Wedding Pictures and Wedding Photo Ideas Not to Miss

Putting together your wedding photo short list? Here are some pretty picture ideas you might want to include to make sure you capture every special moment.
by Amanda Casertano

Everything you've heard is true: Your wedding day comes and goes so quickly. That's why preparation is key. Once you nail down your photographer (do this 9-11 months in advance!),  it's time to start thinking about your shot list. While your photographer will guide you on the moments they plan on capturing, it's important to know exactly what you want too. After all, you'll want to keep these memories intact with the perfect photo album. Get ready for your close up by taking a look at these pretty wedding picture ideas you might want to include.

  1. 1. Invitation Suite

    Be sure to capture wedding pictures of all the individual cards and paraphernalia of your wedding invitations.

  2. 2. Ring Shot

    Show off the sparkle and glamour of your wedding and engagement rings. 

  3. 3. Details

    Share the up close and personal details of your wedding dress, shoes or jewelry. 

  4. 4. Bouquet

    The beauty of a wedding bouquet is fleeting –– don’t miss this opportunity to look at it forever

  5. 5. Glam Squad

    You’ll want to remember everything about getting ready for your day

  6. 6. Admiring the Dress

    There’s nothing quite as adorable as a flower girl looking up in awe at a wedding gown.

  7. 7. Hair Moment

    Your hair may never look as glamorous as it does on your wedding day.

  8. 8. All Dolled Up

    Don’t miss capturing some calm, individual wedding pictures before the excitement of the event. 

  9. 9. Bride and Bridesmaids

    You’ll want to remember the support of your closest friends and family members on your special day.

  10. 10. Moments Before the First Look

    Ah –– the anticipation of seeing each other on your wedding day!

  11. 11. First Look

    Perhaps nothing beats that moment when you first lay eyes on each other.

  12. 12. Secluded Moments

    Find a few moments away from your guests for some joyful wedding photos of your love.

  13. 13. Ceremony Views

    You’ll want to remember the exact spot where you said, “I do.”

  14. 14. Exchanging Vows

    This is the most important moment of the day––when you commit to a lifetime together.

  15. 15. The Kiss

    There’s nothing quite like your first kiss as a married couple.

  16. 16. Favors and Welcome Bags

    You probably put a lot of time (and possibly money) into memorable wedding favors. Be sure to remember them with a wedding picture.

  17. 17. Escort Cards

    Those gorgeous cards involved a lot of care. Don’t miss a shot to remember them.

  18. 18. Decorations

    Be sure to snap some wedding photos of your gorgeous ceremony and reception decor.

  19. 19. Seating Arrangements

    You can even take a wedding photo of your unique table markers.

  20. 20. Centerpieces

    You won’t want to miss photos of your incredible centerpieces. Just look, they are an absolute work of art.

  21. 21. Table Setting

    Be sure to shoot away at your reception venue before the guests arrive.

  22. 22. First Dance

    Whether you go with a traditional slow dance or something more modern, your first dance is precious.

  23. 23. The Cake

    This dessert you spent months picking out will disappear quickly. Take a photo before everyone digs in.

  24. 24. Dancing Queen

    You’ll definitely want to remember the joy of dancing the night away.

  25. 25. The Food

    From appetizers over entrees to desserts, don’t forget to capture the deliciousness of your wedding day.

  26. 26. 4-Legged Party Members

    Do you have a best dog or furry ring bearer? Remember to pose for a wedding photo with them.

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