35 Newlywed Gifts for Their First Holiday After the Wedding

We know they just got everything on their registry, so we got creative.
Gifts for newlyweds on their first holiday
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Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
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Updated Oct 25, 2023
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Got a just-married duo on your shopping list? Whether you're looking for a holiday gift, a housewarming present or a first anniversary gift for the newly married couple, we're here to help. Choosing gifts for newlyweds can be tricky for a few different reasons, not least because they likely just got everything they need from their wedding registry. You've also got the task of impressing not one but two of your favorite people, which can seem a little daunting at first. Lucky for you, we love a challenge (especially when it comes to buying presents) and coming up with creative picks that are a little outside the box is our specialty. Below, you'll find gifts for newlyweds that they'll both appreciate, including ideas for Hanukkah, Christmas and beyond.

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What to Get the Newlyweds Who Have Everything

Before you dive into shopping, we have a few helpful tips to inspire your search. Although their wedding registry might not seem like the most obvious place to look for a housewarming or holiday gift, it's actually a super-useful resource. If you have access to their wish list, check to see if any of their asks went unpurchased. Even if everything on the registry was snapped up, it'll shed some light on the couple's style and interests (and you can use it to suss out what they already have).

Another option is to choose a gift for the newlyweds that's really unique. "When shopping for newlyweds or the couple that has everything, my go-to wedding gift is always something personalized," says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's resident trend expert. "It offers the couple a thoughtful and unforgettable gift that stands out from the typical registry item or something they simply don't need," she explains. Some of Johnson's favorite newlywed gifts on Etsy include custom portraits, engraved cutting boards and personalized doormats—and we've included a few options below.

Of course, something that feels personal doesn't necessarily have to be personalized. For example, a present inspired by how the couple met or something they enjoy doing together is equally as thoughtful. Remember, they're fresh into marriage and likely still glowing about their new status as spouses. Make the most of this special time in their lives with a gift that really honors their union.

The Best Gifts for Newly Married Couples

Ready to get started? We've listed the top gift ideas for newly married couples below. From personalized homeware and subscriptions for couples to all the cool gadgets that weren't on their registry, you're sure to find the perfect present for anyone who recently said "I do."

1. A Journal for Tracking Milestones

Anniversary Journal in black and white
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Give the newlyweds a head start on celebrating their next special occasion as a couple (like their first wedding anniversary) with this beautifully bound journal. There's space to document every single marriage milestone, from the first right up to the 60th. Take it a step further by opting for the personalized version, which features their names and wedding date on the cover.

2. A Book Full of Date Ideas

Adventure Challenge kit
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge contains 50 creative scratch-off ideas to inspire the couple's next date. Afterward, there's space to jot down notes and add a photo, transforming the book into a diary of their adventures. It's easily one of our favorite gifts for married couples and a super thoughtful way to encourage the lovebirds to make time for regular date nights. (Psst, get 20% off sitewide with the code THEKNOT20).

3. Bluetooth Speaker-Lamps

Bluetooth speakers for the perfect gift
Photo: Sharper Image

These unique torches have a warm, flickering LED light that mimics the ambiance of a real flame. But that's not even the best part—they double as wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This versatile present isn't just the perfect gift for newlyweds who love to entertain guests—it's also great for romantic date nights in their backyard.

4. Personalized Holiday Serveware

Holiday serveware personalized newlywed gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This Christmas gift for the newly married couple will hold a special place in their hearts. The set includes two coasters and a serving tray depicting a snowy holiday scene. Not only that, but it's also personalized with their new family name (if they're sharing one, of course) and their hometown. They'll take it out every year to serve winter staples like hot chocolate and festive coffees.

5. A Portable Fire Pit

Small concrete firepit for smores
Photo: Rocky Luten, Julia Gartland

Here's one of the best holiday gifts for couples who have everything: A portable firepit that sets a romantic mood indoors or out. They won't realize how awesome this gift is until they try it, at which point they'll wonder how they ever lived without it. It's soot-, smoke- and hassle-free for the ideal ambiance—and all they need to start it up is some rubbing alcohol. They can even use it to toast s'mores, which is bound to come in handy during the festive season and beyond.

