All the Last-Minute Details to Confirm With Your Wedding Vendors

Check in with your pros right before your wedding.
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Updated Sep 09, 2020

In the weeks and days leading up to your wedding, it's 100-percent natural to feel a buzz of anxiety. And if you're in the final countdown, you know all about that little voice that keeps saying, "I'm definitely missing something—but I don't what it is!"

A lot of what still needs to get done isn't up to you—it actually rests in your vendors' (very talented and capable) hands. So the best way to get rid of that voice is to iron out and confirm final details with all your pros about one to two weeks before your day. (Note that you should be checking in with pros periodically throughout the planning process.) Here are the biggest last-minute details you need to confirm right before game day.

Final Head Count

This won't apply to every vendor, but your ceremony and reception sites, caterers, rental company and more will need an official number from you ASAP—hence the two-weeks-out RSVP deadline you gave your guests. By the way, don't forget to include vendors who'll need a meal, such as the photographer, videographer and musicians, in your total count.

Arrival Date, Times and Locations

Each of your vendor contracts will include these logistics, but it never hurts to reconfirm the location, time and date you expect each respective pro. Keep in mind that the ceremony musicians might be given a different arrival location (the ceremony site) than the hair and makeup artists (a hotel or private residence). Also, don't forget to confirm both pick-up and drop-off times and locations with your transportation company (if anyone needs directions for the fastest route, send them!). Finally, share all confirmed times with your wedding planner and site managers as a helpful heads up.

Duration of Service

In addition to when they should arrive, reiterate for how long you've hired each pro. Read each contract to remind yourself, then call or email to get on the same page and potentially discuss overtime fees.

Number of Pros

Make sure you're aligned about how many people to expect from each pro. For example, if your photography contract states your shooter will bring an associate to snap secondary shots, or that the caterer will in fact be bringing their promised eight servers to pass appetizers and serve dinner.

Items on the Order

If you're expecting items (like favors, extra desserts, flowers, rentals and so on) as opposed to just services, confirm you'll be getting exactly as many chairs, boutonnieres and bags of saltwater taffy as you'd originally asked for.

Equipment Needed

Confirm everyone will be able to get what they need by the wedding day, whether it's the liquor brand you specified or a backup generator for the DJ. Go over each essential item to make sure it's accounted for and hash out who's responsible for providing it if it isn't already taken care of.

Prewedding Payments

Do yourselves a favor and make as many payments before your wedding day as possible. You won't want to think about writing a check in the middle of your celebration. In many cases you'll already have paid a deposit, but in others, you could have other fees to pay along the way (like charges for the additional cupcakes you added to your order a week ago).

Emergency Contacts

Who should you call the day of if you need something—and who should they contact while you're busy, you know, getting married? Provide all wedding pros with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding—usually your planner, honor attendant, parent or wedding party member.

Official Day-of Timeline

Share a wedding day timeline with your pros detailing all relevant information about timing, locations and more. Think of it as your run of show that everyone from your partner to the florist and the best man can easily reference.

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