Here Are the 15 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Missouri

You've found the love of your life, and now it's time to make it official.
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Updated Apr 19, 2024

Asking your partner to spend the rest of forever with you is one of the most romantic and defining moments that will change the course of both your lives. We've gathered a list of the best places to propose in Missouri, so you can knock "finding the perfect spot" off your to-do list. Beauty abounds in this state, and there's no shortage of romantic locations, so no matter where you pick, your moment will shine.

To help gather the best places for you, we reached out to professional photographer Lisa Meyer, from Lisa Meyer Photography & Video in St. Louis. She loves catching milestone moments for lovebirds taking that leap into marital bliss and had some great ideas to share about where to propose in Missouri. Lisa was also generous enough to give us some tips to make your proposal unforgettable. One of these venues is sure to check all your boxes.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Missouri

The first thing to consider when choosing the most romantic place to pop the question in Missouri is to consider any places that mean something special to you as a couple. Maybe you had your first date nearby or your first kiss, or perhaps a place where you said the words "I love you." If no place in particular comes to mind, think about your shared interests. Do you love the great outdoors or a candlelight dinner for two at a quiet restaurant? Asking those questions can help you narrow down your choices. Seeking help from a proposal planner or your professional photographer can be invaluable in the decision-making process. They can not only assist in picking a place but also in planning out the proposal itself.

The Best Time of the Year to Propose in Missouri

When we askedMeyer when the best time to propose in Missouri was, she immediately said spring or fall. That's because the weather isn't too hot or too cold, and the foliage is beautiful at both times of the year. She explained that most people proposing in the state do so outside, so choosing a mild time of year weather-wise is a smart choice. Keep in mind that winters can bring snow, which can add to the romantic ambiance, so that's also an option. However, if you would rather have your moment indoors, any time of year will do.

The Best Places to Propose in Missouri

Whether you prefer the expanse of the Ozarks, a quaint garden or a historic landmark with a rustic feel, one of these romantic spots is sure to be the perfect place for you. Be sure to gather your team (including a proposal planner and proposal photographer) ahead of time from The Knot Vendor Marketplace so they can help you bring everything together.

Madrid Theatre

For couples who love movies and adore history even more, the Madrid Theatre might be the most romantic place to declare your love. The building was originally built in 1926 to show silent movies and the classics. It now features a beautifully-restored 1920s decor with an antique interior, providing an elegant and unique place to share a timeless moment with your loved one. Surrounded by historic charm, stunning architecture and an intimate atmosphere, this theater setting will make your proposal unforgettable.

Big Cedar

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains and next to Table Rock Lake sits Big Cedar, a wilderness resort in Ridgedale. The venue has lush greens and panoramic views that will make your heart sing. Pop the question on the balcony overlooking the wonder of Mother Nature or by the outdoor fountain down below. There's even a classic barn on the estate for those looking for a rustic touch to their engagement.

Emerson Grand Basin in Forest Park

One of the first places Lisa mentioned as the best place to propose in Missouri was Emerson Grand Basin in Forest Park. The location is a large man-made lake surrounded by walking paths and blooming gardens. Wander hand in hand around a tranquil lake, passing over bridges and past fountains until you find the perfect spot to pop the question. History buffs will love the fact that the space was originally built for the famous 1904 World's Fair.

The Dogwood Gardens

If you're looking for a place to propose around Kansas City, consider The Dogwood Gardens, which sits nearby. Meander through the gardens with its vibrant flowers and winding pathways leading you to an intimate proposal spot. This peaceful area combines contemporary style with rustic features in the middle of a sprawling estate where you can declare your love under a bright blue sky.

Chandler Hill Vineyards

Raise a glass to your future together at Chandler Hill Vineyards with views of grape vines, distant mountains and panoramic views of the Missouri River Valley. Lisa mentioned that vineyards are romantic places to propose and named this one in particular. This enchanting wine farm could be the ideal place for your proposal.

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch

When you think of St. Louis, you probably picture the Gateway Arch situated in the heart of the city. The structure is an iconic monument that would make an amazing backdrop for your heartfelt moment together. The Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch has stunning views of the structure from its rooftop terrace. Why not get down on one knee and propose while overlooking the city's sparkling lights and the Mississippi River?

Seven T Farms

Step out of the city and into the Missouri countryside at Seven T Farms, where rolling hills on this 200-acre venue create a peaceful backdrop for the start of your marital bliss. Just a short drive from St. Louis, this quiet spot has farm elements like giant rolls of hay and cedar barrels as well as wildflowers and towering trees. Dreamy.

JB Hook's

If a romantic dinner is more your style, think about surprising your loved one at JB Hook's legendary steakhouse. The high-end dining atmosphere on the back porch area overlooking the beauty of the Lake of the Ozarks couldn't be more perfect. Coordinate with the matradee and your photographer to get the moment just right and toast to your future with a nice bottle of wine.

Busch Stadium

Sporty couples who don't mind a crowd might want to visit the Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Photographer Lisa Meyer put this location high on her list for proposals. Built in 2006, the retro-style venue could bring a nostalgic feeling to your moment. You could pop the question on the jumbo message board and pledge your love at the ball game amongst the peanuts and crackerjacks. What a romantic gesture!

Bridal Cave

While the Ozarks are a well-known Missouri destination, you might not be aware of the world beneath. Adventurers might love starting their journey through life together while exploring the Bridal Cave in the Lake of the Ozarks. The stunning cave formations within create a magical and unique backdrop for your proposal brought to you by nature. The pictures alone will be enchanting.

Titanic's Grand Staircase

Remember when Jack extended his hand to Rose from the stairs on Titanic's Grand Staircase? Now, that was romantic. Recreate that touching moment with your intended at the Titanic Museum in Branson—shaped like the Titanic herself. While you might not be able to ascend the stairs within, you can certainly use it as the centerpiece of your proposal as you commit your heart to your intended.

Cellar 222

Escape to the intimate and cozy ambiance of Cellar 222, one of the best places to propose in Kansas City. Ask for your love's hand while enjoying a fine wine surrounded by romantic forged iron lighting, in front of the grand stone fireplace or while descending the rustic stairwell to the wine cellar below. The unique interior sets the mood for a memorable engagement.

The Otten on Main

If you're looking for more proposal ideas in Kansas City, consider checking out what The Otten on Main has to offer. Situated in the Crossroads Arts District, this former hotel was built in 1918 bringing a historic feel to your romantic moment. Pledge your heart under twinkling lights while basking in both vintage charm and modern elegance. The rooftop bar also gives you a beautiful view of the city, which would be perfect day or night.

Rock Island Bridge

Begin your journey through life together by considering a proposal on the Rock Island Bridge. This destination bridge is in the West Bottoms district of Kansas City and reaches over the Kansas River, giving you spectacular views and a floating-on-water experience. It also offers three decks from which to choose, including the roof. As the sun sets, this location becomes the perfect backdrop for your romantic moment.

Sunset Bluffs Venue

Travel to Washington to find the natural beauty of the Sunset Bluffs Venue, where tranquil waters and stunning cliffs create a serene atmosphere and one of the best places to pop the question. The 20-acre estate not only has an elegant indoor space but a view of the lake with a white sandy beach. Listen to the waterfall and sounds of nature as you begin planning your life together.

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