6. An Indoor Smart Garden

Click & Grow smart garden on table next to fresh pizza cool gift for newlyweds
Photo: Click & Grow

If they love fresh herbs and veggies but don't have much room to grow them, they'll appreciate this smart indoor garden. Everything the plants need to thrive—from water to light—is taken care of by the system. It even comes with a complimentary set of basil plant pods to get them started, making it an excellent gift for any newly married couple living in a small space.

7. A Funny (But Practical) Blanket

Blanket split down the middle funny gift for newlyweds
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Some of the best gifts for newlyweds come with a hint of humor. If they're always up for a laugh, they'll be delighted by this hilariously practical blanket that's split down the middle and attached at the bottom. The result? No matter how much each person pulls on their side of the blanket, the other won't feel a thing. Let the stress-free slumbers commence!

8. A Commemorative Ornament

Personalized Christmas tree ornament
Photo: Whiprint

Looking for a gift to mark the newlyweds' first holiday season together? This handmade couples Christmas ornament celebrates the happy pair with their names and wedding date appearing under a painted mistletoe motif. Choose from two designs—round or heart-shaped—for a sweet (and festive) keepsake they can hang on their tree every year.

9. A Cheese Board With Their Monogram

Monogram cheese board gift for newlyweds
Photo: Uncommon Goods

A unique gift for the newly married couple that's personal and practical? Sign us up! This custom cheese board transforms from a single wedge into a tiered serving wheel big enough to house all of their favorite cheese and charcuterie. There's also a hidden drawer with a stainless steel cheese fork and two handy knives, and you can have it engraved with the couple's monogram for a thoughtful touch.

10. A Custom Throw Blanket

Personalized throw blanket gift for newlyweds
Photo: Personalization Mall

Do they live somewhere that gets really chilly in winter? Help them keep warm and cozy with this super-soft throw blanket. It's made from cable knit and sherpa and can be personalized with their initials or names in elegant embroidery. It's one of the best Christmas gifts for newlyweds that they can use for movie marathons on the sofa or as an extra layer on their bed.

11. A Nostalgic Candle

Just Married candle for your favorite couples gift
Photo: Homesick

It's okay to keep things simple, especially if you don't know the newly married couple all that well. This beautiful candle is a pretty safe bet, thanks to a light and subtle fragrance with dreamy notes of champagne, fresh linen, neroli blossom and creamy musk. It even comes with the words "Just Married" on the label for a sweet and thoughtful finish. Every time they light it, they'll be able to unwind while reminiscing on their special day.

12. A Monthly Coffee Subscription

Coffee bean subscription for your favorite couple
Photo: Bean Box

Settling into married life can be a busy time, so why not give them one less thing to worry about with a monthly coffee subscription? Every month, they'll receive 12 ounces of whole-bean or roasted ground coffee from around the world, complete with tasting notes and brewing tips. It's one of the best gift ideas for newly married couples who can't start their day without a freshly brewed cup (or two).

13. Cute Mugs for Cozy Nights

Personalized coffee mugs for the best couples gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Set the happy couple up for cozy nights together with these super-sweet mugs illustrated with their likeness. If you're shopping for the holidays, they're perfect for hot chocolates with loads of whipped cream (or homemade eggnog to really get them into the seasonal spirit). It's a unique gift for newlyweds who enjoy relaxing with their favorite hot drink, and since the design isn't overly themed they can use them all year round, not just during the festive season.

14. A Personalized World Map

Adventure is out there Personalized Travel Map
Photo: Canvas Vows

What's the best gift for a newlywed couple who loves to travel? Aside from luggage (which they likely already have), a push-pin map is a gift that'll impress any pair of globetrotters. This cool canvas comes with a set of pins they can use to mark their favorite holiday spots (like where they honeymooned) and any upcoming trips on the horizon. Have it personalized with their names or a short message for a display-worthy gift they'll be proud to show off.

15. A Matching Underwear Subscription

Matching underwear subscription
Photo: MeUndies

There's something surprisingly romantic about twinning with your other half, especially when it's an item no one else can see. That's why we think a matching underwear subscription is an excellent gift idea for your newly married friends. Just be aware that you do need to know a few, er, intimate details (think: their preferred cut and size) before you get started. It's a funny gift for the newlyweds who have a sense of humor (or just love to coordinate!).

