The Top 8 Personalized Love Books to Gift Your Partner

It's time to get mushy.
8 Personalized Love Books to Gift Your Significant Other
Photo: Martha Brook
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jul 21, 2023
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Looking for a romantic gift for your next anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday or just because? While you can never go wrong with a personal love letter, turning your love for your partner into a custom and personalized love book is a great way to go the extra mile. You may be asking: What's a personalized love book? Think of them as scrapbook-photo album hybrids. These customizable gifts allow you to tell the story of you and your partner in one treasured, keepsake book. From pre-illustrated custom love books to scrapbooks and journals you fill out together, they're sentimental and thoughtful gifts that you and your partner will treasure for years to come. Whether you're gifting this for a milestone wedding anniversary, on the wedding day or just to say "I love you," we've got you covered with the top custom relationship books.

1. Artifact Uprising "The Stories We Tell" Scrapbook Album

Romantic scrapbook album from Artifact Uprising
Photo: Artifact Uprising

If you're looking for a book you can fill in with your partner as a fun and nostalgic activity together, consider this scrapbook album. Its chapters and prompts take the guesswork out of deciding what to include in your personalized love story book. Prompts range from something that brought you joy to something that made you nostalgic—and there are plenty of places to tape in photos or journal about your experiences. You can turn filling out this book into a special ritual together by agreeing to sit down and work on a chapter with each other once a week.

As a bonus, the exterior's luxurious design, which comes in a range of color and foil options, will look gorgeous displayed on your bookshelf. Still feeling unsure? Artifact Uprising allows you to take a detailed look inside the book to help guide you with your decision.

2. Wonderbly Ten Reasons I Love You Personalized Love Book

Ten Reasons I Love You Love Book from Wonderbly
Photo: Wonderbly

Have a lot you appreciate about your partner, but are unsure how to get it off your chest? This sweet custom relationship book bundles every compliment you could ever think up about your partner in one place.

The bright and colorful illustrated book will populate with both you and your partner's names. You then answer 10 heartfelt questions about your relationship, such as your favorite meals together or what you want to do when you get old. Add a custom dedication for a sweet and simple gift that you'll both treasure for years to come.

3. As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples

As We Grow Memory Book from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If you are married and looking for a book to commemorate and remember some of your fondest moments together, consider this memory book for married couples. The included sections will cover how you met, how you celebrate holidays, times that shaped you (such as kids or vacations) and letters to each other. There's even a space to fill in your custom family tree and room to use this as your wedding day guest book.

A layflat design, easy-to-write-on pages and pockets to store keepsakes, letters and photos all make this book easy to customize and use for years to come. And with a linen cover and timeless design, this book prides itself on being an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation, so your future family members cna learn about your love story and special day.

4. Martha Brook The A to Z of You Book

The A to Z of You Book from Martha Brook on Etsy
Photo: Martha Brook

Feeling poetic? This small-but-mighty book lets you fill in a reason you love your partner or happy memory for every letter of the alphabet. H is for their sense of humor. J is for all the joy they bring you. S is for their amazing spaghetti sauce recipe. (You get the picture.) Your partner will appreciate you putting in the effort to create something so personal and from the heart.

The gold foil cover, name personalization and pages all glimmer and shine to give an extra special look to your book. You can also add on a white and gold pen and gift box to make your gift that much more special. A quick tip for when you get to X: Remember, X's can also stand for kisses!

5. LoveBook "Our Love Story" Personalized Love Book

Our Love Story customized album from LoveBook
Photo: LoveBook

Looking to have someone else take on some of the creative heavy lifting? With LoveBook, animated versions of yourself and your partner come to life on the page. You start by customizing you and your partner's emoji-like characters to ensure they resemble you. Next, select an occasion—the options range from your wedding day to just because—as well as a pre-drawn cover and custom title.

When crafting the inside of your custom book, you'll be given prompts to help tell your story. Answer them with your favorite things about your spouse, activities you like to do together, when you met and more. LoveBook will then pre-populate a custom story about your relationship, which you can then edit and customize as you see fit. This personal, bespoke love story book is sure to make your partner swoon. If you share children, there are also book options for a family.

6. Estock USA Our Adventure Book Photo Album Scrapbook

Our Adventure Book photo album from EstockUSA
Photo: EstockUSA

Are you and your partner artistic? This whimsical scrapbook comes with stickers, pens and drawing templates so that you can truly go to town decorating your book into something fun and bright that represents your relationship.

This book's 40 pages can fit up to 80 pictures from your adventures together—from your big wedding day, to romantic travels, to the little moments you'll always remember. The pages are connected with rope, making it easy to add more pages yourself as the book gets full. This is the perfect wedding, birthday or Valentine's Day gift for any creative and adventure-loving partner.

7. Beating50Percent Memories of Us Anniversary Journal

Memories of Us Anniversary Journal from Beating50Percent
Photo: Beating50Percent

Looking for a special way to commemorate your anniversaries year after year? This anniversary book allows you to document every celebration for up to 50 years. Each anniversary, crack open this hardcover book and fill in what you did together and the most memorable moments from the past year as well as any big goals you've reached. (Don't forget to paste in some cute photos, too.) And whenever you're feeling nostalgic, you both can take the time to flip back through your past years and see how you've grown together as a couple.

The front of the book also features areas to journal about key moments in your relationship, such as how you met, your proposal story, wedding day memories and your vows, so couples of all relationship stages can begin entering their memories into this book right away.

8. The Motion Books I Love You Book

I Love You Book photo album for a romantic couples gift
Photo: The Motion Books

A book doesn't have to be static. If you want to relive a memory—such as your first dance or a fun trip together—in the most literal sense, consider a video love book.

The front cover of this one features a timeless and simple design that you'll never grow tired of. When you open the book, videos you upload will play automatically on a seven-inch audio and video display, no Wi-Fi needed. All you need is the provided USB charger to keep your sweet moment playing.

The company will preload the present with the mini flick of your choice and you can continue to add videos as your story evolves together. To add more videos (up to two hours worth!), just plug it into your computer with the provided USB and drag and drop your favorite clips.

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