Does Noah Kahan Have a Girlfriend? What We Know About His Private Romance

Fans have deduced that the singer appears to be dating Brenna Nolan, a New England photographer.
Noah Kahan and girlfriend Brenna Nolan
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Updated Feb 01, 2024

Whether you've been a fan for years or you discovered his music on TikTok, there's no denying that Noah Kahan is one of the biggest rising stars in the music industry today. The Vermont native, 27, signed with Republic Records in 2017 and had his breakout year in 2023 following the release of his album Stick Season. The folk record went viral on TikTok before it was even released, launching him into mainstream stardom and landing him a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

While many of his songs revolve around topics like mental health, hometown nostalgia, and emotional self-reflection, he does have a few wedding-worthy love songs (like "Everywhere, Everything" and his newly-released hit "Forever"). Given the growing hype about his music, fans can't help but wonder: Is Noah Kahan single? Or does he have a girlfriend inspiring some of his songs? It's rumored that Noah Kahan's girlfriend is Brenna Nolan, a New England-based photographer.

Not much is known about their relationship, as she has private social media accounts and Noah himself rarely posts about their romance. But, that said, she has appeared on his Instagram Stories a handful of times, which have been documented by fan accounts online. Plus, Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan attended the 2023 TIME100 Next Gala together in October 2023, which appears to have been their first public appearance together. Here's everything we know about Noah Kahan and his girlfriend, Brenna Nolan.

  • Is Noah Kahan single? The answer is no—he appears to be dating Brenna Nolan.
  • While it's unclear when Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan met and began dating, he has tagged her in Instagram posts dating back to 2014.
  • In a 2023 People Magazine profile, Noah Kahan confirmed he lives in Watertown, Massachusetts with his girlfriend and their German shepherd, Penny.

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Who Is Noah Kahan's Girlfriend, Brenna Nolan?

Noah Kahan
Photo: Rick Kern | WireImage

Fans have deduced that Noah Kahan's girlfriend is Brenna Nolan. Not much is known about her, aside from the fact that we can assume she may have inspired some of Noah Kahan's love songs. According to her LinkedIn page, she works as the On-Site Coordinator for The Busyhead Project, which is Noah Kahan's charity that aims to raise funds for organizations supporting mental health awareness and resources.

How Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan Met

It's unclear exactly how Noah Kahan and his girlfriend met—but they both hail from New England, so it's likely that they crossed paths in their community.

Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan's Relationship Timeline

While not much is known about Noah Kahan's relationship status, we can piece together a few key details. Here's a look inside Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan's romance.

August 2020: Noah Kahan Tags Brenna Nolan on Instagram

Although she's been tagged in photos dating back to 2014, one of the most recent clues about Noah Kahan's girlfriend came on August 3, 2020, when the singer shared a clip of himself singing an acoustic rendition of his song "Maine" on Instagram. Kahan tagged Brenna Nolan in the caption of the video, which was shot on a beach at sunset. "White thighs wide eyes @brenna.nolan for her camera work," he wrote.

January 2022: A Fan Account Shares Photos of Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan

In January 2022, a Noah Kahan fan account posted screenshots from Brenna Nolan's Instagram story wishing her boyfriend a happy birthday. "Happy birthday to my favorite @noahkahanmusic," read one slide, while the other was captioned, "Love you lots & lots."

October 2022: Noah Kahan Confirms He Has a Girlfriend

Later that year, People Magazine published a profile about Noah Kahan's rise to stardom following the success of his third album. "This is something I wanted to do my whole life, and it felt like every musical moment I've ever had has led me to this project," the artist told the publication. "It made me feel inspired and fulfilled."

While the feature primarily focuses on the singer's musical influences, his ties to his hometown, and his nontraditional path to viral fame, it briefly touches on his personal life too. Kahan confirmed that he currently lives in Watertown, Massachusetts with his girlfriend and their German shepherd Penny, who appears on the cover of Stick Season.

October 2023: Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan Attend the Time100 Next Gala

Noah Kahan and girlfriend Brenna Nolan
Photo: Craig Barritt | Getty Images for TIME

Noah Kahan and his girlfriend Brenna Nolan made their first public appearance as a couple on October 24, 2023. The couple attended the Time100 Next Gala in New York City and were photographed sitting next to each other inside the event, which celebrates "individuals who are shaping the future."

Is Noah Kahan Married?

Is Noah Kahan married? Engaged? It's a valid question, but—as far as we know—the answer is no. As of now, we know that Noah Kahan is dating Brenna Nolan.

How the Couple Handles Life in the Spotlight

If there's one lesson we can learn from some of the longest-married celebrities in Hollywood, it's that silence can often be golden…especially when it comes to making your romance last in the public eye. Such is the case for Noah Kahan and his girlfriend. The two keep their relationship under wraps—but given his fast rise to mainstream fame, time will tell if Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan share more about their romance in the future.

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