16 Sweet Couple Poses for Your Wedding Day

Make sure to put these special moments on your shot list.
andrea fowler the knot wedding planning expert
Andrea Fowler
andrea fowler the knot wedding planning expert
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Updated Jun 22, 2020

After finding your photographer, the next step is to go over a shot list. Now, a seasoned photographer will know exactly which moments to capture at a wedding, so we're not saying you should tell them how to do their job. What you should do is emphasize which moments or poses are must-haves for you. Among all the photos you'll take with family and friends, make sure to carve out some time for you and your partner to get some solo shots—it's easier than you think to forget about them!

Your photographer will be able to give you a bit of direction when it comes to posing for the camera, but it doesn't hurt to go in with a few ideas of your own. Here are some of our favorite wedding day couple poses to inspire your shot list.

16 of the Best Couple Poses For Your Wedding

1. First Look (Without Looking)

Sweet wedding day couple pose before a first look

The couple's pose: This couple's photography pose can capture a meaningful moment before walking down the aisle.

From: A Romantic, Rustic Wedding at Irongate Equestrian Center in Hartford, Ohio

2. Prayer During the Ceremony

Wedding day photo moment, praying together at the ceremony
Hayley Rinn Ringo Photography

The couple's pose: While you may not be purposefully posing, you'll be glad you asked your wedding photographer to document this special part of your ceremony.

From: An Elegant Country Wedding at Heritage House Dripping Springs in Dripping Springs, Texas

3. Having Fun With Props

A cute couple pose idea for wedding day photos, with a fun prop
We Are Diamond Eyes

The couple's pose: Bring some whimsical props for some sweet and playful couple picture poses.

From: A Modern Wedding With a Southwestern Style at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, California

4. Holding Hands (With Pets!)

Couple pose idea for wedding day pictures holding hands
Allyson Wiley Photography

The couple's pose: As long as you're posing with your family members, why not bring Fido along for the fun? Hold hands and let your pet be the center of attention for this shot.

From: A Chic Winery Wedding at Chateau St. Jean Winery in Kenwood, California

5. Candid Laughs

Couple pose ideas for the wedding day, capturing candid laughts
Rachel Joy Baransi

The couple's pose: Not every shot needs to be perfectly set up. Ask for some natural shots of you and your honey laughing and enjoying your day.

From: An Eclectic, Small-Town Wedding at Sparta Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Newark, Ohio

6. With the Flower Girl

Wedding day photos pose idea, kissing the flower girl
Allyson Wiley Photography

The couple's pose: The only guest cuter than the newlyweds is the flower girl. Give the little one a smooch and thank her for her duties.

From: A Chic Winery Wedding at Chateau St. Jean Winery in Kenwood, California

7. Capturing Soft Backlighting

A couple pose idea with soft backlighting for wedding day photos
Aesthetic Life Studio

The couple's pose: Pose however you like and simply let the soft backlighting illuminate you and your partner.

From: A Rustic-Chic Wedding at Historic Shady Lane in Manchester, Pennsylvania

8. Funny Pose

A funny couple pose idea for wedding day photos
Loic Photo

The couple's pose: Who says all your couple photography poses have to be serious? Not us! Have fun with it and strike a few silly poses.

From: An Intimate, Relaxed Wedding at San Francisco City Hall in San Francisco, California

9. Walking Together and Holding Hands

Wedding day couple pose idea, walking together and holding hands
Willow Noavi Photography

The couple's pose: This one is easy. Slip your hand into your honey's hand and let the photographer do the rest.

From: A Bohemian Backyard Wedding in Hillsdale, Michigan

10. From the Ceremony to Reception

Wedding day couple pose idea, from the ceremony to recetion
onelove photography

The couple's pose: It's your first ride (or stroll) as a married couple. Ask your photographer to capture this special time before your ceremony.

From: A Romantic, Vintage-Inspired Wedding at Ahmanson Ranch in Calabasas, California

11. A Hollywood Kiss

A couple kissing pose idea for wedding day photos
Oldani Photography

The couple's pose: Don't be bashful. Dip your partner and go in for a dramatic Hollywood kiss to celebrate your marriage.

From: A DIY Garden Party Wedding at Empire Hall in St. Louis, Missouri

12. Golden Hour Outdoor Pose

Golden hour couple pose idea for wedding day photos
Love Light Images

The couple's pose: Sneak away from your celebration and soak in the golden hour, just before the sun sets. The natural lighting is undeniably magical.

From: A Whimsical, DIY Wedding at Ralston White Retreat in Mill Valley, California

13. Romantic Outdoor Photo

Romantic couple pose idea for wedding day photos

The couple's pose: There are no guidelines around this pose. Head outdoors and take advantage of Mother Nature's natural backdrop.

From: A Modern Rustic Wedding at the Bauer in Kansas City, Missouri

14. A Reception Kiss

Couple kissing pose for wedding day photos
onelove photography

The couple's pose: This couple's photography pose is a great chance to capture an intimate moment while surrounded by friends and family.

From: A Laid-Back Vintage Ranch Wedding at Triple S Ranch in Calistoga, California

15. With a Thank-You Sign

Couple wedding day pose idea with a thank-you sign
Julie Nicole

The couple's pose: Strike a pose with a thank-you sign and include a copy of it in your thank-you cards.

From: A Casual, Rustic Wedding at Scribner Bend Vineyards in Sacramento, California

16. During the Grand Exit

Couple pose idea during the wedding day grand exit
Ryan Price | Photographer

The couple's pose: Round out the night with this couples picture pose and be sure to include a "Just married" sign.

From: A New York-Inspired Garden Party Wedding at the Austin Country Club in Austin, Texas

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