8 Important Tasks to Add to Your Wedding Day Checklist

A few friendly last-minute reminders.
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Updated Dec 18, 2023

On your wedding day, you'll want to show up prepared with your emergency kit and your day-of timeline. But those things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prepping for your special day, and there are a few last-minute to-dos on your wedding day checklist that you might have (understandably) overlooked. To be sure that you've dotted all the i's and crossed the t's, we've outlined eight important tasks to add to your day-of wedding checklist, like tipping your vendors and making sure you eat enough food. With the help of this printable checklist, our hope is that you'll be fully prepared when it's officially crunch time—and instead of trying to remember if there's something you completely forgot to do, you can savor every moment.

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Printable Wedding Day Checklist

Before we dive in, we'd be remiss if we didn't say that the best way to make sure that everything on your day-of wedding checklist gets done is by relying on your team of professional vendors. "My biggest recommendation is to hire a wedding planner who can take care of all the details, big and small, before and during the wedding day," says Kim Forrest, senior editor at The Knot and wedding planning expert with more than 15 years of experience. "Yes, I know a wedding planner is an additional expense, but it's well worth it so you can actually enjoy your wedding. One of the most important responsibilities of a wedding planner is creating a detailed timeline of the wedding day, so everyone knows where to be and when. Giving all of your vendors and VIPs this timeline well in advance of the wedding day will ensure that things run smoothly," Forrest says. In the meantime, save this wedding day-of checklist to your wedding Pinterest board now and thank yourself later.

Wedding Day Printable Checklist
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Day-Of Wedding Checklist

You already know that your wedding day is going to be busy, but it doesn't need to be disorganized. With the help of a solid wedding day timeline and these reminders, you'll have a better chance of keeping everything under control. Our first piece of advice?
"Don't be afraid to ask for help!," says Forrest. "You'll be pulled in what feels like a million directions on your wedding day, so delegate as much as possible so you can try to relax and enjoy the experience. Just make sure to ask for your loved ones' help well in advance of the wedding day so they can plan accordingly."

Charge your phone.

Even if you stop yourself from checking social media for the day, you'll still need a phone to keep in touch with family members, your wedding party and vendors on the morning of the wedding—and obviously in case of emergency. We hope that you've designated point people for certain things (ahem, answering last-minute questions from guests who didn't read your wedding website FAQs), but in the event that you do need to handle something yourself, it's best to have a full battery and a fully charged backup battery so you don't have to worry about finding an outlet at a moment's notice.

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Check the weather.

If you're anything like us, you'll spend the two weeks leading up to your wedding day checking the daily forecast. But we all know that weather can change by the hour and even the minute, so it's something that you'll definitely want to add to your wedding day checklist. Having a backup plan is important for an outdoor wedding, but even if you're getting married indoors, inclement weather can affect guest travel and transportation. Before the wedding day, reread your vendor contracts for their unexpected weather policies and coordinate a backup plan so you're all on the same page. That way, when you check the forecast on the day of the wedding, you'll feel more prepared to make any game time decisions.

Bring your wedding day essentials.

You shouldn't wait until the wedding day to pack your bag of essentials, but you should include a reminder on your day-of wedding checklist to double-check that you have everything you need before heading out the door. Along with essentials like your wedding attire and toiletries, confirm that you have your marriage license (you want your wedding to be legal, after all), wedding rings, gifts for loved ones, and any last-minute decor items that aren't already at the venue. Before the ceremony, give your marriage license to your officiant or other responsible person so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Drop off your overnight bags.

The party doesn't end after the reception, at least for the newlyweds. Just like your day-of bag, your overnight bag should be ready to go before the actual wedding day, but you might need to add a final item or two that morning (like your toothbrush). If you're staying in a hotel for your wedding night, arrange for your bags to be dropped off ahead of time so you don't need to keep track of them during the day.

Double-check that your wedding rings are secure.

Before you leave home in the morning, double-check that you have the wedding rings in your bag. Once you're at the ceremony venue, you can hand them over to someone in your wedding party (the best man traditionally holds the rings) for safekeeping until it's time to exchange vows. If you're asking your ring bearer to carry them, make sure they're safely locked in a box or securely fastened to the pillow.

Tip your vendors.

Between your waitstaff, your DJ and anyone else helping to set up your ceremony and reception, it's likely you'll have lots of people to tip on your wedding day. (Editor's note: Here's a full list of wedding vendors you should tip and how much to give.) Bring cash and pre-made envelopes to avoid loose bills or getting your phone out to Venmo people on the spot. Aside from the tips, we recommend bringing some extra cash in small bills just in case someone goes above and beyond the call of duty or you need to send a groomsman out for last-minute errands.

Make time to eat (and drink water).

This is arguably the most important thing on your wedding day checklist, because above all, you need to feel nourished and hydrated for the entire day. "Eat breakfast (more than just coffee)!," says Forrest. "It's so important to give yourself the fuel you'll need to get through the day—and no one wants to get married while hangry. Task a wedding party member with picking up and delivering breakfast, or order delivery ahead from a favorite restaurant or room service. Be sure to pack some snacks, too so you won't lose energy as you prepare for the wedding."

Once the day gets going, time can sneakily get away from you, so be sure to eat a fulfilling breakfast and load up on electrolytes while you're getting ready. If you can, take a quick break in between the ceremony and reception for a snack and some water, and make it a non-negotiable to sit down and actually enjoy a full meal once dinner is underway. If you can't swing that, be sure to ask your caterer or wedding planner to box up some food you can eat after the reception.

Take a peek at the ceremony and reception space.

Sure, you'll get to see the venue while the wedding is taking place, but try to squeeze in a quick peek of the space before everyone arrives. The venue will look totally different (in a good way!) when it's empty, and you'll have a few distraction-free minutes to really take in the moment. Years down the road, you'll remember what it felt like to walk into your wedding venue and see the room decorated with all of the flowers and other details you picked out. Plan to do this with your partner and your photographer right before the reception kicks off—we promise you'll treasure the photos forever.

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