How to Plan a One-of-a-Kind “Something Blue” Bridal Shower

There are lots of ways to have fun with this theme.
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Updated Jul 25, 2023
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If you're in charge of hosting the bridal shower, you've probably seen the "something blue" bridal shower theme at least once on Pinterest. But what is a "something blue" bridal shower? If you don't know where the phrase comes from, it's from an Old English wedding tradition that has stood the test of time. People thought blue blocked bad energy and represented love, purity and fidelity, which would encourage a healthy marriage. Today, creative party throwers have used the rhyme as a shower idea. If you don't know how to start planning a "Something Blue Before I Do" bridal shower, we break down all the supplies you need. Plus, 10 ways other people have incorporated the blue hue in their wedding-related events.

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"Something Blue" Bridal Shower: What You Need

Planning a "Something Blue Before I Do" bridal shower is arguably one of the easiest shower themes to accomplish. All you have to do is deck out your party location with whichever shade(s) of blue the guest of honor desires. Below are eight things you can buy to incorporate blue at the bride-to-be's celebration.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Invitations

You'll need to let loved ones know when and where the festivities will be that's where bridal shower invitations come in. Anything blue will do, such as this bohemian-looking invitation with delicate foliage.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Banner

Blue floral bridal shower banner
Photo: Zazzle

If you're planning to throw a "something blue"-themed bridal shower, consider having a banner with hints of blue as a part of a photo backdrop. This watercolor-inspired decoration has a beautiful bouquet of blue, yellow and purple blooms above each letter and comes in two shapes, swallowtail and triangle.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Blue glass bridal shower centerpieces
Photo: Amazon

This vintage-designed set of glass vases comes in a 10-piece assortment and are perfect centerpieces. You can mix and match the different vase styles and use them as vessels for flowers, candles and reed diffusers. Customers loved the vases so much that they reused them for their wedding decorations.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Table Runner

Blue floral bridal shower table runner
Photo: Target

Buy a table runner for extra decorative flair like this cotton one. It comes in two sizes, 108 by 14 inches and 72 by 4 inches, and has a rustic floral pattern on a cream background. The best part is that it's machine washable so you can use it for another future (wedding or non-wedding related) event.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Cake Topper

Blue bridal shower cake topper
Photo: Zazzle

Getting a variety of sweet treats for the party is a must––that's why you should put a cake topper on your "something blue" bridal shower decor shopping list. You can add this modern dusty blue floral topper to just about any like dessert, like brownies, cupcakes, tarts and much more.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Balloons

Blue bridal shower balloon installation
Photo: HouseofPartyCo

Balloons are an easy way to make any event feel more festive. The pastel blue garland kit has 89 pieces and claims a "hassle-free setup." Hang the balloons in a straight line or curve them for an arch effect.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Games

"Something blue"-themed bridal shower game
Photo: Stickearte

There are lots of fun bridal shower games, like the lingerie game, wedding trivia or "Don't Say Bride" challenge, but a printable bridal shower game everyone will love is bridal bingo. Ask guests to fill in the blanks with gifts they believe the bride will receive at the party. Then while the bride opens gifts, guests mark which guesses they got correct, and whoever gets bingo first wins a prize.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Favors

Blue stemless wine glasses bridal shower favors
Photo: Wayfair

Another way you can achieve the "something blue" bridal shower theme is through party favors. Hand out these beautiful blue stemless wine glasses at the end of the celebration as a thank you to guests. Everyone will appreciate the finely detailed Imari design on this drinkware set.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Ideas

Want to see some "something blue" bridal shower theme ideas in action? Then keep reading to see 10 of our favorite ways people put the blue in "I Do."

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Cake

Surprise the to-be-wed with a gorgeous blue cake like this one. The white and pink fondant flowers and berries are the perfect elegant touch to this confection.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Plates

Lots of people go the Chinoiserie design route for the "something blue" bridal shower. We assume it's because there's an abundance of blue dishware in the Chinoiserie style and its classic and timeless look.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Cocktails

Offer a signature drink at the shower that's refreshing and light. Your drink doesn't have to be this vibrant, but it's a great way to show off the theme. We've also since people have champagne with blue cotton candy resting at the top of the glass, so when it's dropped in, it turns the drink a light blue color.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Napkins

The "something blue" bridal shower is gradually becoming a popular theme, that's why you should personalize it as much as possible for the bride-to-be. We love these custom turquoise napkins that read, "Nita Is Tying The Knot."

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Backdrop

Buy a backdrop for the guest of honor to sit in front of or for guests to take cute selfies. The pink flowers and ballons are also a great touch to make the backdrop pop.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Candy Station

Blue-themed bridal shower candy station
Photo: The Hendricks
Candy station: Florida Candy Buffets

If the soon-to-be bride has a candy obsession, you should definitely have a candy bar or station at the shower. Fill jars and bowls with blue-toned jelly beans, gumballs, gummy bears and more.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Floral Centerpiece

One of the "something blue" bridal shower decorations hosts often include are lush blue florals. At this event, white and blue hydrangeas in tall glass vases were the focus of the tables.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Cake Pops

Another "something blue" bridal shower food idea you can try is cake pops. We love how this blue-white chocolate dessert has blue edible sugar crystals coating the outside.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Mason Jar Vase

Blue mason jars can be simple centerpieces, like this one full of baby's breath, or containers for other things. Consider putting tealight candles in the jars or serving drinks in them.

"Something Blue" Bridal Shower Dog Attire

This certainly isn't necessary, but if the to-be-wed and their furry friend are inseparable, ask them if they would like the pooch to attend. A blue dog outfit is a thoughtful gift and adds to the theme.

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