Reddit Users’ Greatest Wedding Regrets

Married Reddit users share their greatest wedding regrets so you don’t have them too.
by Maggie Seaver
Bride with groom holding champagne
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Planning your wedding can be extra difficult if you spend the entire time worried about regretting things after it’s too late. Reddit users took to a message thread to post about their biggest wedding regrets, and you might be interested to hear what they have to say. Here are some highlights to warn you against some potential wedding regrets and mistakes, and help guide you in your decision-making. (But remember, no matter what you might be sorry about down the road, the most important thing about your day is that you’re marrying the love of your life!)

Not [assigning] tables at our reception. We had a buffet and didn't want to do assigned seating, which worked out just fine, except that I figured our family and wedding party (we just did a sweetheart table) would sit at the front few tables, and they didn't.”

“I regret being so stressed out during the planning process.”

“I regret not getting a videographer.... It's only been three weeks, and the memories are already starting to fade! That makes me feel so sad since the day was absolutely perfect!”

“I kept hearing people say that you have to make sure you get the time to eat dinner, so you don't miss out on all the good food you arranged. I think that's true, but I think I actually spent too much time just eating with my husband and watching the wedding around me. I wish I had eaten as fast as possible, and spent more time visiting with people.”

“I regret failing so badly at getting the little details in place so my family ended up having to step in at the last minute.”

“[M]ostly I regret not asking for help during the planning process. If people want to help, let them and trust them to get it done.”

I wish I had asked the officiant to tell people to put their cell phones away. We have so many lovely shots of the ceremony, but in every one there are people in the background holding up cell phones so you can't see their faces.... The photos people took on their phones turned out okay, and I didn't mind at all them posting their own pics to [social media], but I do hate the idea that they were all taking photos instead of creating memories.”

“I wish [we] had gotten a better photographer. We got a great deal on the fee, but it shows in the pictures…. I wish I had gone with the photographer with pictures I loved, not the cheapest acceptable one.”

“I regret trying so hard to stay exactly on schedule [and to] fix things myself that I missed time with guests.”

“I regret not outsourcing more tasks leading up to the wedding. I tried to do it all within the week before the wedding and spent the morning of finishing my bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages and steaming my dress...instead of eating, getting ready early and getting more photos.”

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