15 Gen Z Wedding Trends Couples of Every Generation Should See

The youngsters are making their mark.
Collage of Gen Z wedding trends
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Dec 12, 2023

There are wedding trends, and there are Gen Z wedding trends. Young couples are modernizing traditions without hesitation, and rewriting the rules for dating, proposing and getting married is a part of the journey. That, of course, means Gen Z has ushered in a new era of wedding crazes. Curious about what these couples are planning for 2024? Then check out our predictions of the top Gen Z trends that will be all the rage. And it doesn't matter what generation you claim. We bet you'll find at least one trend you'll want to incorporate into your future affair.

You won't find cheugy wedding trends below. As a proud Gen Z-er, you can trust that the ideas I've compiled below are pre-approved and worth considering including in your celebration.

1. Wedding Content Creators

    Kerre Jo Lattanzio, fellow Gen Z expert and Social Media Coordinator at The Knot, says content creators are her favorite rising Gen Z wedding trend. "On the social team, we often gather behind-the-scenes content for events ranging from The Knot Magazine photoshoots, Bridal Fashion Week and so much more to share with our audience. I understand building context around meaningful moments is important, and in this case, helps capture wedding memories specifically. If this interests you as a couple, hiring a content creator is the perfect place to start and allows you and your wedding party to live in the moment on your special day," Lattanzio explains.

    Wedding content creators also benefit your guests, followers (and you, of course) since no one will have to wait days or even months to see the nuptial memories––instead, everyone can see the beautiful moments instantaneously. Just remember this pro is an addition to classic vendors like wedding photographers and videographers.

    2. Documentary-Style Wedding Photos

      Documentary-Style Wedding Photos, Gen Z Wedding Trends
      Photo: Ashley Taylor Photography

      2022 welcomed the rise of direct flash and film wedding photography. Now (and continuing into 2024) it's all about documentary-style wedding photos. Each aesthetic has special nuances, which is partially why they've become major Gen Z wedding trends. Film photography, for example, feels nostalgic and homey, while direct flash gives off a cool and candid paparazzi vibe. As for one of the newest wedding photography trends, artistic photojournalistic or documentary-style wedding photos bring authenticity to the forefront. This wedding photo style focuses on candid, unposed and spontaneous moments, which makes it perfect for people who feel awkward standing in front of the camera.

      3. Dietary Restriction-Friendly Wedding Food Options

        Don't punish your guests with food allergies or restrictions by having only foods you and your partner can eat. According to The Knot 2022 Real Wedding Study, 51% of Gen Z couples accommodate guests with restrictive diets. Follow Gen Z's lead and have options for everyone. "Gen Z couples are taking the initiative to ensure their guests feel welcome and supported at their weddings by offering gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and more options on their wedding menus to accommodate every guest's eating preference. Plus, some couples may need a gluten-free or vegan option themselves. Cheers to celebrating the newlyweds with a satisfied stomach," Lattanzio says.

        4. Embroidered Wedding Veils

        @bellebotanicalcreations Embroidery & unique veils are still apart of 2023 bridal veil & accessory trends! #weddingtiktok #bridal #weddinginspo #bridalinspo #weddingtrends #HolidayOREOke #bride2023 #weddingday #weddingplanning #engaged #fyp #foryoupage #christmas #weddingdress #bridalveil #weddingveil ♬ This is a joke right - Jackary

        Gen Z weddings in 2024 will be all about color—so why not wear a headpiece accented with your favorite hues? We've already predicted luxe veils and capes will be one of the biggest bridal accessory trends in 2024, and this non-chuegy wedding trend takes that concept one step further. Pastel flowers, vibrant botanicals and black glitter adorn the viral veils above, solidifying this as one of our favorite Gen Z wedding trends.

