14 Wedding Day Disasters No One Saw Coming

From full-blown catastrophes to hilarious guest mishaps, no amount of planning could've prevented these unexpected moments.
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rachel sylvester the knot real weddings expert
Rachel Sylvester
rachel sylvester the knot real weddings expert
Rachel Sylvester
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"Since we got married on a farm, there were some animals wandering around the property. During cocktail hour, a goat went rogue and decided to eat a bunch of our appetizers." —Daisy

"My dress caught on fire during our sparkler exit and I had no idea until people started screaming and stomping out the flames. I guess that's what it means when your friends and family 'have your back.'" —Laura

"I forgot my dress at home! I was so concerned with remembering my jewelry and makeup that it never crossed my mind to pack my wedding dress for my wedding day. I had to have my sister-in-law stop at our house to pick it up." —Jessica

"I accidentally mooned one of our guests just minutes before the ceremony. I was in the bathroom right before we lined up for the processional and one of my fearless bridesmaids was holding up my entire dress. Unfortunately, we didn't lock the door to the bathroom." —Sangeeta

"The DJ forgot to announce Tom's brother, TJ, during the reception entrance. Not to be overlooked, he ran through the doors screaming, 'Wait! You forgot about me!'" —Joseph

"My in-laws got stuck in traffic before the start of the ceremony. They finally arrived 15 minutes late, ran up the church stairs and walked straight down the aisle without breaking their stride." Jamie

"Our planner and her staff of 10 had to hold up the draped structure during our waterfront ceremony to stop it from blowing into the river. The good news is none of our guests noticed, and my planner didn't tell me until after I had finished my first drink." —Brittney

"I never got the chance to walk down the aisle with my bouquet. I was nervous before the start of the ceremony, so I set it back in its vase and accidentally left it behind in the bridal suite!" Shantonya

"The catering truck broke down on the highway en route from Chicago to Michigan on the morning of the wedding. Of course, it was the first and only time it had happened in more than 45 years of business." Chad

"A storm hit during the middle of our tented reception, and the strong wind and rain was enough to spook our bartenders into leaving. That's when all of the groomsmen hopped behind the bar and started handing out bottles of alcohol rather than glasses. Luckily, the band kept on playing!" —Lilse

"I tossed my bouquet, then turned around to see it hit a three-foot-tall centerpiece, causing it to fall and soak the guests sitting around it. I destroyed the flower arrangement, got everyone's dinner wet and left broken glass all over the floor." —Ashley

"The police made an appearance at our wedding—twice! Apparently there were several noise complaints, but we weren't issued any tickets." —Elizabeth

"Crazy winds pulled our reception tent out of the ground and all of the table arrangements fell over. Even our wedding cake blew away!" Claire

"Somebody dropped our entire wedding cake on the ground before we even got a chance to taste it. We still don't know who it was, but it's funny to laugh about now." Vineeta

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