5 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Searching for an engagement ring that doesn't look like everyone else's? These one-of-a-kind styles just might be the perfect fit.
by the knot
  1. Perfect Pearl

    photo by Courtesy of Manufacture / The Knot

    Not your average "round-cut" stone, a pearl center feels modern and antique at once.

    Pearl engagement ring by Autore

  2. Shape Shifter

    photo by Courtesy of Manufacture / The Knot

    It's clear that colorful rings are all the rage, but a sapphire-colored stone in this triangular shape is anything but ordinary. 

    Tanzanite engagement ring by Something Hue by Sylvie Collection

  3. Personal Note

    photo by Courtesy of Manufacture / The Knot

    Forget imprinting initials inside your band. On this ring, engraving gets an upgrade with a not-so-secret inscription.

    Rose Gold gold engagement ring by Erica Courtney

  4. Band Aid

    photo by Courtesy of Manufacture / The Knot

    A five-stone style is always a classic, except when it's set on an ultra-thick, üuber-modern band.

    Gold engagement ring by Megan Thorne

  5. Rough Stuff

    photo by Courtesy of Manufacture / The Knot

    These irregular-shaped stones are uncut diamonds, which means they're not super super-shiny, but the shape can't can't be duplicated, so they're truly one-of-a-kind.

    Palladium engagement ring by Todd Reed

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