The Best Luggage and Travel Accessories To Add To Your Wedding Registry

The best luggage and travel accessories to add to your wedding registry, chosen by the pros at The Knot for our 2019 Registry Awards.
alyssa longobucco the knot wedding planning expert
Alyssa Longobucco
alyssa longobucco the knot wedding planning expert
Alyssa Longobucco
Wedding Planning Expert
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Updated Oct 18, 2019
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Whether your honeymoon will be your first trip together or you're old pros at traveling as a pair, we're sure you've thought of stocking your registry full of travel-related goodies. Luggage remains one of the most popular wedding registry items, so of course we've rounded up the best luggage out there for you guys—but we've also got so much more, like cameras and fun accessories to help you make the most of your adventures.

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Best Travel Cameras

Capture your honeymoon from every angle (and get those crazy-cool Insta shots) by registering for a legit camera ahead of your celebration. Whether you're a novice photog or a serious pro, we've found the best travel camera options for you. Happy snapping!

best travel camera sony

Editor's Pick: Sony RX 100 Compact Digital Camera, $368,

Everything about this Sony camera is A++. The most obvious: its petite size means it's perfectly packable and won't weigh you down as you're hiking in Hawaii or exploring the food markets of Singapore. Past that is the incredible picture quality that ultimately earned it our editor's pick for best travel camera. You'll get the crisp, color pics worthy of a DSLR at half the price (and half the size).

best travel camera gopro

Couple's Pick: GoPro HERO7 Black Camera, $399,

Serious adrenaline junkies need to add a GoPro to their registry ASAP. No other camera can help you capture every moment of your epic adventures quite like this guy can—it boasts 4K HD video (or 12 mega-pixel photos) and stabilization technology that ensures you get the shot every single time. Plus, with tons of available add-ons and accessories, you can take it from the mountain to the sea and everywhere in-between without a worry.

best travel camera canon

Best Travel Camera for Beginners: Canon PowerShot SX620, $230,

This next pick is hands-down the best travel camera for beginners, allowing even the most green photographers score frame-worthy shots they'll be proud of. It has a huge screen in back for expert focus and framing, plus a ton of smart auto-settings that will help you create the best image possible.

best travel camera instax

Best Travel Camera for Retro-Lovers: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film, $130,

If you prefer tangible shots to an Instagram feed, then you'll love the vintage feel of Fujifilm's Instax camera. It churns out old-school polaroid pics at just the click of a button, so you're left with a physical reminder of your honeymoon or other trip.

best travel camera nikon

Best Travel Camera for Pros: Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera, $697,

Consider yourself a pro photog? Then splurge on adding this Nikon camera body to your registry (it makes a great group gift!). You'll have to also pick one or two lenses to go along with it and it's definitely an investment, but the payoff is big, with pro-worthy pics that will capture your memories forever. Add this camera to your wishlist with our Universal Registry tool.

Best Luggage

Packing for a long trip can be a pain, even if it's for something as fun as your honeymoon. From trying to stay organized to attempting to fit all those souvenirs into your carry-on, it can definitely add stress to your trip. Mitigate any travel anxiety ahead of timing by adding one (or two or three) of our picks for the best luggage to your registry in time for your first trip as newlyweds.

best luggage away luggage

Editor's Pick: Away The Medium Suitcase, $275,

When it came time to award our editor's pick for best luggage, the choice was simple—Away. Not only has the relatively-new brand completely disrupted the luggage industry with their stylish designs, but their pieces really boast everything you'd want in a travel companion. The polycarbonate shell (available in 10 chic colors) is super durable, while the interior is packed full with handy pockets and zippers to make organization easy. It also has an interior (removable) battery that will help you charge your tech on-the-go. Add this suitcase to your wishlist with our Universal Registry tool.

best luggage skyline luggage

Couple's Pick: Skyline 5-piece Softside Luggage Set, $110,

For a deal that can't be beat, you need to shop this Skyline 5-piece luggage set. Our couples love it for it's sleek black look and versatile size range. Whether you're going on a weekend staycation or a two-week European jaunt, you'll be ready to pack with this set.

best luggage pottery barn

Best Weekender Bag: Pottery Barn Linen Weekender, $110,

Weekends away just got a whole lot more stylish, thanks to this chic getaway bag from Pottery Barn. Made with linen and vegan leather, it has ample room inside for a few days away but is hearty enough to serve as a carryon bag as well.

