6 Things Not to Do at Your Wedding Hair Trial

Make sure your test run goes well with these tips.
maddy sims the knot associate editor
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maddy sims the knot associate editor
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Updated Aug 16, 2019

So you've finally decided on a potential wedding hairstyle and booked a professional stylist for the day (yay!). What's next? Scheduling a consultation to make sure the 'do (and the pro) are right for you. While a wedding hair trial seems pretty straightforward, it's not just another regular hair appointment. There are definitely some things you want to make sure you do (come with clean hair, for example). But what are the mistakes you should avoid? We've rounded up six of the most common blunders when it comes to wedding hair trials, and how to avoid them.

1. Leaving Your Inspiration at Home

Your wedding hairstylist might not know your exact preferences, so it's helpful to bring photos and examples of the styles you want on your wedding day. We recommend compiling imagery from Pinterest, Instagram and your favorite magazines (like The Knot for example). You can even bring past photos of yourself that showcase what's worked for you in the past. Anything that will give them a hint about the kind of style you're seeking is fair game.

2. Not Thinking About Your Wedding Outfit

You want your wedding hair trial to give you the closest idea of what you're going to look like on the day. Make sure you wear the color of your wedding dress to your consultation (even if it's just a T-shirt), so you can see how your hair color looks against your attire. If possible, choose a piece with a neckline similar to your gown, since different hairstyles lend themselves to particular necklines. It's also super important to bring along any accessory you plan to wear in your hair, whether that's a hairpin or your veil. Your stylist will want to figure out how to work it into your hair before the wedding day. If your hair accessory hasn't arrived yet, ask a friend if they might have something similar you can borrow. As a last resort, bring a photo, so at least the stylist knows what to expect.


3. Feeling Too Scared to Speak Up

We get it—it can be awkward to say something to a hairstylist while you're in the chair. But if you begin to feel uncomfortable with the way the stylist is handling your tresses, calmly and respectfully suggest an alternative. Expert help is always a great thing to have for your wedding day, but you have to be willing to speak up if you want them to truly achieve the look you want. Keep in mind that beauty pros want you to look and feel your best, so they won't take the feedback personally.

Also, remember to ask for tips for keeping those luscious locks in place throughout the reception. If your veil needs to be removed after the ceremony, have them show you the best way to do it. After all, you want to show off that beautiful hair, don't you?

4. Forgetting to Time It

During your wedding hair trial, time the duration of your appointment, then add 30 minutes to the schedule for any snags. Once you have a general idea of how long it will take, think about how to work hair and makeup into your wedding day timeline. This means you'll need to schedule your hair appointment at precisely the right moment. Do your hair too early and your coif could start to look stale just as the festivities are getting started. But if you start styling too late, you'll feel rushed (and nobody wants that). Try to schedule your hair appointment for as late as possible so that your hair is fresh for pictures, but carve out ample time to get the other things done, like photos with your bridesmaids.

5. Forgetting to Document It

Once your hair trial is over, you'll want to snap a few pictures of the finished product. Once the stylist starts manipulating your tresses, ask them to take a photo of each finished look from four different angles: front, back and both sides. That way, you'll be able to see how you look from all views, and you'll get an idea of how the stylist's work translates to photographs. If there's one particular style you like, ask them to write down exactly which products and techniques were used. Since a wedding consultation can take place months before your actual event, it's important to keep notes and take pictures so you can both remember what worked.

6. Not Asking The Right Questions

When your hair trial is done, it's important to stick around and ask some important questions. Before you hire a stylist you need to decide a few things: Do you want them to come to you on your wedding day, or would you rather go to the salon? Will they only do you hair or take care of the bridal party as well? Do you want them to stay with you throughout the day to do touch-ups before the photo session and reception? Discuss all the important bridal hair consultation questions with your stylist. Of course, how long you hire a professional to stay with you also depends on your budget and their time limitations.

Once you've decided whom you're going to hire, hand over a deposit to reserve the date and request a receipt. Another option is to have the stylist sign a formal contract, detailing everything you expect on the wedding day. It may seem excessive, but this is not an ordinary service. Formalize the agreement if that makes you feel more comfortable and once that's done, you can check "book hairstylist" off your to-do checklist. Cheers to that!

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