        5. Curated Wedding Wardrobes

        @oliviaandliving Wedding Wardrobe For My Bridal Events. #weddingdress #hens #engagement #bachelorette #honeymoon #rehearsaldinner #wedding #fashion #outfits #outfitinspo #bridaltiktok #bride #bridetobe #bridesmaids #weddingtiktok #2023bride #2024bride #weddingoutfits #bridallook #featherrobe #hensdress #bacheloretteoutfit #lacedress #oliviaandliving #oliviaburrowssutherland ♬ Lujon - Henry Mancini

        Today, wedding fashion is so much more than a dress and tux. As couples add more parties to their roster of prewedding events, we've noted a rising trend of wedding wardrobes. This modern version of a traditional wedding trousseau, pronounced [trü-ˈsō], allows people to express their personal style and wear all the trends they love without having to choose just one. (Read: Obsessed with feathers but don't want them on your wedding dress? Add a feathered mini skirt to your wedding wardrobe to sport at the welcome party.) Not only is curating a wedding wardrobe a fun way to get creative with your attire, but it also allows you to wear outfits that make you feel your absolute best during the most exciting season of your life.

        6. Unique Bach Party Themes

          @babyyodafanaccount69 @flavortown #Nashville #guyfieri @Barstool Sports @Kel @kaitdizz ♬ original sound - ChrisIsSecc

          Half the fun of attending a bach party is selecting a theme. Disco cowgirl, Mamma Mia and Y2K are all common ideas groups use today—but why not consider themes that are a little more out there? This prewedding celebration is all about having fun with your besties, and there's no better way to do so than with a downright *wild* party theme. We've seen TikToks of Chris parties (where attendees dress up as a famous "Chris"), Guy Fieri parties (where everyone wears a flame-printed shirt and spiky blonde wig for an evening in Flavortown) and our personal favorite: Shrek parties (where everyone dresses up as the loveable swamp character). For this Gen-Z wedding trend, the more unconventional the theme, the better the memories.

          7. Postceremony Interviews or Confessionals

            @mikemonark Drunk confessionals part 5. #drunk #wedding #weddingtiktok ♬ original sound - Mike

            This is definitely one of our favorite trends on our list. Postceremony interviews or confessionals play off of the popularity of reality television. Think: Selling Sunset, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Love Is Blind or Love Island. Even if you're not an avid reality television show watcher, you might have seen some Office or Parks and Recreation clips where the characters talk one-on-one with the camera in documentary-style filming. "Couples love the postceremony and confessional video trend because these intimate videos serve as a meaningful yet hilarious keepsake that sheds light on guest POVs and memories from the big day," Lattanzio clarifies. Tell your wedding videographer to keep the camera rolling and to ask you and your guests interview questions like "How are you enjoying the wedding?," "What's your favorite dish tonight?," "Who do you think will be the first person on the dance floor?" and more as a fun interactive element to your wedding.

            8. Small Guest Lists

              Having an intimate wedding with a dozen or so guests and possibly a party later with more people are starting to make an appearance. Not only does this help cut costs, but it brings people closer together and decreases the chances of you not getting quality time with all your guests. "Gen Z is all about breaking tradition. By inviting guests they truly know, Gen Z couples are saying hello to prioritizing authenticity with personal connections and saying goodbye to family pressures regarding the guest list and the stereotypical grand and flashy nature of traditional weddings," Lattanzio adds.

              9. The Rise of Weekday Weddings

              Weekday weddings, gen z wedding trends
              Photo: Robert Plociennik / Shutterstock

                You might think this trend is based solely on Gen Z couples' unconventional ways, but there's more to it than that. Lattanzio provides more insight. "Gen Z weddings were some of many affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. [To save money and have more wedding date options] the rise of weekday weddings grew, and it hasn't stopped. If a certain date is special to a Gen Z couple outside of the weekend, they think about convenience, cost benefits and sentimental value and then lock it in. Weekday nuptials open more wedding date opportunities for couples, and it also allows Gen Z couples more room to play when working with availability offered for their dream wedding venues, rather than being limited to only the weekend," Lattanzio says.

