A Wedding Dress Made Out of Cake?!

by Simone Hill

Cake! Yep, this is a wedding dress you can eat. A Staffordshire, UK based bakery called Fairytale Cake Company featured this six-foot-tall, 17 tiered cake dress at a The National Wedding Show in Birmingham, England this weekend. With hand-piped swirls and a satin finish achieved using pearl luster, Donna Millington-Day, the owner of Fairytale Cake Company achieved created a cake that's practically runway-worthy! The creation is made entirely out of sponge cake, approximately 50 pounds of sugar paste, 2 pounds of royal icing and hundreds of sugar pearls. The finished cake weighs 55 pounds and could serve up to 2,000 guests!

All photos: Facebook.com/FairytaleCake

Cake Dress

Photo:  Facebook.com/FairytaleCake

Photo:  Facebook.com/FairytaleCake

Photo:  Facebook.com/FairytaleCake

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