless and sophisticated gifting option for any special occasion. From silver-framed wall art and elegant home accessories to dazzling jewelry and practical cookware, we've rounded up the best silver wedding anniversary gifts for parents, friends or a beloved spouse. Find our favorite picks—and info on which anniversaries correlate with the silver gifting theme—below.

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Silver Anniversary Meaning

Silver is a timeless and lustrous metal that's a popular choice for jewelry, fine dinnerware and home goods. It possesses a mirror-like shine and classic appeal that makes it a memorable gifting material for milestone anniversary celebrations. Wondering what year is the silver anniversary and what the sparkly stuff symbolizes? Read on to learn more.

What does a silver anniversary gift symbolize?

Prized for its simple beauty and ability to conduct electricity, silver represents the chemistry-like charge that endures in a lasting relationship. Silver is also among the softest precious metals out there, alluding to the care and consideration that relationships require to prosper over the years. A silver anniversary gift is a symbolic and meaningful way to commemorate an incredible relationship (like your own or your favorite couple's) while anticipating all the happy years to come.

What is the silver anniversary?

Traditionally, the silver anniversary is associated with 25 years of marriage. For this particular milestone, silver is both the traditional anniversary gift theme and the official color. Beyond that, you can expect to see silver pop up as a symbol for the fifth anniversary (where silverware is the modern gifting theme), the 10-year anniversary, (where it's the designated color) and the 16th anniversary (where it's both the traditional gift in the form of silver holloware and official hue.)

The Best Silver Anniversary Gifts

Shopping for a silver anniversary gift for your husband, wife, partner or favorite pair can seem a little overwhelming—simply because there are so many incredible options on the market! To help guide you, we've compiled a list of thematic anniversary gift ideas, from silver home goods and elegant jewelry to symbolic wall art, trendy appliances and more.

1. Silver Sheet Music Art

Sheet music wall decor
Photo: Canvas Vows

Here's a silver anniversary gift idea that'll take them back to their first spin on the dance floor. Featuring the sheet music from their wedding song printed in shiny silver, this wall canvas is a sentimental (and symbolic) gift the lovebirds will treasure. It's especially fitting for parents or friends who are marking a major milestone in their marriage.

2. Framed Custom Wall Art

Custom road sign poster
Photo: Uncommon Goods

No matter how long you've been married to your spouse, reminiscing about when your romance started never gets old. This custom wall art is inspired by the moment your paths crossed for the first time and features two signposts personalized with your names, the year you met and the year you said "I do." Opt for a silver frame for an on-theme gift that feels both classic and modern.

3. Symbolic Infinity Necklace

Sile hoop necklace
Photo: Blue Nile

The silver wedding anniversary is the perfect time to spoil your spouse with a new jewelry gift like this stylish (and symbolic) necklace. It's made from three interlocking rings that represent the beautiful and cyclical nature of eternal love. We love the luxurious feel of the shiny 14K white gold and how the versatile design goes with pretty much everything.

4. Silver-Dipped Rose

Silver plated rose sculpture
Photo: The Forever Rose

Flowers are a go-to gift for many, thanks to their inherently romantic feel—but it can be such a bummer when they wilt quickly and need to be thrown out. The solution? Splurge on a forever bloom for your spouse instead. This metallic rose is made from a real flower preserved in durable lacquer and dipped in genuine silver, so it'll last a lifetime. Have the stem engraved with a sweet anniversary quote for the ultimate silver-themed gift for your other half.

5. Personalized Serving Tray

Personalized silver tray
Photo: Personalization Mall

Shopping for silver anniversary gifts for friends who love entertaining? Then, this elegant serving tray is a must. It's crafted from sand-cast aluminum and has a polished silver appearance that's sure to catch guests' attention when hors d'oeuvres are being served. Add their monogram and last name (if they share one) for a present that's both practical and symbolic.

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6. Constellation Map Art

Constellation map wall art
Photo: GiftForHimAndHerEtsy

If a personalized silver anniversary gift is on your wish list, this constellation map art is a stand-out choice. It's made from silver-toned metal and features a starry sky from the night and the location of where you got married. Best of all, the stars glow in the dark, giving this unique piece of decor a magical quality that nods to your bright and sparkling love.

7. Symbolic Silver Earrings

Silver earrings with sentimental card
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Sterling silver anniversary gifts are another way to get in on the theme without blowing your budget. These dangly earrings aren't just pretty to look at, though—they also represent the passage of time. They're made from three interlocking rings: Oxidized metal for the past, sterling silver for the present and shimmering gold for the bright future that lies ahead. Pair them with a matching necklace or bracelet for a coordinated look.

