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The Conrad Botzum Farmstead

Akron, OH

Capacity: 151-200 | WEBSITE | PHONE

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Barn, Historic Venue, Loft

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Food + Catering, Rentals + Equipment


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3486 Riverview Rd, Akron, OH


Reviewed on 8/26/2015 desiree r

They are so terrible to work with that we postponed the wedding and let them keep the deposit. They have tons of stupid rules, and are SUPER strict about them. They know nothing about technology(can't even email) and Nickle and dime you for every single small thing the possibly... Read More can. The "rules" are absolutely outrageous. You get a very strict 8 hours and can't split it up (ex: set up in the morning, since you have to set up yourself) and there was bat poop all over the ground when we went to see it. Maureen has a bad additude and they do not care about you as a person at all. Please believe me when I say they will make your day so much more work then it has to be!

Difficult Venue

Reviewed on 7/17/2014 Giovanna S

This venue proved to be very difficult. Although it was the most gorgeous venue and the day was perfect, all the planning leading up is difficult. The barn nickel and dimes you and do not tell you ahead of time the charges. In the end, they worked with me a little but it was so... Read More much of a headache. Be careful. Just know going into it that you will pay a lot for the little they provide and will get up-charged on everything.

Expect the unexpected

Reviewed on 6/09/2014 HEATHER

The venue itself is wonderful and unique. Be prepared to answer questions before they are never asked. Be very forth coming will ALL plans and ALL thoughts you have. It will save you stress in the long run

Beautiful Venue and Loving Staff

Reviewed on 7/29/2013 Tessa S

The staff are genuinely loving and supportive of their couples. You cannot find a more beautiful venue for a rustic wedding...the barn and atmosphere is truly an oasis!

beautiful yet stressful

Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Lexie H

it is hard to write anything bad about this place because it really is so very beautiful. my mom and my wedding planner really put the time in to details and perfection and that is what we got. honestly (and i can say this because i didn't do much of the planning) my wedding... Read More looked like it came right out of town and country. it was picture perfect. one thing to remember about this place is that it is someone's home. so as you can imagine if it was your home, you would want all of the stuff out of there the night of, you would want people gone by midnight, you would want to know everything that was happening, and you would have some non-negotiables. that is what this place is like. we had to bring EVERYTHING in. and you have to choose between 3 vendors for food. and you don't even have a choice on who brings your tables/linens, etc. but you have to pay for all of it. overall it was VERY STRESSFUL. like really really really really really stressful. the day before the wedding was terrible. but the wedding day was perfect. so if it is worth it to you to put WAYYYYYYYYY more time into this than you would have to put into a hotel or something than go for it. it will be as personal as you make it. also i will say that if you just want a bare bones gorgeous outdoor ceremony and barn reception than it probably won't be hard but we had 210 people, mason jars, trail mix bar, cupcakes, lemonade stand, old ford truck, old furniture vignettes, etc. so yeah, extremely stressful but worth it to me because it was exactly what I wanted my wedding to be and it was perfect and gorgeous and amazing.

Most Beautiful Wedding!

Reviewed on 6/23/2012 Kristen K

I will never forget October 23, 2010 beacuse that is the day my husband and I were married at the most conceivably beautiful place around - The Conrad Botzum Farmstead! From the moment I saw the farm, I knew there was no other place I would want our wedding to be. My husband... Read More agreed and that was that; we began planning. Right from the start, the owners of the farm were a tremendous help. I see that other reviewers said that they could be pushy and disagreeable, but I must disagree with that. They love the farm so much and want nothing more than to share it with others and give every bride (and groom) a day they'll never forget. I can honestly say I felt like a special bride. Their close attention to detail and careful condsideration was extremely appreciated. I felt that they were very accomodating and polite. I truly appreciated their help as they know their farm and what works there. On their recommendation we had an excellent caterer (Moes is awesome!) and they got us a great deal on the rental of tables and chairs (and we checked around for pricing). The staff at the farm went above and beyond being helpful. Any time I left a message, it was returned and no questions went unanswered. It was in our contract to set up and clean up, yet the owners helped us. We were truly grateful for their kindness. Also, yes a husband and wife team do run this business and I must say they really should make more money for all the work they put in to this. If you were thinking of getting a wedding planner and a hall and everything else that goes in to putting a nice wedding together, you'd be paying much more than you are paying Botzum and it wouldn't be half as nice. They are so helpful, not for the money, but because they truly love what they do. And they're great at it. If we could do it all over again, we would! Our wedding was spectacular and even now our friends and family tell us it's the best wedding they've ever been to. Thank you to the Winkleman's and Botzum for giving us our dream wedding!


Reviewed on 11/18/2011 Joanna B

Our experience with Botzum Farmstead is mixed. The actual site is amazing, and we LOVED having our wedding and reception there. We received nothing but praise and love for the venue and appreciated its simplicity but rustic feel. The only negative, for us, was dealing with... Read More the owner/property manager. She was a hard person to get a hold of, ever, as well as when you actually did get a hold of her, she was pushy and tried to do what she wanted. Every time I suggested something that we wanted to do specifically, she would find a way to discourage me, and I, and my husband, found it and her very VERY hard to deal with. Other than that, it was fine.

2012-01-23T23:57:30 Response from Jessica, the member

I'm considering having my wedding here. About how much is it to rent?

Beautiful, but run poorly...

Reviewed on 10/26/2011 Jackie S

Conrad is a gorgeous venue however I found it to be run very unprofessionally. The venue is run by a husband and wife team. The wife, who runs the business side of the venue, does not use email, so if you choose to use this venue keep a good record of EVERYTHING you discuss.... Read More Three weeks before the wedding she raised the prices of 'set up' and 'take down' that she had previously quoted to me months before. I had a record of what we discussed in detail and when I questioned her she was surprised that I thought it was unfair for her to raise the prices on me after we had already discussed them. Furthermore, the days before the wedding she called me multiple times mixing up the details of my wedding and confusing me with other brides. This was actually pretty stressful for us right before the wedding. The venue's staff at our event (that were supposed to be making sure our guests were safe) were drinking our alcohol, eating our food and standing around most of the night. One staff member was visibly drunk. Make sure to tell your bartender not to serve the staff. Also it was not in our contract that we were required to feed the staff, yet they had no problem eating an ample amount of our food. I had no problem with them eating, but even before our guests were served they were standing around with plates full of food...this is simply unnacceptable as they ate after the guests were served as well! If I knew we had to feed them 2and3 times I would have added that to our counts...There were other issues, but this is getting extremely long (sorry)! Basically it is just unfortunate that such a gorgeous venue is run so unprofessionally. In addition to this, just an FYI to brides, I was told that 160 people could comfortably fit inside the barn. We ended up with less than 140 and it was TIGHT. Also, even though they will tell you it is not an issue, consider buying LED lights for the path to the parking area because you cabnot see, and citronella candles for the bugs. Our wedding was beautiful, but we could have done without the headaches. There were no reviews of this venue when I was researching them, so I hope this will help future brides make an educated decision!

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