Yes, It's Totally Possible to Practice Mindfulness at Your Wedding

Dinosaurs and planets and fish, oh my!
by Nicole Piquant
Couple kissing outside of aquarium
Janae Shields Photography
  1. Janae Sheilds Photography

    Kailin and Charles' California Academy of Sciences wedding venue totally complemented the spirit of their relationship. For starters, the couple consider themselves socially conscious, and loved the idea of their guests developing a sense of mindfulness as they walked through the Academy's educational exhibits. Their childhoods were also both influenced by Buddhism, so Kailin and Charles' morals aligned with the museum's celebration of natural beauty and wonder. And, of course, “How awesome is it to have an entire museum — the Academy, no less — to ourselves?" says Kailin. After booking the venue and buying Charles his engagement ring (yes, he got one too!), the couple set off planning their wedding. Careful as not to take away from the museum's special artifacts, the couple decked out the dinner, dessert and gift tables with decor that “captured [our] three loves: Wes Anderson movies, California and traveling." Their “absolutely indispensable" event planners at 2 the 9's and photographers at Janae Shields Photography helped make Charles and Kailin's wedding day positively flawless.

    For more inspiration, their entire wedding album can be found here!

  2. The Astounding Venue

    Couple kissing outside of aquarium
    Janae Shields Photography

    You know, just casually taking a gorgeous wedding photo in front of the California Academy of Sciences' aquarium...

  3. Kailin's Detailed Blue Wedding Shoes

    Kailin's blue floral wedding shoes
    Janae Shields Photography

    These Italian made wedding shoes immediately caught Kailin's eye as she was browsing online. Then she found out they were on sale... #gameover.

  4. The Red Origami Pomander

    Flower girl holding a red origami pomander
    Janae Shields Photography

    One of Kailin's uber talented bridesmaids made this pomander for the flower girl. It was made of red and orange origami flowers.

  5. ...But We Still Can't Get Over The Venue

    Large dinosaur
    Janae Shields Photography

    There was a DINOSAUR guarding the escort cards!

  6. The All-Veg Menu

    Organic vegetarian hors d'oeuvre
    Janae Shields Photography

    It took Kailin and Charles two tasting tests to get their vegetarian dinner menu juuust right (but really, who would have a problem with that??).

  7. The Chinese Zodiac Cake Topper

    Orange wedding cake with rat and cow cake topper
    Janae Shields Photography

    The rat and cow cake topper represent Kailin and Charles' zodiac signs. It's definitely not something you see every day..

  8. The Ethical Tea Favors

    Little boxes wrapped in red decorative paper
    Janae Shields Photography

    It was really important to Kailin and Charles that their guests were able to use their favors after the wedding, and that they were ethically sourced. They settled on loose leaf tea from Adiago's Teas, which are sold directly from the farmers that grow them.

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