8. Luxury Candle

Silver luxury candles
Photo: Anthropologie

For a simple, yet stunning silver anniversary gift, look no further than Anthropologie's iconic Capri Blue Volcano candle. Available in four different sizes and poured into a silver mercury-glass jar, the striking vessel will add a luxurious touch to any coffee table or mantle. Fun fact: The wax, which is scented with notes of tropical fruit and mountain greens, is the official fragrance of Anthro stores, making it a great gift for dedicated fans of the brand.

9. Weighted Blanket

Large wool blanket
Photo: Bearaby

Not all gifts for the silver anniversary have to be made of metal—you can also choose something in a silvery hue to put your own spin on the theme. This cotton weighted blanket is an excellent option for a spouse or couple who prioritizes rest and self-care. It's made from lightweight cotton and is gently weighted to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and promote melatonin (the sleepy one), helping them to unwind and sleep better. Nab it in pale or deep gray for a subtle nod to tradition.

10. Sparkly Eternity Ring

Silver diamond ring
Photo: Brilliant Earth

If it's been a while since you've put a ring on it, your upcoming anniversary is the perfect time to splurge on some new bling for your spouse. This sparkly eternity ring is made of white gold and features scalloped pavé diamonds all the way around. The slim profile is neat enough to stack with an engagement ring and wedding band, but it also works equally well when worn alone. They'll definitely say "yes" to this romantic anniversary gift.

11. Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Mini outdoor pizza oven
Photo: Ooni

There are so many ways to interpret the silver anniversary theme, so don't worry if you're not feeling jewelry or more sentimental items. Ooni's bestselling pizza oven is a surprising way to honor tradition and one that's sure to appeal to the more pragmatic people in your life. It's made from brushed stainless steel and uses wood, charcoal or gas to cook homemade pizza in as little as 60 seconds. It's definitely worth bending the rules for.

12. Personalized Metallic Record

Metallic record wall display
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Whether you're searching for silver anniversary gifts for him, her or them, this personalized LP record will be music to your ears. It's crafted from an upcycled vinyl record and can be personalized with the couple's names, along with the titles of five best-loved songs. Opt for the silver-toned platinum for a retro-inspired gift that's sentimental and symbolic.

13. Stag Whiskey Tumbler

Stag whiskey glasses
Photo: Farrar & Tanner

Now, here's a cool silver-themed gift for a whiskey enthusiast. This weighty glass tumbler is beautifully crafted using traditional artisan techniques and features a silver stag head for a striking finish. Have it engraved with your spouse's name and your anniversary details for an heirloom-worthy gift that'll make every sip feel like an experience.

14. Cute Photo Locket

Silver locket necklace

The silver anniversary gift theme lends itself to jewelry well. This bespoke locket in particular couldn't be prettier. Made of sterling silver and featuring a sturdy box chain, this polished silver necklace is a lovely way to show your spouse just how much you care. Adorn the inside with pictures of the two of you—one from your wedding day and one from your current anniversary—for a gift that may incite a few happy tears.

15. Novelty Serving Bowl

Silver boat salad bowl
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Looking for silver wedding anniversary presents that are a little more fun? This novelty serving bowl is a playful gift any light-hearted spouse will appreciate. Made from silver-plated aluminum, this cute bowl is shaped like a boat and comes with two wooden utensils representing the oars. It's sure to make waves the next time someone asks to pass the salad.

16. Fancy Bottle of Prosecco

Bottle of Lamorghini prosecco
Photo: Wine by Lamorghini

Sometimes, a big splurge is warranted—especially for significant milestones that only happen once. Whether you want to spoil your parents or impress your spouse, a fancy bottle of prosecco will help set the mood for celebrations. This extra dry sparkling wine from Lamborghini comes in a shiny platinum bottle that's right on point for the silver anniversary theme.

17. Silver Photo Frame

Silver personalized photo frame
Photo: Personalization Mall

After many happy years together, you and your spouse probably have hundreds of pictures stored on your phones—and not enough physical photos displayed in your home. This year, print off a favorite snapshot and slip it into this beautiful silver frame for a simple yet meaningful gift. The frame is thoughtfully designed with two hearts and can be engraved with your names, anniversary date and the number of years you've been married.

Sand cuff links
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Upgrade your partner's celebratory wardrobe just in time for the next big occasion on their calendar (your anniversary, of course!). These handmade cuff links are crafted from sterling silver and filled with sand from some of the world's most picturesque beaches. There's even an option to send your own sand to be used instead, which is perfect if you've collected grains from your beach wedding venue or a favorite vacation spot.

19. Stylish Watch

Silver watch with green face
Photo: Nixon

A watch is a classic anniversary gift for a good reason. There's just no better way to represent all the time you've spent together so far, as well as the many happy days to come. This stylish timepiece fits right in with the silver anniversary gift theme, thanks to a durable stainless-steel body and vivid green watch face. Have it engraved with up to three lines of text for an extra thoughtful touch.

