8 Premarital Counseling Practices in Fort Collins, CO

Premarital counseling will give your partnership the tools to succeed.
Premarital counselors in Fort Collins, CO
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Updated Jun 12, 2024

Married couples aren't exempt from bumps in the road—they can face challenges at any turn. That's why utilizing a form of preventative care like premarital counseling before getting married can be a great way to set yourself up for success. There are multiple options for premarital counseling in Fort Collins. The Knot Vendor Marketplace has a myriad of options for premarital counselors in the area, which you can filter by selecting the "wedding events" filter and then selecting "premarital counseling."

While pouring out your heart to a counselor in front of your partner may seem nerve-wracking it can ensure a more seamless transition into marital life. The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy says the success rate of marriage counseling is about 70%, which indicates that it may be worthwhile. Check out our list of multiple premarital counselors in Fort Collins who cater to different needs.

Ceremonies With Lisa

This premarital counseling service is provided by Lisa Hunter, an ordained interspiritual minister and graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York. Ceremonies with Lisa is ideal for couples interested in a counselor who is knowledgeable of multiple types of religions and has experience working with couples of vast backgrounds. She also appeals to couples interested in deepening their relationship before the wedding day. Whether you're seeking a Buddhist, non-denominational, Christian, Jewish, pagan, Catholic counselor or more, Lisa can likely meet your needs.

Reina Pudder

Before getting married, couples may have some kinks they still need to iron out or fears that need addressing. Rev. Dr. Reina specializes in helping couples get ready for the altar via premarital counseling services. An added bonus is that she offers post-marital counseling weeks or months after the couple gets hitched to ensure they're on track.

Colorado Weddings by Keith Horstman

Keith Horstman provides premarital counseling near Fort Collins. The owner of the business is a minister who has years of experience both offering premarital counseling and officiating weddings under his belt. One couple said, "One of the primary reasons we chose Keith is we wanted to do premarital counseling with the same person who would officiate—I'm glad we did the premarital counseling and I'm very glad we hired Keith for both. We had three meaningful meetings with him where he was able to guide us through some conversations we hadn't had previously."

Heart of the Matter Therapy and Coaching

Heart of the Matter offers premarital counseling in Fort Collins, which aims to help couples strengthen their relationships and develop solid communication skills before walking down the aisle. Their team comprises six qualified professionals so tentative couples have a range of qualified professionals to choose from. This organization also boasts advanced training in evidence-based methods like Prepare/Enrich counseling, which are highly researched assessment tools used for premarital counseling. Couples who value technique may appreciate the expertise Heart of the Matter brings.

Foundations Counseling

If you need pre-marriage counseling in Fort Collins on short notice, Foundations Counseling may be an ideal option. They offer premarital counseling in Fort Collins within 48 hours, which can be helpful for couples who have decided to elope or decide on counseling last minute. Foundations Counseling aims to help couples build strong and healthy relationships ahead of their lifelong commitment to one another. This organization also has a wide range of therapists for couples to choose from, which may increase their chances of finding the right fit.

Sasi Spirit Weddings

Julie Legg is the owner of Sasi Spirit Weddings and is also an ordained interfaith and inter-spiritual minister. She offers services that range from getting engaged to premarital counseling services for couples from eclectic religious backgrounds. Her edge is in her ability to connect with clients and create personalized and memorable experiences. Couples who are highly sentimental may gravitate towards her premarital counseling services and can expect an attentive counselor.

Small Circles Ceremonies: Ceremonies That Matter

Jen is a wedding officiant and ceremony leader who offers premarital counseling in Fort Collins, Colorado. Couples who use Small Circles Ceremonies can expect a personable, respectful and down-to-earth counselor. She appeals to couples who value authenticity, intimacy and honesty. These values are also embedded into other services she provides, which include getting engaged and wedding ceremony services. She also caters to a range of ceremony types such as civil unions, commitment ceremonies, second weddings and vow renewals.

Experience Hope Counseling

To help address all premarital concerns, couples may consider getting services at Experience Hope Counseling. The experts on their team address anything from trivial to more complex challenges, set out a roadmap for tentative future challenges and provide actionable suggestions to help couples move forward. An added benefit of using Experience Hope Counseling is that their counseling services can appeal to both religious or non-religious individuals.

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