Here’s How to Guarantee You’ll Be Comfortable in Your Wedding Dress

Because it’s as important to feel good as it is to look good.
by Kelley Rowland
illustration bride sitting down

When you start shopping for your wedding dress, there are a ton of things you’re looking for: a knockout silhouette, a flattering neckline and gorgeous details, to name just a few. Basically, you’re probably thinking more about how it looks than how it feels. But let’s be real: You don’t want to spend one of the happiest days of your life in an uncomfortable dress. We’ve got you. Follow our list of five must-dos to make sure you’ll love wearing your dress as much as you’ll love how you look in it.

  1. Strut your stuff.

    bridal illustration

    The whole day is your time to shine, but when you’re walking down the aisle, all eyes are on you. If moving in your dress is a struggle, it’ll show. So when you’re trying on dresses at the bridal salon, walk around in your top picks to see how they feel. Some silhouettes may present a bigger challenge than others, like mermaid- or trumpet-style gowns that are more confining. But don’t let that stop you from picking the dress you really love. Talk to your stylist or tailor about modifications that could make moving around in it a bit easier. If there’s a will, there’s a way.​​

  2. Bust a move—or two.

    dancing steps illustration

    ​Before you break it down on the dance floor for real, give your best moves a go in your dream dress. Raise the roof, twerk, get low—just be sure you’ll be able to dance the night away without worrying about potential wardrobe malfunctions. Think about both the style and material: A low-cut or strapless gown may not be the best fit if you’re concerned about your girls popping out, while a dress with heavy beading can add pounds you might not want to bring onto the dance floor. But if your heart is set on a style that’s just not conducive to getting down, don’t worry. You can always buy a second dress for the reception.​

  3. Have a seat.

    bridal illustration sitting down

    ​You’d never buy a pair of jeans without sitting down in them first, right? Well, we advise doing the same in your wedding dress. While your dress will be tailored to you, it’s worth noting if something in the sample is rubbing you the wrong way when you take a seat. After all, eventually you’ll need to sit—not to mention get in and out of a car at some point. And when you finally have the chance to get off your feet after all that dancing and mingling with your guests, you’ll want to be able to actually breathe (and, you know, eat).​

  4. Play ball.

    bridal illustration bouquet tossing

    Okay, not really. But if you want to ace the bouquet toss, do a practice throw or two to make sure you have a good range of motion. (Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to test your aim.) Just beware of any long-sleeved dress that could keep you from fulfilling your bouquet-tossing potential.​​

  5. Think about the loo.

    bathroom door illustration

    Hey, when a girl’s gotta pee, a girl’s gotta pee—even when she’s wearing layers upon layers of tulle and chiffon. The difficulty of this situation depends on the dress silhouette. Unless you’re wearing a simple sheath, you’ll likely need to recruit a (very good) friend to help you out in your time of need. (PSA: For a very tight mermaid-style dress, you might even have to take it off altogether!) So while it may not be a deal breaker, it is something to think about, especially if you’re shy. Our suggestion? Do a trial run to help you avoid any awkwardness on your wedding day. But you should definitely save this test for after you’ve bought the dress. Believe us, your bridal consultant will thank you.

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