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Updated Aug 18, 2023

Sharing a wedding kiss with your partner right after you say, "I do" is one of the most intimate and unforgettable moments of your wedding day. Molly Majher, owner of Molly Majher Photography in Northern Virginia since 2018, said a couple's first kiss is often filled with much emotion and joy. "You're surrounded by all of your loved ones and time seems to stand still," she said. "The first kiss signifies the end of the ceremony and symbolizes the beginning of your journey as a married couple. While you've certainly shared countless kisses before, this one is obviously special."

The type of kiss you share under your wedding arch should feel natural for you and your partner. Think about how you already pose when you share a smooch and choose something similar for your wedding kiss. This also ensures you'll look and feel comfortable in your wedding pictures taken by the fabulous photographer you found on The Knot Vendor Marketplace. Keep reading for our wedding kiss dos and don'ts, as well as photo inspiration for your big day moment.

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How Long Should a Wedding Kiss Be?

Kiss your sweetie long enough for your photographer to take photos, but not so long that it starts to feel awkward for your guests. "I recommend holding the first kiss for at least 3 seconds but probably try to avoid going over 10 seconds," Majher said. You can also share your first kiss for a few seconds, pause, then sneak in one more short kiss to ensure you have a great photo for your wedding album.

Wedding First Kiss Dos

Keep these wedding first kiss dos in mind when you smooch your spouse for the first time at the altar.

Savor the Moment

Your first kiss as newlyweds is incredibly special. Savor the significance of the moment. "Block out all distractions and solely focus on your new husband or wife," Majher said. Taking your time to enjoy your wedding kiss also allows your photographer more wiggle room to capture a beautiful shot.

Practice Beforehand

We probably don't have to ask you twice to practice kissing your partner. Knowing how you want to kiss your future spouse on your wedding day ensures you're both on the same page. "While you may want some sense of spontaneity, having a general idea of your first kiss game plan will help make it perfect," Majher said.

Move the Officiant

While your officiant is an important part of your big day, you probably don't want them in your wedding kiss photo. "Before the wedding day (and maybe even a friendly reminder the day of), ask your officiant to please step off to the side before they pronounce you as a married couple," Majher said. "This will give you a clean shot of your first kiss without your officiant's head popping out of the background."

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One for the Road

You shared your first kiss at the altar, but it doesn't hurt to sneak in one more as you're heading down the aisle. "It's definitely become more standard in the past couple of years, but I highly encourage you to go in for one more kiss on your way back down the aisle together," Majher said. "I suggest waiting until you get at least halfway down the aisle, but 3/4 down the aisle is even better."

Wedding First Kiss Don'ts

Avoid potential disaster with these wedding kiss don'ts. This includes creating any possible awkwardness for you and your guests.

Don't Dip Without a Practice Run

We love a great dip moment, but please practice first. This isn't a move you want to try spontaneously on the day of your wedding. "You don't want to get so caught up in the moment that one or both of you ends up on the ground," Majher said.

Don't Forget Hugs

"There's just something so sweet about an embrace up at the altar," Majher said. "If you two are the snuggly type then don't feel like you have to limit yourselves. A hug before or after the first kiss is a sweet moment to share!"

Avoid Too Much Tongue

The moment you kiss your new spouse is full of emotion. Just try not to get too carried away in front of an audience of family and friends. "An open-mouth first kiss can certainly be done right, just remember that the altar is not the place for a long, overly-passionate make-out sesh," Majher said. "Keep it sweet and simple. If you need a reference, Drew Barrymore refers to it as 'church tongue' in the movie The Wedding Singer."

Don't Stress

Don't worry too much about perfection and risk sapping the magic out of your wedding first kiss. "It's about the love you two share, not the execution of the kiss itself," Majher said. "Embrace any 'imperfections' and the authenticity of the moment."

Wedding First Kiss Poses

Need inspiration for your first kiss? There are plenty plenty of frist kiss poses wedding couples can choose from. Here are 21 wedding first kiss poses to practice with your partner.

1. Dramatic Wedding Dip Kiss

Bride and Groom During First Kiss at Waterfront Wedding Ceremony
Photo: Masson Liang Photography

Go for a full dramatic dip as you kiss your new spouse for the first time. Dip your love at the altar, or when you pause for a mid-aisle kiss.

