The Best Luggage for Every Kind of Honeymoon

Whatever your budget, this honeymoon luggage will set the tone for your romantic getaway.
honeymoon luggage
Laura Hampson - The Knot Associate Editor
Laura Hampson
Laura Hampson - The Knot Associate Editor
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Updated Aug 05, 2021
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If you're off on a honeymoon to the Maldives, Mexico or even on a road trip across the country, your postwedding getaway is the perfect chance to trade in your old roller bags for some new honeymoon luggage. And with your wedding on the horizon, why not add your favorite luggage to your wedding registry? Whether you're looking for the best carry-on luggage or matching suitcase sets, you're going to want to do some research before committing to a bag (or three). With this in mind, we've broken down exactly what you need to look for in your new suitcase and the best luggage that'll join you on your trip of a lifetime—and all of your future romantic getaways.

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What to Look for When Buying Honeymoon Luggage

When it comes to investing in luggage for your honeymoon (or luggage for your next romantic trip), there are three things to consider: size, durability and style.

  • Size: The best size luggage will depend on the type of honeymoon you're having. If you're opting for a coastal minimoon, a carry-on suitcase should do the trick (and be sure to pay attention to airline luggage regulations when purchasing!). A week-long trip to the Caribbean? Consider a checked bag instead. If your trip is longer or you're visiting multiple countries where you'll need to prepare for every kind of weather, it's worth thinking about buying a luggage set.
  • Durability: Whatever the trip, you'll want a suitcase that'll last. Both soft- and hard-sided luggage can withstand being piled up with other bags in the cargo hold—but opt for a hardshell suitcase if you're packing something valuable. You may also want to consider the durability and ease of wheeling luggage. For example, a four-wheeled suitcase is slightly easier to roll through an airport than a two-wheeler.
  • Style: Last, but certainly not least, you should consider the style of your honeymoon luggage. Do you want to have matching luggage sets? Or suitcases that are easy to spot on the baggage carousel? Some design decisions you'll need to make include the color of your luggage, whether it's hard- or soft-sided and whether you want it to include any inbuilt technology.

The Best Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on luggage is perfect for a minimoon. If you're flying to your minimoon destination, the size allows you to stow it in the overhead compartment so you can make a quick exit from the plane when you land—and the small size encourages you to pack lightly, which is always a bonus.

Away The Carry-On

away carry-on luggage

Ever since it launched in 2015, Away has been our go-to for cool (and more importantly, practical) honeymoon luggage. Its carry-on suitcase is made from a durable polycarbonate hard shell, comes in seven dreamy shades and has an ejectable USB charger so you can charge your phone on the go—a smart choice for the frequent flyer.

Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus

paravel carry-on luggage

A retro design with a feel-good factor? Yep, this Paravel Aviator carry-on ticks all the boxes. It's made from a recycled polycarbonate shell, its interior lining is made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles, and the brand tops off its green credentials by offsetting all of the carbon emissions generated from creating and shipping the luggage.

Tumi 19 Degree 22-Inch Wheeled Carry-On Bag

tumi luggage

A little black suitcase is a must-have for any honeymooner. This Tumi luggage includes TSA-approved locks, a removable garment sleeve and an inbuilt tracer that can help you reunite with your bag if it gets lost.

Rimowa Essential Cabin

rimowa cabin luggage

Your honeymoon is all about having fun—and nothing says "fun" quite like Rimowa's selection of colorful carry-on suitcases. There are 17 (!) hues to choose from, including light green, yellow, rose, coral and mango. It also has TSA-approved locks and an inbuilt clothes divider which will make packing so simple.

Louis Vuitton Horizon 55

louis vuitton carry-on luggage

Louis Vuitton luggage has long been a status symbol, and your honeymoon gives you the perfect chance to join the set. This carry-on suitcase is a modern twist on the classic as the iconic monogram is printed on a darker, ebony wood-hued background and it features matte black accents. So chic.

The Best Checked Luggage

Off to a far-flung locale? You'll need a bigger suitcase for that. Whether you're after medium or large suitcases, hard- or soft-shell luggage, read on for our pick of the best.

Bric's Ulisse 30" Expandable Spinner Luggage

bric's luggage in white

Who says white is only reserved for your wedding day? Continue the celebrations with this chic white suitcase from Bric's. It's lightweight, durable and expandable (more room to bring back your vacation purchases!) and it has a USB port so you can easily connect your phone and portable charger.

Monos Check-In Large

monos check in large suitcase

If you're looking for the best luggage to take with you on your honeymoon, it's hard to go past the signature checked case from Monos. Available in 10 different colors, including blue haze and terrazzo, its sleek look is complemented by its whisper-quiet wheels and vegan leather detailing.

Victorinox Connex Large Softside Case

victorinox black luggage

Honeymooners who prefer soft-sided luggage will love this spacious case from Victorinox. It's made by the same people who make Swiss Army knives, so of course it comes with an integrated multi-tool. The tool includes a SIM card replacement tool, ID tag and pen.

BÉIS 26" Luggage

beis luggage beige

If you want to honeymoon like a celeb, then your luggage has to match. Enter: BÉIS, a minimalist luggage brand created by actress Shay Mitchell. As well as its Insta-friendly earthy tones, the case also features a separate pouch for dirty or wet clothes, so you can afford to go for that last-minute swim before you have to return to reality.

Briggs & Riley Medium Expandable Spinner

briggs and riley luggage

A medium-size suitcase is ideal for those longer trips where only beachwear is required. If you're looking to pack more but prefer a smaller size, the technology in this suitcase allows you to increase packing capacity by 17% (so there's room to squeeze in that honeymoon lingerie).

The Best Luggage Sets

Whether you want matching luggage sets to make your debut as a married couple or you simply need more room to pack in all of your honeymoon outfits, a suitcase set is a smart choice for upcoming honeymooners. Keep scrolling for the best luggage sets for couples and newlyweds.

Samsonite Novaire 2 Piece Set

gren samsonite luggage set

One of the easiest ways to save money on your honeymoon is to limit the amount of luggage you take with you, so why not share a carry-on and checked luggage set with your new spouse? This handsome Samsonite luggage set is available in metallic green, rose gold and black, so there's something to suit every couple's style.

American Tourister Moonlight 3 Piece Set

american tourister luggage set

Those opting for longer honeymoons should consider this three-piece American Tourister luggage set. As well as having plenty of room to pack all of your honeymoon necessities, the rose gold hue will be easy to spot in baggage claim.

CALPAK Terrazzo 2-Piece Luggage Set

calpak luggage

Terrazzo is one of our favorite decor trends, so it's no surprise that we're obsessed with this suitcase set from CALPAK. This matching checked and carry-on luggage is lightweight, has TSA-approved locks and the interior compartments make packing for your honeymoon a breeze.

Delsey Chatelet Luggage Collection

delsey luggage

How chic is this carry-on luggage set from Delsey? The Chatelet collection is available in white or chocolate, so you can mix and match your spinners with your new spouse.

iFLY Hardside Fibertech Luggage 3 Piece Set

walmart luggage iFly

Walmart's luggage selection is great for when you want stylish honeymoon luggage sets on a budget. Case in point: You can nab this timeless three-piece black set for under $200.

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