13 Rihanna Love Songs to Play on Your Wedding Day

You found love, now it's time to celebrate with a playlist of RiRi bops.
Rihanna performing on stage at the Oscars
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Lauren Dana Ellman - The Knot Contributor.
Lauren Dana Ellman
Lauren Dana Ellman - The Knot Contributor.
Lauren Dana Ellman
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Apr 19, 2024

When it comes to incredible wedding songs, there are hundreds of options to choose from featuring artists across all genres of music. That said, you can never go wrong with adding some Rihanna love songs to your wedding playlist. The Grammy-winning artist has released dozens of songs over the decades, including an abundance of swoon-worthy hits across the pop, EDM, R&B and reggae genres. With this in mind, couples can take their pick of a variety of Rihanna wedding songs depending on their music preferences. To help narrow down the options, we've rounded up the top Rihanna love songs for your wedding band or DJ to play on your big day. Oh, and speaking of bands and DJs, there's no need to panic if you haven't found one yet: Simply use The Knot Vendor Marketplace to search for wedding DJs and live bands near you!

1. "We Found Love" Talk That Talk

Lyrics you'll love: " Feel the heartbeat in my mind/It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny/But I've gotta let it go/We found love in a hopeless place"

Get the party going by having your wedding band or DJ play "We Found Love" as you enter your wedding reception—and prepare for your wedding guests to go wild! As one of the best Rihanna songs above love, this EDM track is especially popular for its bouncy melody and fast-paced tempo.

2. "Only Girl (In the World)" Loud

Lyrics you'll love: "Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world/Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love/Like I'm the only one who knows your heart"

Add "Only Girl (In the World)" to your wedding reception playlist, STAT. This uber-popular Rihanna wedding song is famous for its oh-so-catchy chorus, which will have all of your guests singing while grooving along to the beat.

3. "Umbrella" Good Girl Gone Bad

Lyrics you'll love: "When the sun shines, we'll shine together/Told you I'll be here forever/Said I'll always be your friend/Took an oath, I'ma stick it out to the end/Now that it's raining more than ever/Know that we'll still have each other/You can stand under my umbrella"

This 2007 hit—one of the best Rihanna love songs, like, ever—has withstood the test of time. It's laden with romantic lyrics that will make you, your new spouse and your guests all swoon. While "Umbrella" can be played any time during your wedding reception, it makes for an especially fun and unique first dance song.

4. "Love on the Brain" Anti

Lyrics you'll love: "Oh, and baby I'm fist fighting with fire/Just to get close to you/Can we burn something, babe?/And I run for miles just to get a taste/Must be love on the brain"

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"Love on the Brain" takes the cake for being one of the best Rihanna slow love songs. The singer's powerful pipes are on full display throughout the sultry tune, and the passionate lyrics will give you and your guests all the feels. Consider playing it during cocktail hour or dinner.

5. "Diamonds" Unapologetic

Lyrics you'll love: "Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy/You and I, you and I, we're like diamonds in the sky/You're a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy/When you hold me, I'm alive, we're like diamonds in the sky"

Don't sleep on this 2011-era Rihanna love song, which makes the ideal addition to any wedding reception playlist and works wonderfully as a fun first dance song. All in all, the poetic, metaphor-laden lyrics, coupled with RiRi's signature vocals, make this song an absolute must-play.

6. "Where Have You Been" Talk That Talk

Lyrics you'll love: "Where have you been/All my life? All my life?"

Post-dinner, get everyone back up and out on the dance floor by blasting "Where Have You Been." We guarantee you won't be able to help but groove along to this fast-paced dance-pop hit!

7. "Drunk on Love" Talk That Talk

Lyrics you'll love: "You know I'm drunk on love/Drunk on love/Nothing can sober me up/It's all that I need"

Not to be confused with Beyonce's equally spectacular song, "Drunk In Love," Rihanna's "Drunk On Love" is a perfect power ballad to sing along to—even though it tends to fly (severely) under the radar. The beat gets faster and faster leading up to the catchy chorus, in which Rihanna proclaims she's—you guessed it—"drunk on love."

8. "Stay" Unapologetic

Lyrics you'll love: "Something in the way you move/Makes me feel like I can't live without you/It takes me all the way/I want you to stay"

This slow, sweet Rihanna wedding song is perfect for your first dance as a married couple. Featuring vocals from singer-songwriter Mikky Ekko, the stunning albeit sultry track is a favorite for its captivating melody and beautiful harmonies.

9. "Fool in Love" Talk That Talk

Lyrics you'll love: "So I guess I'm a fool/I'm a fool in love/But I'm willing to stay here/And bask in the glory of his heart"

This passionate ballad is sure to tug at the heartstrings with its sweet and, at times, emotional lyrics. Its gorgeous instrumentals—including acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers and drums—add an extra-special touch. With all this in mind, it's well worth playing during cocktail hour or dinner, when guests can sit back, relax and take it all in.

10. "What's My Name?" Loud

Lyrics you'll love: "Hey, boy, I really wanna see if you/Can go downtown with a girl like me/Hey, boy, I really wanna be with you/'Cause you just my type"

It seems like everyone and their mother knows the words to this infectious R&B song, which also features rap icon Drake. And although this bouncy, dance-worthy beat is a popular pick for wedding receptions, some lyrics are R-rated, so you may choose to save it for your after-party.

11. "You Da One" Talk That Talk

Lyrics you'll love: "You da one that I dream about all day/You da one that I think about always/You are the one, so I make sure I'll behave/My love is your love, your love is my love"

Searching for the perfect wedding exit song? Look no further than "You Da One," which is especially unique since it combines reggae flavors with classic pop—plus a hint of EDM flair towards the tune's end. The bass drops right before the final chorus, giving you—and your guests—the chance to go out with a bang.

12. "Loveeeeeee Song" Unapologetic

Lyrics you'll love: "I'm not asking for the world, maybe/You can give me what I want, baby"

This steamy R&B love song features vocals from American rapper Future. The lyrics are, in a word, sexy, and, at times, graphic. Pro tip: Save this song for the after-party when you can rock out with only your closest friends and family members (read: not your judgmental second cousins or younger nieces or nephews!).

13. "This Is What You Came For" Now That's What I Call Music! 94

Lyrics you'll love: "Baby, this is what you came for/Lightning strikes every time she moves/And everybody's watchin' her/But she's lookin' at you"

While Rihanna is technically listed as the featured artist on this Calvin Harris chart-topping single from 2016, it's her vocals that truly make this EDM hit a favorite. While this song has a more mellow, pop-infused feel compared to traditional house music, it's great for dancing with your nearest and dearest on what's arguably one of the most important days of your life.

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