16. A Versatile Pot for Cooking

Versatile cooking pot for the best couples gift
Photo: Our Place

You really can't go wrong with essentials like cookware, especially if you've got housewarming or Christmas gift ideas for newlyweds on your radar. Just make sure you're not duplicating anything from their registry, since they likely included a few pots and pans there. One pot they'll appreciate no matter what cookware they already own? Our Place's Perfect Pot, which can be used to bake, roast, boil, steam, braise, drain and more. It comes in a host of modern matte colorways, so you're sure to find a shade to suit their style.

17. Something for the Pet Parents

Personalized furry friend pillow
Photo: Purr & Mutt

If you're shopping for a couple with a pet, we've found something really fun and cute. This personalized cushion features a picture of their furry friend against a background of festive motifs, like holly leaves and pine cones. Not searching for a holiday gift? There are tons of other pet portraits to check out, including vintage-style and royalty-themed designs that are guaranteed to make them chuckle.

18. Glasses Inspired by Their College Days

Personalized drinks glasses
Photo: Uncommon Goods

A gift for the newlyweds that nods to how they met pays quite a tribute to their love story. If they first crossed paths in college, a set of glasses inspired by their campus will bring back sweet memories. Whether they met in the halls of Harvard or outside the University of Florida, they'll love sipping from these trendy tumblers. Just choose their school for a thoughtful and practical gift that'll score you top marks.

19. A Festive Casserole Dish

Customized holiday casserole dish
Photo: Personalization Mall

Looking for gift ideas for newlyweds who celebrate Kwanzaa? Try this cute, personalized casserole dish complete with their family name and the seven symbols of the holiday. It's a practical and thoughtful gift they can use to serve all their favorite dishes for Karamu this year and each one after that.

20. A Movie-Themed Advent Calendar

Movie themed advent calendar
Photo: TwistStationery

If you're looking for great gifts for newlyweds who love the holidays (and the build-up), an Advent calendar will help them embrace some seasonal cheer. Perfect for movie buffs, this luxury box of cards contains 24 festive films they can watch each day as they count down to Christmas. We bet they'll have so much fun catching up on classics like Love Actually and Home Alone, they'll be digging this out every year.

21. A Chic Monogrammed Ice Bucket

Customized ice bucket for the perfect couples gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

Whether it's their newly married status, the holidays or an upcoming anniversary, the happy couple probably has lots to celebrate. Make every occasion feel extra special with this monogrammed ice bucket. Equal parts elegant and practical, it's made from solid marble and natural acacia wood for a pairing that's just as beautiful as the lovebirds. Fill it with a bottle of their favorite wine or bubbly to help them get into the party mood.

22. A Portrait of Their New Home

Personalized home portrait
Photo: LMTCreativeAtHome

A portrait of their home is a sweet gift for any newly married couple who recently moved in together. This digitally mastered print is rendered from a photo of their abode (that you'll need to provide when ordering) with a watercolor-style finish, along with their names and home address. Choose from a variety of sizes and framing options for a display-worthy gift they'll want to hang up right away.

23. A Personalized Doormat

Customized doormat for your favorite couple
Photo: Pottery Barn

Home is where the heart is and this practical gift for the newlyweds will show their love to anyone who comes a-knocking. This cute doormat is personalized with their family name above a heart motif, all of which is surrounded by a sweet message that reads: "Love makes the world go round." Bonus: It's made from 100% coir (a natural, eco-friendly material that's super durable and mildew resistant), so it's sure to last for ages.

24. A Custom Star Map

Personalized star map for the best couples gift
Photo: Twinkle In Time

When it comes to newlywed gift ideas, personalized presents are always well received. Imagine the couple's delight when they unwrap a beautiful piece of art showcasing the night sky from when they first met or tied the knot. All you have to do is provide the date, location coordinates and the couple's names for a super thoughtful keepsake they'll treasure forever. Consider the question of "what to get the newlyweds?" answered.

25. A Calendar With Their Favorite Photo

Personalized photo calendar
Photo: Zazzle

Photo gifts are always a lovely gesture, whether you're shopping for a belated wedding gift for the newlyweds, holiday gift ideas or a thoughtful housewarming present. This printed calendar poster features a snapshot of the lovebirds (like a picture from their big day) above their names and the 12 months of the year in a grid format. If you want to tweak the design even more, use Zazzle's editing tool for the perfect custom finish.