best luggage calpak

Best Luggage Accessory: Calpak 5-piece Packing Cube Set, $48,

Turn the inside of your suitcase from chaos to a neat-freak's dream with these handy packing cubes from Calpak. A set of five will get you two small, one medium and one large packing cube, as well as an envelope pouch. Each bag features a zipper and water resistant lining, so there's little risk of your items being damaged in transit, either. Add these packing cubes to your wishlist with our Universal Registry tool.

best luggage paravel

Best Luggage Style: Paravel Stowaway, $325,

If you wish you were somehow alive during the heyday of travel when everyone dressed up stylishly and toted handsome luggage, then you're going to love Paravel. The company pairs modern luggage needs with vintage aesthetics for one-of-a-kind travel pieces that are truly worthy of our "best luggage" award. Bonus: you can even get the monogrammed! Add this luggage to your wishlist with our Universal Registry tool.

Best Travel Accessories

No trip would be complete without the right accessories, big and small. From personalized luggage tags to the cutest way to track your trips, we've rounded up the best travel-related accessories for you and your adventure partner.

best travel accessories mark and graham passport case

Editor's Pick: Mark and Graham Luggage Tag and Passport Case Set, $99,

Monogrammed luggage tags are one of editor's go-to gifts for newly-engaged friends. These Mark and Graham leather pieces are chic and stylish (no oversized "Mr" or "Mrs" here) and a great way to celebrate taking your first trip together as newlyweds. Not to mention they make it super easy to identify your luggage—just look for the most stylish bag in the airport. Add these leather pieces to your wishlist with our Universal Registry tool.

best travel accessories for your registry

Couple's Pick: Balanzza 100-pound Rechargeable USB Luggage Scale, $25,

We're telling you now—you cannot plan another trip until you registry for this luggage scale. It takes all the guesswork out of packing, nevermind eliminates that scary moment at the airport where you weigh your pieces and hope for the best. With this scale, you'll get an accurate reading on the weight of your luggage before you even leave home, giving you time to repack if necessary—or buy another bag for those souvenirs.

best travel accessories uncommon goods

Best Trip Tracker: Uncommon Goods Scratch Map, $40,

This map basically combines the best of a tally sheet and lottery card together into one piece. Hang the Uncommon Goods piece on your wall, then scratch off every destination you reach on the map (turning the country into a color). We love that it's a visual representation of all the special spots you two have explored together. Add this map to your wishlist with our Universal Registry tool.

best travel accessories anker charger

Best Portable Charger: Anker PowerCore Portable Charger, $56,

Savvy travelers know—you can't go anywhere without a portable charger. If you're traveling to a new-to-you locale, you're probably going to be pulling up your map a lot trying to find your way around. This Anker charger will make sure your phone (or camera or Kindle!) has enough juice to last from morning croissants to late night falafel.

best travel accessories beats headphones

Best Headphones: Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, $350,

Help yourselves through a long flight by registering for the gold standard of headphones, Beats. Not only is the Studio3 model available in over ten colors, but it boasts pure adaptive noise canceling to block out any external sounds around you. Translation: you'll sleep all the way through your transatlantic flight, even if there's a fussy baby (or chatty seatmate) next to you.

Travel Cash Fund Ideas

One of the best things about getting married in 2019 is the ability to register for anything (and we mean anything!) you want. Here at The Knot, we want to make that as easy for you as possible, which is why we offer Cash Funds. They're a simple way to add the things you really want to your registry and allow your guests to contribute any amount they desire towards your goals. Looking to add some stamps to your passports together? Here are some of our favorite cash fund ideas to help you see the world:

Editor's Pick: A cash fund for Air BnB Gift Gards

Start a cash fund for an Air BnB gift card and what you'll really be asking your guests for is access to thousands of amazing homes all across the world that you can crash in. It's a great way to really immerse yourself in an area (especially if where your visiting has a foreign lifestyle) and is often much less expensive than hotels in the area. Many homes boast crazy perks too, like insane views, in-home chefs or dreamy backyards.

Couple's Pick: A cash fund for round-trip flight tickets

Guests love knowing they're contributing towards something you're going to enjoy, so a cash fund for round-trip honeymoon flights is a no-brainer (and something our real couples love to register for). Prepare for takeoff by starting your own cash fund here.

The Knot Gifts Back: Habitat for Humanity

Give back on your big day! The Knot Gifts Back is a seamless way to support a charitable organization every time you receive a wedding gift—at no cost to you or your guests. Once you select your choice of 100+ participating organizations, The Knot will donate a percentage of the purchase price of every gift bought off your participating registry to that organization.

Did you know The Knot Gifts Back supports Habitat for Humanity? Habitat for Humanity works to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Every donation made helps a family build a safe and affordable home.

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