5 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Searching for an engagement ring that doesn't look like everyone else's? These one-of-a-kind styles just might be the perfect fit.
  1. Perfect Pearl

    Not your average "round-cut" stone, a pearl center feels modern and antique at once.

    Pearl engagement ring by Autore

  2. Shape Shifter

    It's clear that colorful rings are all the rage, but a sapphire-colored stone in this triangular shape is anything but ordinary. 

    Tanzanite engagement ring by Something Hue by Sylvie Collection

  3. Personal Note

    Forget imprinting initials inside your band. On this ring, engraving gets an upgrade with a not-so-secret inscription.

    Rose Gold gold engagement ring by Erica Courtney

  4. Band Aid

    A five-stone style is always a classic, except when it's set on an ultra-thick, √ľuber-modern band.

    Gold engagement ring by Megan Thorne

  5. Rough Stuff

    These irregular-shaped stones are uncut diamonds, which means they're not super super-shiny, but the shape can't can't be duplicated, so they're truly one-of-a-kind.

    Palladium engagement ring by Todd Reed