26. An Engraved Cast Iron Pan

Engraved personalized cast iron pan
Photo: Smithey

While the newlyweds might have plenty of cookware already, there's a good chance they don't have this. A cast iron pan from the iconic Smithey brand customized with their names is a thoughtful (and practical) gift that's hard to beat. It's sure to impress any couple who enjoys cooking together (or who plans to make meal prep a regular part of their married life).

27. A Heart-Shaped Bamboo Plant

Heart shaped bamboo plant for your favorite couple
Photo: Plants.com

Shopping for a newly married couple who loves plants? This heart-shaped bamboo stalk is a botanical gift they won't expect (but will definitely love). Cute and low-maintenance, the dual-stemmed plant comes in a glass pot filled with pebbles and a set of care instructions to help them look after it. It'll make an intriguing focal point wherever they keep it, whether it's in their hallway, sunroom or porch.

28. A Fun Way to Spend Date Night

Romantic Mapmaking cartography kit
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If they're always up for trying something new, consider getting an experiential gift for the newlywed couple. Uncommon Goods offers a host of online classes, with everything from astrology lessons to baking tutorials to choose from. We particularly love the Romantic Mapmaking class, where couples can create a map of all their relationship milestones, including their engagement, wedding and first holiday as a married couple. Bonus: This particular experience comes with all the necessary supplies, so they'll only need to do some minimal prep beforehand.

29. A Glass Candle Holder for Hanukkah

Personalized Glass Candle Holder for Hanukkah
Photo: Personalization Mall

Now that they're spending the holidays as spouses, they're probably looking for festive decor to help them celebrate together as a family. This cylindrical glass hurricane is decorated with a white menorah motif, making it the perfect present for Hanukkah. It can be customized with their shared last name for a thoughtful gift that'll impress friends and family who come over to visit during winter. Just note: The candle is not included, so you may want to add one before handing it over to the newlyweds.

30. A Sparkly Photo Frame

Sparkly photo frame for the best couples gift
Photo: Macy's

While a photo frame may not seem like the most original gift for newlyweds, we're prepared to say otherwise. In an increasingly digital age, pictures often end up stored on a smartphone or laptop for ages before the couple can get a chance to print them off. Surprise them with a snapshot from their recent wedding displayed in this beautiful sparkly frame to earn yourself some serious brownie points.

31. A Festive Spoon Rest

Holiday spoon rest for your favorite chef
Photo: Anthropologie

Looking for a good gift for the newlyweds that won't break the bank? This festive spoon rest looks seriously chic and way more expensive than its budget-friendly price tag. Made from stoneware, it's decorated with a bold mosaic pattern of a holiday wreath surrounded by small geometric motifs. Whether they use it while cooking dinner or as part of their table decor, it's a sweet and simple gift they'll look forward to breaking out each holiday season.

32. Their Own Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas stockings
Photo: JuliusPamPark

Help them get their first holiday as a married couple off to a good start with these personalized Christmas stockings. The chunky cable knit and laser-engraved leather patches are charming and rustic, which is perfect for the festive season. Hide a surprise inside (like their favorite candy or a small token of appreciation) for a heartwarming gift they can display at home.

33. A Cool Set of Camping Supplies

Camping supplies from Nomadik
Photo: Nomadik

Here's an epic gift for the newlyweds who love spending time outdoors. Nomadik's Grill & Chill set includes a compact stove, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a candle mug, a beer blanket and a flashlight—basically everything they need for their next camping trip. Plus, it even comes with a roasting fork and a recipe book, so they can learn how to toast marshmallows (and more) over the campfire. Cool, huh?

34. A Personalized Whiskey Dispenser

Customized whiskey dispenser
Photo: BKGift

Now here's a really cool gift for any newly married couple who likes entertaining. This wooden and metal whiskey dispenser can be customized with their family name and monogram, along with the date they got married for a unique piece of barware. Whether they use it to serve guests at a party or to pour a nightcap for themselves, it'll make any occasion feel a little more special.

35. A Monthly Flower Subscription

Flowers for your favorite couple
Photo: BloomsyBox

What better way to extend that feeling of newlywed bliss than a monthly subscription of flowers? With BloomsyBox, you can sign them up for deliveries of fresh blooms to add an air of romance to their home. Simply choose the duration of the subscription (from one month up to a year) for a thoughtful gift that'll get their married life off to a great start. Use KNOT10 to get 10% off your order.

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