2. Mid-Aisle Wedding Kiss

Couple Mid-Aisle Wedding Kiss
Photo: Molly Majher Photography

Give your photographer a second opportunity to capture your special moment by stopping mid-aisle for another wedding kiss. This is also a fun time to throw in a dip or special pose that you didn't do during your first kiss.

3. Gentle Hand-Behind-the-Head Pose

Gently place your hand behind your partner's head and pull them in for a kiss. Place your other hand around their waist or on their elbow to avoid awkwardness.

4. Romantic Lean-In Wedding Kiss Pose

Create a sweet silhouette by leaning into each other during your first kiss. You can also opt to just lean in on your own while your partner holds you for support.

5. Kissing Under Umbrellas at Wedding

Embrace a rainy day by getting cozy under an umbrella during your first kiss. Clear umbrellas are a cute prop that won't hide your face.

6. Partial-Dip Wedding First Kiss

If a full dip isn't your thing, go for a partial dip that still looks romantic. Don't forget to practice this too, even if you aren't dipping your partner all the way down.

7. Sweet Side-Lean Wedding Kiss Pose

Couple doing side lean first kiss wedding pose
Photo: Molly Majher Photography

Lean slightly away from your photographer for a unique wedding kiss pose. Make sure you note where they'll station themselves so you'll know if you need to lean left or right.

8. First Kiss Wedding Bouquet Pose Idea

If flowers are a large focal point in your décor, consider posing with your bouquet to tie together your wedding photos. Hold out your bouquet away from you and your spouse so it creates visual interest without distracting from your first kiss.

9. Pulling In for a Wedding First Kiss

Couples first pulled in wedding kiss pose
Photo: Coriss Watson Photography

Use both hands to pull your love in for a kiss on your wedding day. Your partner can reciprocate or wrap their hands around your waist.

10. Prayer Hands First Kiss Pose

Embrace your heritage or religion by sharing your wedding kiss with hands clasped in prayer. This is an intimate pose that captures the importance of your culture.

11. Dramatic Kiss With Hands on Face

If you're accustomed to kissing your partner as you hold their face in your hands, this wedding kiss pose might be for you. The dramatic pose evokes emotion and passion.

12. Holding Hands Wedding Kiss Idea

We love this sweet and simple first kiss pose for a wedding. Hold each other's hands and share a tender kiss.

13. Arms-Wrapped-Around Wedding Ceremony Kiss

Wrap your arms around your spouse as you share your first wedding kiss. This is a lovely pose that may feel natural for a lot of couples.

14. Hands-on-Shoulders Wedding Kiss Photo

Gently pull in your sweetie for a kiss by placing your hands on their shoulders. You partner can do the same, or place their hands on your arms.

15. Military Salute First Kiss at Wedding

Couples first military salute wedding kiss
Photo: Eliza Morrill Photography

Give a salute to you or your partner's military career by sharing a first kiss under a sword salute. The pose perfectly frames you and your spouse and makes a great photo opportunity.

16. Sneak in a Hug

Couples sneak in hug after wedding first kiss
Photo: Molly Majher Photography

Either before or after your first kiss, share an embrace to capture the love you have for one another. This is a sweet moment, especially if you and your partner both love to hug.

17.Hands-on-Waist Wedding Kiss

This is another simple pose that may feel natural for you and your partner. Place your hands on each other's waists as you lean in for a sweet smooch.

18. Celebrate With Your Wedding Party

Couple celebrating with wedding party during first kiss
Photo: Michelle Marie PR

If you want to share your special moment with your wedding party, have them raise their hands in celebration as you share your wedding kiss. Make sure they stand off to the side so they frame the two of you and don't distract from the moment.

19. Leaning In and Holding Hands

Hold on tight to each other's hands and lean in for a sweet wedding first kiss. This is an easy pose that's also romantic.

20. Scoop-Me-Up Wedding Kiss Pose

Scoop up your partner and share a loving kiss as newlyweds. This pose works especially well as you stop partially down the aisle for an additional first kiss photo.

21. Simply Standing First Kiss Pose

If you prefer to hold a bouquet or place your hands in your pocket, go for it. Stand comfortably next to each other and lean in for a kiss.

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