                10. Minimal or No Wedding Bouquets

                  Young celebs like Sofia Richie and Hannah Godwin have helped put these wedding flower trends on the map. Richie carried a petite bouquet of lilies of the valley, while Godwin walked down the aisle with no bouquet. We've seen a gradual shift with to-be-weds wanting minimal or no bouquets for the big day, and there are a couple of possible reasons for this choice. Number one, it can decrease flower costs. Little to no flowers means more money for decorative blooms or other wedding elements. Number two, some people like being hands-free. Number three, the bouquet blocks the view of the wedding day outfit. So if unorthodox bouquets have been on your Pinterest board, consider this Gen Z trend.

                  11. No Cake Smashing

                    No cake smashing gen z wedding trends
                    Photo: Lizzie Randazzo Photography

                    To put it nicely, wedding cake smashing isn't our favorite tradition. Lots of cake-smashing videos have gone viral this year and are cringey, to say the least. "These videos are hard to watch. Heated discussions about these videos have ultimately deemed this act a 'red flag.' With couples now aware of this, many are incentivized to mutually agree before the event to not smash cake in each other's faces. Cake communication, along with more gentle approaches during the dessert portion of the wedding reception, re: feeding each a piece to one another, smaller dessert portions like cupcakes and more will now be 2024 alternatives to look out for," Lattanzio notes.

                    12. Bach Party Venmo

                      Bach party venmo, gen z wedding trends
                      Photo: rafapress / Shutterstock

                      You probably use Venmo for just about everything, from splitting utility bills with your roommates to sending money to your sibling for your mother's birthday gift. So why not use it for your wedding events too? The costs of weddings and attending them have increased, thanks to the wedding boom and inflation. So, as a creative workaround to offset the costs of paying for drinks on a night out, people have started making Venmo accounts for bach parties. Create a new account for your event and link it to an attendee's bank account. Then, share the handle on your social media, write it on your car or even post it on TikTok to encourage others to buy the to-be-wed a celebratory beverage. We've seen a viral TikTok of a bach party getting nearly $3,300 from this hack.

                      13. Unconventional Food Stations

                        Everyone wants to ensure their guests are well-fed, but Gen Z couples are taking their wedding menus to the next level with out-of-the-ordinary food stations. Mashed potato bars are making a comeback, raw seafood spreads are popping up and bacon bars (toppings included) are taking over. Oh, and how could we forget the homemade Poptart displays and fast food feasts? So step up your celebration by offering all your favorite foods and presenting them in unique ways.

                        14. Out-of-the-Box Wedding Vendors

                          With so many weddings expected to happen next year, personalizing one's wedding is the number one way of standing out. We've noticed young couples have been shifting towards adding their favorite hobbies and shared interests to their receptions, which means hiring special vendors to make their dreams a reality. Tarot card readers, live wedding painters, cigar rollers, aerialists, (temporary or permanent) tattoo artists or custom cowboy hat fitters (yes, they exist thing) are just a few of the different pros you can book for your celebration. Sit down with your partner and discuss what represents you both as individuals and as a couple, and consider including those elements in the wedding.

                          15. Getting Ready Together


                          Sweetest moments from their elopement in Mexico 🤍

                          ♬ Simply The Best by Billianne - Billianne

                          If there's one thing we know about Gen Z-ers, it's that they're willing to change wedding traditions no matter how long they've been around. One of the most common traditions states that it's bad luck to see your spouse before your ceremony, thus inspiring many couples to spend their mornings apart. But let's be honest: Your wedding day is about you and your partner, so why would you want to spend half the day avoiding them? We've seen plenty of couples opt to spend their preceremony time together, and we're all about it. Getting ready together is a great way to settle your nerves and allows you to set intentions for the day and enjoy the calm before the storm as a team. What could be better than that?

                          Sarah Hanlon contributed to the reporting of this piece.

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