20. Personalized Trinket Box

Personalized silver trinket box
Photo: TreatRepublic

If your significant other has a prized jewelry collection, they'll surely appreciate a stunning silver keepsake box to organize it all. Plated in silver and lined in black felt, this ornate trinket box has plenty of space for their favorite rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The lid can also be etched with your spouse's name in flowing script for an extra sentimental gift.

21. Stamped Dessert Spoons

Stamped silver dessert spoons
Photo: Uncommon Goods

How adorable is this pair of silver-plated spoons? Each one is hand-stamped with a cute message that reads, "You are the sprinkles on my ice cream," for a super-sweet touch. Equal parts fun and practical, they're one of the best silver anniversary gifts for a wife or husband who loves diving into dessert.

22. Heart Champagne Flutes

Personalized champagne flutes
Photo: Personalization Mall

And the suggestions for silver wedding anniversary gifts keep on coming! Whether you're looking for an ultra-romantic gift for your spouse or something cute for your parent's anniversary party, a pair of champagne flutes is an excellent choice. This set features silver-plated bases that fit together to form the shape of a heart. Have them engraved with the couple's titles and anniversary date for a personalized finish.

23. Vintage-Inspired Serveware

Vintage silverware
Photo: The Knot Shop

If your spouse is drawn to vintage things, they'll love this antique-inspired serveware. The set includes a silver-toned knife and a wide cake server decorated with an intricate pattern for a dash of old-school charm. Perfect for cutting cakes and dishing out desserts, this practical (and pretty) silver anniversary gift will definitely be used for all future parties, birthdays and celebrations to come.

24. Sleek Silver Vase

Stylish sleek vase
Photo: Nordstrom

Planning to give fresh blooms for your upcoming anniversary? Dial up the romance by styling them in a stunning silver vase. This sculptural piece from Nambé has a sleek, curved silhouette that'll elevate the appearance of even a simple bouquet. The lustrous metal alloy feels timeless yet modern and is right on theme for the silver wedding anniversary.

25. Stylish Stand Mixer

Silver stand mixer
Photo: The Knot Registry Store

If you and your spouse missed out on adding a classic KitchenAid stand mixer to your wedding registry, your anniversary could be the perfect excuse to splash out. The beloved kitchen gadget is a must-have for anyone who loves baking or experimenting with recipes: It can help cooks whip up everything from fluffy bread and homemade pasta to stuffed sausage and delicate profiteroles. It comes in dozens of delightful shades, including silver, so it's ideal for this particular anniversary theme.

26. Cute Couple Coupons

Lovers Lotto scratch-off vouchers
Photo: InklingsPaperie

Many couples prefer to gift experiences over "things"—but that doesn't mean you have to forgo a silver anniversary gift altogether! These DIY scratch-off vouchers can be personalized with your choice of gifts or experiences, like breakfast in bed, a park picnic or a spa day. Your partner can scratch off the silver sticker to reveal what thoughtful idea you have teed up for them, lending even more fun anticipation to the whole gift-giving process.

27. Pretty Floral Trivet

Silver floral trivet
Photo: Bloomingdale's

Silver anniversary gifts that blend beauty with functionality are always winners in our book. This hand-shaped silver trivet protects kitchen surfaces from hot dishes and doubles up as elegant table decor for dinner parties. We love how the delicate orchid blooms overlap to create a pretty (and practical) gift that's almost too good to use.

28. Science-Inspired Card

Science-inspired card with wedding date
Photo: mugheads

Finish off your gift with a clever anniversary card that taps into the scientific symbolism of silver. This chemistry-inspired design comes printed with the letters Ag (the chemical element for silver) and can be personalized with the couple's names, their wedding date and the number of days they've been married. It's an especially thoughtful choice for a pair of teachers, engineers or anyone with a passion for science.

29. Wedding Vow Art

Wedding vow art
Photo: Minted

Your vows are some of the most sacred words you'll ever say, and your spouse likely remembers them (or at least how they made them feel) all these years later. If you haven't done so already, an upcoming anniversary is a great time to memorialize your promises so your partner can read them over and over again. This elegant design relies on a simple script and a brushed silver frame to turn your words into a timeless piece of art.

30. Shiny Espresso Machine

Silver espresso machine
Photo: Amazon

Nothing says "I love you" quite like ensuring your spouse is always caffeinated. This compact espresso machine allows you to brew everything from barista-worthy cappuccinos and creamy lattes to caffeine-packed espresso shots. It even comes with a milk frother to add a foamy top to their favorite pick-me-up. Bonus: The sleek silver-toned exterior fits in with the anniversary theme—and will ensure it looks amazing on your countertop.

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